University of New Mexico-Main Campus Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


People who are not self-motivated and determined to do well in class should not attend this school. Although there are plenty of professors that are passionate about their jobs, most of them will expect students to study and learn things outside of class. This is especially true if students do not attend classes often because many professors present information in class that cannot be found in the class textbook. UNM is not ideal for people who like big campuses and being surrounded by a lot of people at all times.


Anyone should attend this school.


You need drive and ambition to attend the University of New Mexico. No matter the task at hand, the wealth of knowledge presented offers a daunting journey for whoever decides to enroll. It's overwhelming and you feel like you might die, but in the end you are a master of at least one subject. Who shouldn't attend? Probably a person who is undecided. A person who is hasn't found themselves and who they want to be. UNM is a place of decision makers. They are ready for the perilous task of Pre-Med and Pre-Law.


Rude people should not attend UNM; they WILL be called on it.


People who are not willing to study hard and to become involved in the different groups and associations that the UNiversity is hosting, because they are a key for a succesfull future and to getting to the job market.


A student who should not attend this school would be a student who has a difficult time learning in a large classroom environment. 15 credit hours are now the only way to avoid being charged extra tuition becuase of the amount of classes to take. You can fit time in for work but have to sacrafice some study time.


A student who is not dedicated to their studies and is not willing to work hard would have a hard time succeeding at this school. It is a very academic school and in order to succeed, a lot of work and time must be implemented.


All of those questions that i answered were with the Music department in mind. I shall answer these with that department in mind. If you have/want a social life, don't like to work 26 hours a day, or can't read music, do not attend. you will fail.


The type of person that should not attent UNM is someone who is not willing to work diligently to earn their degree and put out the effort to gain the most valuable experience possible. It is vital to be able to recognize that recieving a worthwhile, rewarding education is entirely a choice, and is not simply going to be handed to you.


A person who does not like large classes, a large campus or impersonal experience with teachers should not attend UNM.


Someone who desperately wants to be challenged in their classes, especially their lower level classes. Also, someone who needs to be pushed by their peers to succeed.


Someone who prefers small, personal communities and classes and nature should not attend this school.


People should not attend this school if they are close minded and unwilling to make sacrifices to recieve an education.


A person who doesn't value diversity. UNM has students from various backgrounds, cultures, religions, ethnicities, etc. A person must appreciate others to appreciate this school.


A student attending the University of New Mexico requires high motivation, dedication, hard work, and the ability to get along well with people from diverse backgrounds. Anyone not meeting these qualities shouldn't think of attending UNM.


If you are looking for a school in a big city or urban area, you would probably be disappointed with Albuquerque. Also, if large schools are overwelming to you, then this big public university of approx. 26,000 total (undergraduate and graduate) students is probably not for you.


I think the kind of person that shouldnt join this school would be someone that is out of state that doesn't have the financial needs to help them through college. But if they are hard working and have the money they will accomplish so much. I, for example am from this state and but my mother claimed me on her taxes. While she lives in a different state I ended up paying out of state tuition, I was lucky because I am Native American and got to pay in state tuition.


Someone who is lazy is not going to like UNM. Anyone that attends UNM has to be willing to work hard and understand that selfmotivation is a key factor to sucess.


Someone seeking a rigorous academic environment that is career-oriented should not attend the University of New Mexico. The campus is geared more toward non-traditional students and those who come from families with no college degree holders.


This school is a great campus but its not for everybody. if your looking for a campus that is purely college then this isnt it, but outside of that there is great culture and community. The school itself has a fantastic medical school and many of the professors are very hands-on and attentive to their students needs.


If you have issues with race, gender, or sexual preference you should probably look for a more conservative school. UNM has a fairly diverse student body, staff, and teacher base. While this should act as a good model for the real world, prejudiced individuals seem to find their niche in life and should therefore not bother attending UNM. On the other hand, UNM would be an excellent oppurtunity for these individuals to learn more about these different groups and potentially open their minds and hearts.


A student who is not motivated to learn and take advantage of the opportunities that are available at UNM.


UNM has a great Nuring program


a lazy person or someone who hates school.


Any kind of person, it is not specific or discrimitory.


Well its an incredibly open school. I would love to say that anyone could and possibly should attend this school, but I am a strong Catholic Conservative and a lot of the time I feel like the odd one out.


No one, there is something for everyone there. I don't think that anyone should not attend my school.


The type of person that would not be right for school would be the people not serious about bettering ones self.


the uncommitted


A person from a poor to middle class background who wants to attend a school which can give them a good education for the money.


There isn't really a certain person that should not attent this school. It is a very diverse school .


I see many different kinds of students so I would say that any kind of person could attend this school.


There really isn't any type of person that is unaccepted or who would feel uncomfortable at UNM. It is such a diverse college that accepts any type of person the way they are. There is a club, organization, or sport for everybody to meet friends and feel at home.