University of New Mexico-Main Campus Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about University of New Mexico-Main Campus?


Currently, it is the increase in the cost of credit hours for a 12- hours vs. 15+. Meaning it cost more to take a minimum of 12 credit hours or less then it is to take 15+ hours.


The most frustrating thing about UNM is the academic advisors. A student can see the same advisor two days in a row, ask the same questions, but recieve two completely different answers. They are not knowlegable, nor helpful in any way. The advisors within the departments are a bit better, but the general advisors are close to useless. It is better use of a student's time to ask an upperclassman for help rather than an advisor.


Getting into classes and making them all work in a good schedule so you can work or do other things. Sometimes it's hard to get into classes or they only offer them certain semesters so if you can't get in them then you have to wait a whole year till the next one is taught. It can be very hard. For freshman or transfer students it's horrible because they have to wait until everyone has already registered and then they can registered. So for your first semester you pretty much are going to get crappy classes.


There's nothing frustrating about my school.


The keep taking away my financial aid as the price of tuition goes up. Working 4 jobs while attending college full time is really frustrating.


The most frustrating thing about UNM would be the lack of reinforcement of stopping people smoking around a smoke-free campus.


The most frustrating aspect of UNM is the reputation that it has amongst high school students in the Albuquerque. Many students have a bad outlook on attending the university, and often look down on each other when they do attend UNM. The school is still fantastic, it just has a poor reputation around Albuquerque Public Schools.


The one thing I don't like about my school is the idea that I'm in the real world. This is life as we see it and no matter how hard we may try, this is our last stop before we are adults if we aren't already.


If you are not a minority or extremely poor it's very difficult to get any kind of financial aid.


The dorms are a little small and sometimes there isn't much variety at the cafeteria. The classes also can be very large with as many as 800 students.