University of New Mexico-Main Campus Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Not all of your professors have the title of professor. Especially if you are freshman or sophomore. Many professors are students who recently graduated. Moreover is really unsafe living on-campus.


Not all of your professors have the title of professor. Especially if you are freshman or sophomore. Many professors are students who recently graduated. Moreover is really unsafe living on-campus.


The worst thing about my school is the quality of the advisement center. The advisors for the undergraduates can be rude and unhelpful.


I think the worst thing about the University of New Mexico is the worst thing about any school. Deciding. Deciding who you want to be for the rest of your life. As soon as it's etched on your transcripts it's there for life. The only thing different about UNM is that next to my decision is a UNM logo. It sealed my fate and that's what I hate most about it. I can't change who I am. What if in thirty years I want to be a teacher? UNM says I cannot. That's the worst.


The advisors at UNM don't really help you. They tell you what classes that you should take and then desmiss you after they are done. Not bothering with your questions or concerns.


Honestly I dont like the way that chemistry is taught here we have TA's that dont speak english and that is a safety hazard. There will always be that one kid who could get hurt. The security here they dont have an available service where they could walk new students to thier classes without having to wait 30min. Odd enough the school is located in the worst part of town near a street called Central. Albuquerque is very dangerous also I have almost gotten kidnaped in broad daylight.


Teenagers. I hate them. They're dumb.


On campus, there is a lot of activities to be involved in, but if you do not get involved early on it is hard to break the barrier and be accepted.


I would say the tuition rates for out of state students and the availability of financial aid, grants, or scholarships. I am the youngest of 4 children, and my parents are definitely having a difficult time putting me through school. I wish I qualified for more financial aid or grants. I wish my worries as a college student went as far as studying for midterms and exams, but in reality, I have to worry about whether I will have enough money to go register for classes next semester.


I feel like our advisors could be a lot more attentive and the job opportunities should be more available.


It's really hard to get things done here with the administration. You have to jump through a lot of hoops, and talk to a lot of people in order to get what you need, and the information you need. Things here seem to be pretty unorganized, and the processes here probably could be much more simple. Parking here is also expensive, and kindof overflowed.


The parking is horrible.


This school is very segregated, people only really hang out with their friends from high school. Since it is one of the few major colleges in New Mexico the majority of graduating seniors attend, and many drop out within a year. The people in general are not overly friendly and it is hard to find groups to join. The staff is also often very unorganized and they tend to take their time with student issues.


The worst thing about the university is that there are not a lot of available jobs on campus. I believe that this is the worst thing about the school because there are many students that wish to work at scholl becaue they would have flexible schedule that works around classes. It is often difficult for students to find jobs on campus that are part of student employment instead of workstudy, not everybody is awarded work study.


The worst thing about my school is the budget problems the school is faced with. A lot of classes are cut and no longer offered. Because of this, some classes are only offered in either the fall semester or the spring, but not both, which causes conflicts with students and thier unfinished courses who are anticipating graduation.


The school only has a 3% African American population.


The only thing thats worse about this school is that since its a publc school instead of private, homeless people try to stay in dorms or in the library. But thats the least of my worries.


The worst thing about my school is the fact that there is so many things going on it is hard to choose just a few of them to praticipate in. I feel that alot of the focus does go to the extra curricular activities and this is good but sometimes it seems moe than the other. The major bad thing about this school is how expensive it is. If it were less expensive alot more people would have the oppurtunity to learn and enjoy college. Either that or more scholarships avaliable.


I believe that the worst part of UNM is the advisement and financial aid centers as far as class selections go. There seems to be no connections between departments and colleges so many times it takes four or so cross-campus trips to get needed information.


The worst thing about my school would probably be the expenses of books.


I have not been going to the University of New Mexico for very long and have not had the time to discover any deep rooted problems with the school. Of my experience thus far I would have to say that communication between the different departments and branches is probably the worst issue. Since I am attending the Farmington branch they known most of my information; but, the main campus handles both my financial aid and admission. Because of poor communication between these different groups I ran into several problems when trying to register for classes.


Parking. There isn't enough close parking and transportation takes a while at times. The cost of parking permits isn't helplful due to lack of parking areas either.


Every school has its problems, and at UNM a major problem is parking. The area that the school is located on has become so developed that there is little to no room for expanded parking lots. Many times this makes it difficult to find a spot, and when one does find a spot one has to take a shuttle. There is just not enough room to expand.


Parking permits cost a lot since parking space is limited.


Very difficult to get a straigth forward answer, there are always hidden fees, tasks, requirements. If you do not do something about it yourself, it will never get done. Finding the right advisor is hard as well.


It is difficult to get consistent answers from advisors about academic and financial issues, and almost everyone I know had some kind of bad experience due to faulty advice. In some departments, it is even difficult to schedule meetings with advisors in the first place. Because UNM is a big school, there is no one really looking out for students as individuals. Therefore, students must learn to take control of their own education, be aggressive about making sure they understand their own degree requirements, and always ask two people before making major decisions.


The worst thing about UNM is that, sometimes, there is more focus on athletics than academics.


The thing I consider the worst thing about school besises the parking and transportation, would have to be advisors in the University-College level. Myself, my advisors are in the education buliding so I dont have to deal with the long lines and lack of advisors, but in the previous years I've had to deal with all that and it is very pleasant trying to figure out a school schedule with the advisement that you are being given.


In some of my upper level classes there is only one or two sections offered. Which can sometimes conflict with work schedules.


It sucks that a lot of people are ignorant to what is going on with administration. Our newspaper tends to over exaggerate situation and then they get out of proportion and then there has to be damage control done, when if people actually knew what was going on in the first place, there would not have been any sorty of mis-communication. I have seen several students who are very disrespectful to both the administrators and President of the University, which I find unacceptable. They are working for the students!


The sports teams


The worst thing about the school is that it is old and it could really use some updated facilities.


finaceial aid dept. the new vice president


The rules regarding scholarships. Because of the strict credit-hour and consecutive-semester requirements, I have found it impossible to take a semester off to gain work experience or even take a reasonable courseload that would allow me to be active in extracurricular, volunteer, and social activities, because taking time off or less that 15 credit hours would mean I would forfeit my scholarship. For me, this has led to many health problems and emotional problems because I am unable to take only 4 classes for a semester or so to give myself a chance to recharge.


The creative arts programs. They could use some help.


councling is not the best


The worst thing about my school was the teachers.


Liberalism! Many teachers express their views, which is fine, but then they tear up others veiws. Some teachers even grade off on assignments because they don't agree with the students veiw points.


The huge amount of fraternity and sorority alcoholic snobs walking around.


I think the worst thing about UNM are a few of our outdatted facilities. Although the University has already undergone many campus renovations in many of the areas needed, there are a few places such as Mitchell Hall, a classroom building, that are in desperate need of repair. There are a few student dormitories that are also in desperate need of repair. Mitchell Hall and these certain dorms are often the subject of many articles in the Daily Lobo, our campus newspaper. Might I add, the articles are always about how run down those select buildings are!


The worst thing about UNM is that the administration is fairly disorganized, so departments will usually defer you to another dept., and that will probably happen about two or three times, so it can be very difficult to get things done in a timely manner.


The tuition goes up every year, and due to the school expanding there is perpetual construction.


The worst thing about the University of New Mexico would probably the price to text books, but then againt what university would not have that problem! It just feels like at UNM their prices are alot higher than they should be, and on Buy Back Days, they do not give much back. I feel they should compensate the students more when buying back their textbooks, or lower their prices. I mean we're college students! We cannot afford $500 on textbooks a semester!