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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would say: Listen up Tamara, college isn't like High School, the teachers expect you to do your work, be self reliant and do what you know needs to be done. You also need to remember that you have 1 assignment for grading in college that you did for every 20 in High School. Have fun, learn your way around campus, but don't forget this is a whole new ballgame. Talk to people make friends and don't be afraid to join in the extracurricular activities, suprisingly they will assist you in making better grades, because you will meet people who are taking the same classes you are or who have taken them in the past and will help you study on issues you are not sure of. Don't forget to stop and look around, it's not all about the classroom learning, it's about the social learning and friends made for a lifetime.


if i had the oppertunity to go back in time and talk to my self about the transition to college i would tell myself to start learning time managment now. College is a time of freedom where you are allowed to make decisions on your own but it is also a time when you must learn to manage your time and have priorities. There are many demands in college and it is extremly important that all of these demands are managed correctly because if not things such as grades or money could become issues. time managment is an important thing to add to your skill set.


If I could go back to myself as a High School senior, the first thing I would tell myself is, - Stay in school. I didn?t get my GED until I was 29. I would say Mari, your future and your childrens? future depend on you becoming educated. You will learn fundamentals that will help you become a better person and mother. - You will see the many types of people the world is made up of - Go to school, make the effort - Ask for help - Get involved - Stick to your hearts? dream - Stay away from those who foster negativity. Thinking the teacher is too hard or unfair only stops you from learning. You can talk to the professors like esteemed peers; you?re an adult now. - It?s ok to question and try new things - Be prepared to work, know that the amount of work is worth the time. - Realize your personal value - that education increases it exponentially - that value will never diminish. - Learn the campus - Build a relationship with an advisement counselor - Make appointments, don?t rely on walk-in - Go above and beyond-it?s worth it. - Remember what you?re there for


Be flexible! Do not be afraid of the experience. Even though it is always a little nerve-racking coming to a new place, embrace it and really try to get involved. Even though you are shy, do not be afraid to meet knew people and be yourself. Still be on your guard, because not everyone is a nice person, but meet people different than yourself and have fun. Since it is college you are going to have to work hard, and though you are used to doing really well in college, do not be ashamed or angry if you do not do as well your first year in college. It is more difficult but you can do it, and you will make life long memories if you just open yourself up to it. Good Luck!


When I was a senior, a community college offered a dual-credit program for high school and college credit. I completed 2 classes my senior year, and if I could go back in time I would have taken more classes. I've been smooth sailing through college because of the 6 extra credits I earned, so I can only imagine how ahead I'd be if I had taken more. At the time, I was too busy enjoying my senior year to stop and think about the future! I also didn't pay much attention in my twelfth grade English class; big mistake! Luckily, through hard work and excellent professors, my writing skills have improved drastically. The last thing I would do differently if given the chance is look for more extra curricular activities. There were plenty of clubs and activates I could have participated in. Although I was a dedicated member of the newspaper team, I wish I would have been a little more involved my senior year. I think if I would have been more productive then, I would probably be involved in more extra curricular activities than I am now.


Hey there soon to be graduate! We've always been blunt, so here's the advice I wish I'd had, 1. Save your money! You work hard, so let your money work for you. Trim your budget and save your pennies. When the truly "must have" experiences, not things, come along, you'll be very grateful you did. 2. Make your own coffee. I strongly recommend the Kona blend from Trader Joe's. It's magnificent. 3. Talk to more people and talk more to the people you know. That's the only way you'll get to know people better. Last, and most importantly: 4. Be you. It works well for you. You know what you have to do to get where you want to go. You may not always know the best way to get there, but that's not what matters. What matters is that you get there, and any way you do that is going to be the right way-- even if it's not the best or most efficient. Don't ever lose sight of that. Peace and best wishes, Your college counterpart


Making the transition from high school to college can be hard and frustrating at times. You have worked throughout your whole school life to get to this point. My biggest advice is to stay focused and relax. It is true that college is harder than high school, but it is still manageable. The biggest difference between high school and college is that there is no room to slack off in college. College is like that one class in high school that you couldnt coast through and you had to really apply yourself, that is every class in college. Some good tips to getting through college are as follows ; First, Sit at the front of every class, this way you wont get distracted and you can hear everything the professor is saying clearly. Second, do all your homework, never skip an assignment, those are easy points. Third, take advantage of the tutoring offered to you, they can really help you get high test scores. The biggest thing to remember is to stay focused. Dont get caught up in the partying and you will be fine in college. Follow these tips and you will be successful.


The advice I would give is to just go for it. When I was a senior, I had the chance to go to a school out of city with almost a full ride. Not wanting to leave my girlfriend, I chose to stay in Albuquerque and attend the community college. While the community college offered a good education and a great price, I should have taken the chance I was given to pursue my bachelor's degree. In the end, my girlfriend and I broke up and I stayed at the community college. While this course of action lead me in many exciting directions, I am now back in school ten years later pursuing a bachelor's degree. So my advice is go for it. Pursue every avenue that interests you, and do not let the need to feel comfortable dictate your life. Incidentally, this is also the advice I will give my two children.


Your time in University is precious. Do not take this time for granted. There are limitless possibilities and you will get so much more out of school if you take advantage of all the resources that you have available to you. Concentrate on satisfying your core requirements. Schedule your time so that your life is as balanced as possible. There should be time to study and do research as well as time to eat healthful foods and exercise regularly. Keep a calendar so that you are aware of deadlines and test dates. Join clubs or organizations that relate to your major or field of interest and get involved with your school's community. Be open to what is happening around you. Be the change you would like to see in the world. Do not quit until you have satisfied all requirements to graduate. Taking a little time off can turn into years and limit your career choices and life goals. I made that mistake and now as a 46-year-old woman I am struggling to pay the mortgage and finish my degree. Make your education your number one priority. It is so worth it.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school student, I would say, "You're going to be so happy at UNM! You will have so many opportunities that you might not get at a smaller school." I would recommend introducing myself to more faculty members earlier, and I would have said to move straight into the dorms instead of living off-campus for the first semester. The campus is beautiful with the many different types of trees and even a pond in the center of the campus. It is extremely safe, convenient, and resources like free tutoring and a huge capacity for study space in the multiple libraries provide diverse locations that suit everyone's taste. There are resources for chances like study abroad and being politically and environmentally aware and involved on campus. UNM also has so many different kinds of people that you'll never feel awkward or left out for any reason. Being involved is the most important thing because without being exposed to all the different choices, you'll never discover the groups and people who are capable of helping with your future. Take advantage of what you have right away!!!


Traveling back in time, you remember those colored walls, those teachers you once had , that school you practically lived in for four years. As you walk through those core doors a certain individual catches your eyes . You double look with your eyes, to amazement that is you . As i approach myself , i stagger to how i'm going to explain, im from the future. No going back ; i walk right up to myself talking to my best friend. I say my, "Hola's " she looks at me astonish, for it feels like looking straight into a mirror. I give her my introduction, and we plan to meet up after class. As the dissmissle bell ring , i stroll to the place to meet. Taking my time, for the school i once attended and would never attend seemed so welcomimg to me. As my High School memories flash through my mind. I look towards those lunch benches and see myself sitting there. As we talk about the future, i tell myself to keep up with the studying hard, take both the SAT and ACT more than once. Don't assemble bad study habits for they won't take you as far.


Being a non-traditional student, I would tell myself to start college in the fall after graduation. I would also tell myself to live on or near campus and enjoy the area. The university area of Albuquerque, NM is beautiful and has much to offer, I would encourage myself to explore it and become more involved in campus activites.


Laura: Continue to cling to the passion for knowledge throughout the next several years; put it at the top of your priority list, and realize it is invaluable. Do not take for granted the opportunity to grow your mind. Those who are great and successful are those who are humbled enough to be self-disciplined in their studies and everything they attempt. In the words of Sir Winston Churchill: "To each there comes a time in their lifetime when they are figuratively tapped on the shoulder and offered the chance to do a very special thing, unique to their own talents. What a tragedy of that moment finds them unprepared or unqualified for that which could have been their finest hour." Press on toward your goals and aspirations, and do not grow weary! Laura


stop procrastinating, get help when you need it, and apply for as many scholarships as possible!


Tanya, go to college part time after high school. You can get that full- tuition paid Bridge Scholarship if you start going after you graduate high school! Once you are in college take it slow, there is no need to rush as you have time . Don't stress about when you are going to graduate. Enjoy your time while you are in school. The time goes by fast so have fun, take lots of interesting classes and don't overload yourself.


If the chance to go back arose I believe I would have told myself to apply for more scholarship than I did. College is expensive and when you parents own their own business it makes it impossible to qualify for any sort of financial support from public funded programs. I feel as if I somehow am being punished because I am not a single parent or because my parents aren't divorced. These two factors contribute largely to less scholarships or grants being offered to students such as myself. Nevertheless, I would very much appreciate any kind of scholarship may be able to offer in order to cover some of my expenses for tuition.


If I could go back in time and give my high school senior self any advice, I would say, "Try to take every opportunity given to you. Even if you think you won't like something, try it. You'll be surprised at what you will like and the things you will learn about yourself. Don't be afraid to make new friends either. I know you're shy, but try to break out of that now, and get out there! The sooner you do it, the more experiences you will have! Do not procrastinate either! Even though you think you're smart enough to not have to study every night, college takes a lot of work, and you'll be learning a lot, so get organized and get on a schedule! Balancing everything is something that is important. Have fun!"


Get ready for a change. A hand will soon give you a slap to that face on what life is going to be like. Its tough and if you don't realize it quick your going to get behind. If that scares you just know its going to be the best time of your life, or so far. It goes fast so take everything in and enjoy even when its not enjoyable but thats life. Everything in life is a stepping stone so if you feel down because of your first test score, hit the books and enjoy doing it.


If I could go back the first thing I would ask myself is, "What do I want to do with my college education?" I would talk about what I believe I need out of a college in order to succeed and keep myself motivated throughout my college education. I would tell myself to put as much time as it takes into making a decision on what college I wanted to attend and after I narrowed my choices down, to visit each one, maybe attend a class or two in order to get a feel for what each campus is like. I would also tell myself to attend every class, just because the material is easy or the class is boring doesn't mean the exams won't be hard or that I I don't need to give 110{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c}. Finally, I would tell myself to stand out, to be myself and not lay low in the background, to make the most out of everyday and to make friends with people from all sorts of different classes or activities so that I'll always have something exciting to do or someone to help me out when I need a hand.


I would tell myself to not be shy and make study groups with other classmates. Also, I would tell myself to review my notes from each class when i get home that way i will understand the topic that was discussed. Lastly, I would tell myself to study for tests once you hear when the date is, otherwise you will put if off and not be as ready as you should have been.


Save up as much money as you can, and always take new adventures. Make friends, and do not be ashamed of going to tutoring.


I feel as if I was incredibly prepared for college, everything that I was expecting fit exactly how I imagined. I love college. So I would say that Get Ready Its On!


Do the best you can and take your education seriously! Further your education right away and get a career your are interested in!


"Kris, the life you have been given is a gift. Don?t fall for the lies you have heard that you are not smart, that you cannot make it without familiar influences, and that you cannot live your life differently from your family. Be the woman you were called to be and stand up for what is right, for who you are, and for the gifts you have been given. You can change your circumstances and you can break the cycle of addiction, infidelity, and lack of moral character. You can show those who come along your path that there is a different way. There is a way to better your life and your self worth; through education and with determination, perseverance, hard work, and a positive outlook. Kris, please do it now. Walk onto that college campus with the determination to further your education and make something of yourself. You can overcome the negativity and destructive lifestyles you have grown up with. You can make a difference! You can succeed! You can do it! You are smart, you are strong, and you can make it! Believe in yourself and make a difference. You are worth it!"


The best advise that I could give myself would be that it is very important to consider learning as much as possible in a wide array of subjects. This will better gaurantee myself for sucess in life. The hardest thing to go through in life is to spend outrageous amounts of money on college and not be able to use your skills later in life. Be as adverse as possible and learn as much as possible in generic categories. Management can take you a long way in life and if you learn as much as you can, you can only go further. Don't ever stick yourself to one career type, because you never know how the economy will be at different points through out your life. It can be a bumpy road to sucess, but once you're there, it's worth the trip!


I would tell myself to disregard the "problems" I thought I had in high school and focus more on my education and persuing my dreams. I would forget about my "friends" and focus on MY future, my life. I wouldn't be affraid to go to schools, or join clubs where I didn't know anybody. I would be more confident in myself, my abilities and my talents. I wouldn't let anything stop me from achieving my success...not even my parents. I would tell myself to study more to develop the habit so when college begins, it won't be such a stuggle. I would attend summer school every summer to get ahead. I would be more outgoing, and try new things before I knock them. I would tell myself to not be afraid to ask questions. I would try to be more of a humanitarian and help more people. If I could go back in time, I would tell myself that this is it. I only have one life and now is the time to put in the work to have the quality of life that I want for myself and for my family in the future.


Get your degree while you are young. Study hard. Get involved in your university, school spirit goes along way in wanting to do well in your classes. Go to tutoring and get help in subjects that are difficult for you, there is nothing embarrasing about it. Don't take too many classes at once and get too bogged under with homework. Pace yourself. Enjoy the learning process.


It is important to know what you are looking for in a college education and to make your choice of school based on your own goals (and, considering your own strengths and weaknesses). After narrowing down my own search to several schools with the programs I was interested in, I chose the school that offered me the most scholarships, so I could focus my attention on learning rather than on finances. The reputation of the school and its faculty are also important, as is the quality of your own department. A university that is on the cutting edge in the sciences may not be ideal for the arts. Again, it?s crucial to know what you want out of your educational experience. Once you?ve chosen the school, though, your college experience will be what you make of it. No matter what school you choose, the quality of your education will be impacted most by your own approach to college. Students who invest time, energy, and enthusiasm into learning will be rewarded. The professors, the services available, and the general atmosphere of the college will certainly impact your time there, but ultimately you control the quality of your education.


I would like students to know that they should be making the decision of where to go to college for themselves and not for anyone else. This is going to be the place you spend the majority of your time and if you are not comfertable with it then you shouldn't be there. Parents should know that this is a stressful time for their kids and that no matter where their children choose to go to college their parents will always need to be there for them. College is mainly a growing experience, it teaches many things about yourself that you may have otherwise never found out about yourself and your family. Take the time to absorb all of it.


Look at all of your options. Take into account all of the pros and cons to factor which will be the best school practically. Once you have chosen a college that you like, get envolved!!! Getting involved makes your overall college experience so much better than if you don't. It gives you the chance to step out of your comfort zone, and try new things that you would have never even thought of doing. Along the journey you'll meet great, new people! Speaking from experience it gives you purpose, and makes you excited to go to that university, because it is offering you more than just an education. Lastly, just relax! Being so caught up in worrying if you are doing everything the right way, or picking the absolute best classes will stress you out and make your first impressions unpleasant. So take a deep breath and take the leap of faith into this new world of college, and know that everything will work out the way its supposed to.


I would tell students to make a list of the top three colleges they want to go to, apply for all of them, apply for financial aid, and wait for acceptance letters. I would tell parents to be supportive of the colleges their kids choose. Students and parents should have a major discussion about every aspect of college before deciding which college is best suited for the student. I think it is important for the student to try to become independent at college. This means that parents, while they still have the ultimate authority on some subjects, need to be supportive of their students' decisions. College is a time of growth and maturity--the onbly way for both of those to happen is for students and parents to feel comfortable about the choice college and have trust that goes both ways about what will happen during a student's college career.


find a college where you know you will be able to learn what you want and have fun while achieving your goals. make you it will satisfy your needs and wants allowing you make the best of your college experience and your knowledge of the certain area of study that intrests you no matter what it is!


Everyone has their own opinion about what college one should go to. I would say follow your heart. Pick the college that you would want to go to, not the college that family and friends want you to go to. The college experience has a big impact on anyones life. Pick the college that most appells to you and what you want to do in the future. Dont just settle for any college, if there is somewhere that you have always wanted to go dont let anyone tell you that you cannot go there. As of getting the most of the college experience, do what ever you can at the college. Many colleges have big varieties of clubs and activities that would appelle to anyone. If there is something you like to do you can defientely find something that you like to be involed in at the college. College is a great experience in general. You met a varity of people and learn many different lessons throughout the course of college. College is an experience that will start anyone on the right path.


Advise I would give to parents would be to always support your children in whatever field of study they choose. As for the students I would tell them to never be afraid to experience new things and get out there and try new things. It's ok to be unsure of your life and what career choices you want to make. Take your time and smell the roses, before you know it you'll be a senior ready to graduate and step into the real world. Meet new people and make life lasting friendships, and know that people will come in and out of your life, but the true people will be there for you when you need it the most. Study hard and have a great time in all that you do. College is truly the best days of your life and look around your true love could be right around the corner. Always keep your head up and never choose to fail.


VIsit as many as possible. Talk to students and faculty. Go with your gut instinct and not what sounds best on paper. Only do what you want and feel is right for you.


Make a list of what you would want in a college. What are the things that make you comfortable? What activities are you in? Would you rather share a room with a roomate or have a room by yourself? Etc. Based off of the list you've made, choose the institution that's best for you.


I applied to a dozen different colleges in order to keep my options open, and many of them were well-known, prominent universities. I was accepted to the majority of those that I applied to, but then came the hard part--choosing where I would be for the next four years of my life. In the end, I decided my best choice was my state school. College isn't about paying a lot of money to buy a great education. With the motivation to learn, and to set your own standards and stick to them, most colleges will be able to give you the experience that you are looking for. I chose to attend my state university over the other more prestigious choices partly because of my financial situation, but also because I felt that if I worked hard enough, and kept my goals high enough, I could be as competitive as any other student at any other university. By maintaining a proactive attitude, I was able to play an active role in the community by volunteering, running student organizations, tutoring, and taking part in university research--and I didn't have pay an extra penny for any of it.


Immerse yourself with the different experiences, such as music, art, groups and clubs early on. This cultural aspect enriches the lives of students. Regarding academics, go beyond the classroom and research other relevant information on the topics you are studying. This gives you either more support or cases against the information you receive. You will be better informed and a better prepared student by this. Also, never underestimate the imporatnce of good writing and speaking skills. They will be essential during and after college once opportunities arise. Travel!!


Look at class schedules and sizes for your degree that way you can make sure it will allow for your life to flow. Also look at campus activities, student support services and career services. You may not need them when you apply, but you will eventually.


Don't have a declared major when you start school. Go in undecided. You may think you know what you want to study, but then down the line, you don't. I went in undecided and took a different mixture of classes. From there, of those classes, I decided which classes I liked and which ones I didn't... that helped me pick my double major, Public Relations and Classics. A bit odd, but they're two different spectrums of degrees that I enjoy studying and doing. I picked UNM because it was affordable. I have always felt that an undergraduate degree from UNM would be the same if I had aquired it anywhere else, the only difference is, say, if I went to Stanford, I'd be paying for them name. Save your money for graduate school! Live on campus, join student groups, and get involved on campus! There are so many people on campus that you are bound to meet your new best friend, and possibly life partner! Live college to the fullest and enjoy your time there because it's short. Get as much out of it while you can. :)


Make a list of what your personal wants and needs are and then do research on the schools in pursuit of those things, then choose from there. To make the most of your college experience, become involved, but manage your time for your studies!


Finding the right college takes alot of time and thought. I based my choice on what i could afford, and what would help me greatly in the future. The thought of college is very scary at times, but one of the best experiances of my like. Finding a college that fits your personality is important. Always keep your mind open to ideas, cuz in general one must never judge a book by its cover. Take time and read what the different colleges can offer you... Also take a tour of the campus and learn the ups and downs of the University.


Students should not feel pressured to pick a collge solely based on those being applied to by their peers. Picking a college means being comfortable in that environment. If that means staying close to home, stay. If that means living in an exotic locale,: go. If you are unable to see yourself living in the environment of a college, you will not be able to suceed. Therefore, go with your gut. In addition to make the most of the college experience: go to class. Although it may seem like a fun or good idea to skip class, keep in mind that going to class has many benefits. Remember, someone is paying a great deal of money for you to attend that class, whether it is your parents or a scholarhips donor, do not skip. In addtion, you just might learn something that you love or at the very least learn what you hate. Going to class makes finding what interests you a much easier experience when picking a career without being hemmed into a profession. Finally, you meet some of the most diverse people in your classes whether faculty or students. Going to class is for the fearless.


Picking the right college should be chosen by what the student is going to learn and how well its is academicaly fit for the student. Will there be parties or study groups. what else surrounds the campus also is a good way to find out what the school is like.


I beleive that parents and their children should visit many colleges before they make a decision. Look at what the college has to offer in terms of academics and take into account the financial considerations as well. This is a place in which you will be spending the next four to five years of your life so it is a major decision that has come up in life. I also beleive once you do chose the right college for yourself to get involved in as many social functions as possible. I joined a fraternity and beleive that the friends that I have made will last a lifetime. Also get to know your professors as they will be able to assist you not only academically but in others ways as well. Get to know your classmates in college because they will be the people you will be around all of the time. When you do go to college do not forget your old friends either. Overall have a good time and understand that academics are number one. The social aspect will fall right into place and before you know it you will be graduating.


Do whatever makes you happy : dont worry about the money- your education is worth it


When attending this University for the first time I was afraid that I would not be able to find my way around, make friends or fit in. I was quickly immersed into campus life when I joined a program that was specifically designed to help incoming freshman with all of those things. The program offered tutoring, a work-study job, personal advisement and other services that were extrememly helpful to me. At every Universty you are bound to find so many different programs that are willing to help students figure out their future with the college. Before I even attended the University of New Mexico, the program that I became a part of offered me help in figuring out if it would be the right college for me and it turned out that it was. I would advise any student to speak with different University programs and advisors about the school and if they find that they like it than more than likely it would be the right school for them.


Make sure your children apply for as many scholarships as they can. Make sure your kids keep their grades up so they don't lose scholarships. Students need to venture out on campus and explore it. Enjoy college life, but don't neglect your studies while doing it. Try to find that balance between having fun and getting a good education. Put your time and effort in to it the first time so you never have to go back and do it over again.


UNM offeres a club or organization for just about any academic interest or hobby. Find something you enjoy even if it has nothing to do with your area of study and get involved. You;ll have fun, make great friends, and it's a nice break from school.


visit college ahead of time