University of New Mexico-Main Campus Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


In New Mexico we mainly enjoy the dry side of nature. We do not get a lot of rain and the vegetation that we have can only be found in the high peaks of our mountains. However, at my university, we have a great nursery. Trees abound the whole university, and a beautiful duck pond with actual ducks, sits at the center of the university. At the duck pond, students can relax and eat their lunch or read a book during the warm months. The trees and the pond will make you feel a million miles away from New Mexico.


The extra- curicular sports were at the top of the list because many students were involved. This made for some excellent exercise and teamwork to make new friends and burn calories. The team spirit with sports at this school is through the roof at the lobo basketball games created the highest honors. The lobo pride soars due to the united New Mexico sports affiliation. Being that Albuquerque has no major league sports teams, this was the biggest sporting events that students and residents would attend. It was an active school with good teachers but poor effort students.


I tell my friends how much I have hained by attending UNM. This school is very challenging, and if you are on top of it you can succeed. UNM is also a very large campus, I love how diverse the courses are.




The diversity of the campus, not only in demographics, but also in it's areas of study. There's also lots of choices for housing and even though I personally can't eat at the dining hall, they have a wide array of food choices.


The school has integrated New Mexico's rich cultural history within the campus. The architecture of the school buildings reflect traditional hispanic or native style and have a wealth of art displayed within them, all while maintaining modern styling and accommodations. Furthermore, the campus has plenty of outdoor congregational areas that are often utilized for musical events or other school-sponsored activities.


When I talk to peple about my school I find myself talking mostly about the diverse backgrounds and culturea of the people attending school and how accepting of others my peers on campus are.


I brag mostly about the spirit. Everyone at this school is very spirited and we show it every friday by wearing the school colors, cherry and silver! Everyone takes pride in being a Lobo!


I brag about how excellent the professors are. Especially for my fun classes like ballroom dancing, the people who guide us are very good. Its almost as if the students are all blindfolded at first and have no idea what they're doing, especially starting off as a freshman, but the professors grab you by the hand and pull you toward the best path for you. Its really helpful in college when your professors are quite good. So, if you hear about a really good professor from your upperclassmen, then try your best to get that same professor.


The amount of fields of study. I always knew it was a large university, but never realized how many choices their are. I can't understand why anyone who graduates high school in New Mexico would choose an out-of-state college, when we have such a great one right here.


As soon as I am accpeted into the Engineering department with exceptional good grade I have the option to aquire my MBA along with my BA.


When I tell my friends about my school I usually brag about all the trees it has and all the grass, as well as the Duck Pond. My school is an arborarium, so any tree that can grow in the area that we are in, my school has at least one of them, if not more. I love the atmoshphere of the school. It's so nice to be able to stop and relax on the beautiful campus in the middle of my crazy schedule.


The best part of my current school is the fact that they have different branches in smaller cities, so that students can recieve a university education without moving /commuting to a bigger city. I live in Farmington New Mexico and truely wish to earn my bachelors degree but there would be no way for me to afford a move to the Albuquerque campus. By providing smaller branches in smaller cities, Farmington included, I can now attain my bachelores degree without having to move to Albuquerque.


The University of New Mexico has one of the best medical schools in the country :]


i tell them how much i enjoy going to school here because i have all of my friends around me and how easy it is to meet new people. i also tell them how much i enjoy actually going to class due to the fact that i dont feel like a number in a teachers book, im actually a student they invest their time in to help me achieve my goals.


We have a cool basketball arena and a Lobo is an awesome mascot. If you are willing to take initiative, the faculty will help you succeed. Also, NM resident tuition is so inexpensive, I feel like I'm practically getting a degree for free!


I brag about being close to home. I'm the last person that expected this to be an advantage, but having a place to do laundry, eat real food, and just relax is one of the best things about my choice in colleges.


There is a lot to do and it is very culturally diverse. You learn a lot and there are many opportunities to expand your horizons. New Mexico in general is like that and you tend to discover a lot about different cultures.


The areas where you can go to study and the availability of the profesors when you are struggling. Also, study groups and the student union building where you can relax after a rough day.


When i tell my freinds about my school i mostly brag about our football and basketball games. Our basketball games are at "The Pit" one of the loudest basketball arenas you could ever go to. The atmoshphere of both bastketball and football games are so much fun! Something you would never want to miss!


Not a whole lot. It's good, but you have to put work into it. No one babies you.


I brag about how confortable i am about my classes and my teachers.There is so much help and usefull labs. This school has helped me learn so much, I am sure i will be able to succeed.


I don't really brag about school to my friends, and I have always tried to keep my academic and social life seperate. Yet there has still been a struggle with attending UNM for me to stay motivated and keep your mind my mind on track.


It is an extreemly diverse campus




I enjoy the management program that allows you to finish your undergraduate degree (in a field other than business) while starting your masters degree in business.


My fraternity


I brag that it's really diverse and that people in Albuquerque are super friendly and nice. It's a slower paced kind of place, and that helps a lot when socially interacting. I also brag about the good departments we have on campus, and I offer to give tours to friends who are interested.


i brag about the social life to my friends. Because it is a big school with alot of people. You literally can find people everywhere you go into this campus. Most people are friendly too which is a plus for me. It is very easy to make new friends here and to get involved on campus.


my work.


I brag about how much im learning! I also go on about how much i love our campus.


Even though there are so many students enrolled in the school you can always walk in through any part of the campus and run into someone you know. Everyone is so friendly and open to meeting new people so whether its through the dorms, a sorority, fraternity, club, or organization you meet and become so close to many people.


UNM is a school with extensive and growing research facilities and a medical school that ranks highly. The climate is nice, the teachers seem to care about the students, and it is probably the most ethnically diverse school in the nation.