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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


You are a high school senior now; you think you are ready to tackle the world, in some kind of way. I want to encourage you to look at every option as an opportunity for growth. I know the employment agencies won't have much to offer you right now, but take courage, the future is brighter than the present. These are difficult times for finding work. It might be easier to get into higher education. Consider talking wtih the counselors about scholarships. I know your grades have not been terrific, but your IQ shows you have great potential, if you can find the motivation. Some of the problem for your grades has been the distractions at home. If you can find a college that has a residential campus, and get some workstudy to help pay your expenses, you will be submerged in the environment of higher education. You won't have so much to keep you from your studies. I am convinced if you could keep the focus on your schoolwork instead of on your siblings and everything going on around you, you could excell, and that would keep the scholarships coming. The things of your dreams could happen.


Inatructors are willing to work with you that you are important to the schoool or University it makes me feel great


I would tell myself to take advantage of the education while it is free. I would tell myself that education is priceless and that every subject I am able to learn about now (then) will be a great asset to my educational future.


After the initial shock of being in the presence of my 18 year old self, I would speak of majoring in an intrest that I enjoy, rather than a broad "English" or "History" major, unless that is what caused joy. It is very important to persue a career in what one loves rather than what 's the highest paying. In the end the paycheck comes second to happiness. Secondly, I would explain to not get dragged into other peoples drama. It's extremely important to take yourself out of any situaton where you are generalized with others that thrive off being involved in other peoples lives. Further more, taking extra curricular activities is important. Even if a club sport is not ones strong point, it is all about getting out there and being a part of something bigger. It also makes bonds between people that may have never met otherwise. Last, but not least, I would tell myself to intern with a different well known company every summer, so that when I graduate I will have had 4 summers hands on experience in my chosen field.


Take advantage of the education system now while it is free and get the most out of every subject possible, because education is priceless.


If I could go back and give myself one piece of advice it would be to put a bit more effort into studying. Had I spent a bit more time learning not only how to pace myself but also the material I was learning I would have been in a better position in college. Perhaps one other piece of advice would be to be a bit more social with my teachers and advisors. Though most students view their teachers as hinderances, they really mean to help you in your education.


I would start by saying to get familiar with scholarship options and start a journal of all the grants and scholarships I find, because knowing ALL the money that's available to students is the biggest step for getting through college. I would say to start figuring out how much college life outside of school will cost and try to figure out how many hours a week will go to school and how many will go to a job. Because knowing how busy and chaotic all those hours I'll be juggling are is extremely helpful so that I can prepare early on for non-stop work later. But most of all, I would tell myself to think long and hard about what I really want out of school and just think of what knowledge I'll have in the end to really appreciate the invaluable experiences I'll have. And stop and think how lucky I am to be going to school to better myself for my career ahead. Soak up everything, never take for granted these opportunities and to have as much fun with school as possible. Dream big and go all the way. Live, learn and prosper.


If I could go back in time to when I was a High School Senior, I would tell myself to not take things for granted. High school was easy compared to colllege. HIgh school was a period in my life that presented a multitude of oppurtunities to me. Instead of taking all the opportunities, I allowed myself to believe that sooner or later the same opportunities would come back around. But they didn't. I took for granted all the opportunities that God presented to me during that time in my life. I put the "real world" on hold for High School.

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