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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


I dont know


Student government, ASUNM is pretty popular. For Latino and Chicano/a students, El Centro is the place to get resources on jobs and scholarships. African-American Student Services is a hub for Black students, American and international. There are some good Black frats and sororities as well. The Community Engagement Center partners with AmeriCorps and gets students work study jobs in community organizations and focus on racial and language equity issues (great program). Athletics is popular-not sure why though, they suck and the football team has issues with understanding what consensual sex is. Yet girls still hang out with them....??? Anyway... There are a lot of student organizations and those are easy to create. Another good resource is Project for New Mexico Graduates of Color (PNMGC) which provides mentoring opportuntiies to students. There is also a Dream Team to support undocumented students and other programs that address such issues.


Basketball is big here. We have an excellent team and the students show up to support them.


I'm not too sure what the popular activities and groups are, but I do know that UNM has a group for just about everything. From "tea enthusiasts" to Whovians (Doctor Who fans) you're almost guaranteed to find something you'd like. In the event that you can't, people are always willing to start a group or activity.


One of the most popular activities is to go out and support the Lobos when there are sports going on. One of the most popular athletic events is basketball. There are thousands of fans that go to numerous games, win or loss. People party pretty often; but, there are some people that often avoid the whole party scene so they can focus on their studies. Last weekend, I watched the Lobos mens basketball team lose their NCAA game against Louisville. It was a great game! I don't often drink, so most of my Saturday nights are just filled with hanging out with my friends or going out to the movies with my family.


The most popular people are the ways who work more than one job and is student, and also people who are in sports


A major tradition happens here at the University of New Mexico every fall when we play our rival, the New Mexico State University Aggies, in football! Students come together and build a giant Aggie to burn! It's pretty awesome! If you live on campus you can take part in the burning of the Aggie with other UNM goers and so much more too! As a resident, a student can join or attend Community Association meetings. CA meetings are where students who live in the same dormitories come together to vote on activities and programs, hang out, hear about things going on around campus, and often get free food! CA is a great way to get to know other students, get involved, and have fun!


The most popular student groups are definitely sororities and athletics.




There are many popular activities on campus but probably the most popular is Popjoy Hall Theater. I've been here to see many plays and performances such as dance and it never fails to impress. Popejoy is fun for everyone, not just those who like plays.


There is a student government that is very active in make the campus better. They passed a bill which added more filtered water systems in the dorms. I really like that since now I don’t have to buy expense water filters. There What you can do on a Saturday night without drinking is walking to Nob Hill, go down town or go to a UNM sports event. I suggest that you don't really go to a football game. Our team isn't that good.


Athletic groups are the best recognized and supported at UNM. The athletic facilities are fantastic which makes attending competitions much more fun for students and the community. The dorms are not the greatest to live in, many thefts occur when doors are left open or unlocked. The dining room is actually very good compared to other universities, lots of variety and great hours. They even let you take meals to go, which is almost unheard of. Some dorm communities become very close, I remember playing shuffleboard in the hall with plates we stole from the dining room and a swiffer. It was a huge on going competition on our floor.

Aimee laww school, MALSA Involvement....over 80 law school members, primary purpose is support and advancement of latino students, very active in community and at law school at various levels. idea Events...very I think. Don't do much of it but I see fellow students orgnaizing intramurals all the time Dating...need more single, male, lation graudate students at UNM :) Friends...through MALSA and classes school! Traditions...MANY. Fighting for Justice Banquet, Annual Matanza, Golf Tournamnet, Minority Mixer (all at the law school) Party...2st year of law school, about 4 or 5 times if ever, 2nd and 3rd year get better Soroities...not important at all, they don't exist at law school Weekend...went dancing, horse races, homework, organization of the MALSA 2008 Fighting for Justice Banquet Drinking...don't every drink anyways but I usually go dance, go to movies, hang out at home with friends, etc. Off, friends, relax time, read, visit family, play with my puppy, watch TV