University of New Mexico-Main Campus Top Questions

Tell us about the sports scene on campus.


The basketball team has experienced a surge in popularity lately, due to their performance in local tournaments. Going to basketball games is a very popular pastime. The football team is popular enough among those with school pride, but the latest news is definitely basketball.


Sports are a big deal at UNM. We have very large football and basketball programs as well as volleyball, swimming, soccer, etc. There are many classes you can take in the phys ed department so you can get a feel for all of the sports (and are usually and easy A). The athletes are everyday students who interact with everyone. Free tickets for all games are usually given out to students and if not you can get a discount. A lot of money is put into the sports programs and facilities.


Sports are a big part of UNM, in particular the football team. Many people get angry with how much money is spent for sports alone when they could be paying for things needed on campus. Games are fun to go to though and home games are free for students.


Sports at UNM are a big thing. For football, we have a "Burn an Aggie" pep assembly on Johnson Field for the big Lobo vs. Aggie game in the fall. I love going to this event since there is music and free stuff like glow sticks and shirts. There are other assemblies for sports but football is the major one. UNM's south campus is just for sports arenas for soccer, football and basketball. We have a good soccer and basketball team. Tickets for students are free for most games so you never need to worry about how to get tickets.