University of New Mexico-Main Campus Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


It's a very chill school it's nice and the people are really nice.


I like it


It's one of the best school i attended although some teachers and stuff members are not what someone desires. Only few times


UNM is an excellent school. It has a rich history and great faculty. Administration and staff are overall very helpful.


The University of New Mexico-Main Campus is an overall wonderful educational institution. As a "research one" institution there is a plethora of cutting edge technology to assist students across almost all fields of study. For the most part the weather, along with restaurants and campus cleanliness is pretty good as well. It is important to note that UNM is also home to one of the best medical schools in the country!


The University of New Mexico seems to be a well-kept secret. Not only does UNM offer a multitude of scholarships, making it easier to get a free degree, it also has some of the best degree programs nationwide. Worth mentioning are the medical program, nationally renowned for its success, and the business program at Anderson's School of Management, ranked nationally and thankfully my personal degree program.


The best thing about my school is that there are many ways to get tutoring. There are also many tutoring sections throughout the school. One thing I would change is that the price for permits is too high. The size of the school is a good size. People's reactions are various; but, they are mainly extremely possitive. Most of my time spent on campus is in the classroom. There is a lot of school pride, everyone always has pride in the Lobos! One of the experiences that I will always remember is the ability to feel comfortable.


The University of New Mexico pass frontiers because they have the medical school. I am happy to be with my college


To be honesty, UNM was not my first choice when deciding where to go for college, and going into it I was not as excited as other future students. But the one thing that completely changed my mind about this school was the new freshman student orientation program they started. The experience is amazing, teaching you about what the school has to offer and it is a great way to meet new people right off the bat. Since orientation, my experience has just gotten better and better. Living only a few hours away from campus, I tend to receive less energetic responses from people versus if I was going out of state to some other prestigious school, but in general people are just happy another kid is attending college. Living in the dorms, I tend to spend almost all my time there. But the time isn't spent sitting around alone, because the sense of community in my dorms in phenomenal. I have met so many new friends in the first semester being here due to all the activities our community association plans for the residents as well because almost everyone here is eager to meet new friends and will leave they doors open for anyone to come in and chat. Overall, I am generally happy with the decision I made to come to UNM.


The University of New Mexico is probably the most prominent school in the state. Almost anywhere you go someone will strike up a conversation with simply because they're interested in what you're doing or what's going on around the campus. From the occupy UNM movement to our top ranked basketball team, there is always something going on involving the school that people will inquire about, whether you're actually involved in it or not. Going to college can be one of the best experiences of your life. And at the University of New Mexico there are a number of ways that you can help make this a reality, like getting involved. Not getting involved sooner is probably one of my biggest regrets as a student. Although I did do a Living & Learning Community as a freshman, seeing the priceless experiences that brought me only makes me wish I had done more. Getting involved can also make your new school seem a lot smaller. While UNM isn't a huge school in way of universities, the transition from high school to college is a different one and as a new student you can sometimes feel a little lost. Getting to meet new people and make new friends can be really exciting and the more people you meet, the more Albuquerque starts to seem like less of a city and more of a college town.


The politics at UNM could use some work, but the overall experience of attending UNM was a good one. Time flew because I genuinely enjoyed my classes and felt as if I was enhancing myself as a person. I felt much more comfortable in this environment than I did in high school and it gave me the confidence to succeed in college. Even when the football team is losing every game, school pride rarely fails. Most complaints come from the lack of guidance in the advisement departments, but the online lobotrax and individual program counselors are helpful where this fails. I think the school is a good size for a university, but it is not in need of so many vice presidents (9 are currently employed). I would make parking more accessible for students, but the overall complaints are small and miniscule in relation to the its high points.


I think that the best thing about UNM is that people are very accepting of others. I have never been in a class where you opinion was not respected by the other students or teachers. In my opinion UNM is a good size. I say this because it is possible to take classes that are of a smaller size, but also interact with a large number of students at events, clubs and the like. I spend most of my time in Danesmith hall or the library. UNM has multiple places that students can go and study or just hang out, and there is generally a coffee shop just around the corner. Which is one of my favorite things about UNM. Another plus about UNM, is that it is located by the Brick light district and is fairly close to Nobhill. Both of these places have shopping and affordable places to eat.


I enjoy attending the University of New Mexico. It may not be the best school, but it sure is a good school. There are a variety of majors that many schools in this region do not offer such as Criminology, Russian Studies, and Sign Language Interpretation. UNM is just the right size college in my opinion. I come from a small town and Albuquerque is pretty large, but UNM is like a city of it's own. On Main Campus you'll find a theater that plays one movie three days a week each week, great study areas, great food options, and access to Johnson Center with weight rooms, aerobic areas, and volleyball and basketball courts. I'm not saying UNM is perfect. Just like any college it has its downsides. The main complaint I hear from students who live on campus in the dormitories is the food selection in the UNM cafeteria, La Posada. It's not the greatest food in the world, but healthy options are offered and you have quite a few options.


People always appreciate the diversity of students at UNM. White kids are not the majority here. The business school (which is nationally ranked in prestige) promotes diverse business men and women. Diversity will probably be called the best thing about UNM. The size of school does intimidate people. Sometimes people claim things feel superficial on campus, or that administration doesn't really take a personal care to things. I love UNM to be honest. I am in the business school, and the town, Albuquerque may be rough around the edges, but a great school when it comes down to it. There is a lot of community support of the university and especially the athletics. People don't always act enthusiastically about going to UNM, but in reality, the size frightens a lot of people. It really is a great school once you get past some things.


My overall opinion of the University of New Mexico are that they have great educators and programs; however there is not enough communication between the president of the university and the students. I feel that we are disporportianatley represented on campus. School pride a very important thing to us on campus and I do not feel that the administration gets involved with us, but instead just tells us to be school spirited without doing it themselves.


One of the things I love most about UNM is the amount of resources available. The University offers a wide rage of activities, finical help, counseling, as well as many different support services. The University is situated on 600 acres and is centrally located in downtown Albuquerque, and is surrounded by local business and residential neighborhoods giving student a wide array of choices to work, live, and enjoy the community. The campus is a very unique and has some of the Nations most interesting architecture that really encompass the southwest spirit. The campus also has a beautiful duck pond and large open areas where students can come together and enjoy the landscape and conversation.


UNM is a wonderful school. Several different personalities attend this school and there are several wonderful departments. The engineering program is top notch, the economics department is one of the best for environmental economics in the country, and there are several noteworthy fine arts programs. The sports teams are fun, although the football team has been terrible for quite some time. The basketball arena is supposedly one of the loudest in the country, probably due to the huge amount of lobo pride. The campus has several places to grab a bite, study in a quiet space, or just hang out. Overall going to UNM is a great experience.


I think the college is a bit small for me. I'm from California where colleges can be 5 blocks for main campus. UNM's main campus is 1 block which can be a plus since it only takes no more than 15 mins to get anywhere on campus. The only real complain I can give is that the dining hall, La Posada, isn't good. I pay over a 1,000 a semester for food there, but I really hate eating there.


UNM is cheap for New Mexico residents, something to consider if you intend on paying for a house, car, or graduate/professional school. The campus could have been built in a better part of Albuquerque, though. The size of the school is fantastic because you can have whatever experience you want. If you want to be noticed there are classes of 10-25 people, but if you want to fade into the background and skip class then there are 850 people classes. UNM is definitely the best recognized university in New Mexico, with top academic and athletic programs compared to the surrounding schools. The physical campus is beautifully landscaped, some really old buildings seem trashy, but there are lots of brand new buildings as well. The dorms are disgusting, so most people live off campus. There are plenty of opportunities to take part in school functions and organizations.


I really think that UNM was right for me for many reasons. First of all, I really like Albuquerque. It is my hometown, and I just really like it here. Second, the school is big and has a lot of school spirit. Overall, UNM is a great school for many reasons and has a lot to offer. Each person has different wants and needs, but for me, I really am glad I decided to go to UNM.


Best student support One thing to change...parking situation is just right I suppose Reaction...not much, it's more impressive for people to hear that i'm in law school Time spent on campus...the law school and El Centro de la Raza (great place) College town...not really, especially after NMSU Admin...great group of people but we need more hiring of minority professors Controversy...the one I cared about was when the Mexican flag was ripped down after a 16 de septiembre celebrationand UNM did not do much to discipline the "gentleman" who did it! School pride...NO, don't see it much outside of sports events and burning an Aggie (which seems kind of morbid to me) Unusual...the way admin allows students to receive 3 credits for a class which lasts 2 weeks and does not need much effort put into it. This seems to de-value a person's degree if fthey take too many of these courses. extracurricular activities outside of the law school and through MALSA Complaints...parking