University of New Orleans Top Questions

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It is affordable, easy to navigate, and a good fit for nontraditional students.


My school has a great personality. The campus is easy to get around and the people are fantastic. The students here are much more open minded and accepting than other schools. The professors are also very helpful and easy to talk to.


Because the University of New Orleans is small, students and teachers are able to develop closer relationships among each other, and learning is more one-on-one. Because of the individualized attention, UNO is a challenging but affordable college.


There are plenty of people at the University of New Orleans who dress quite liberally. So, if you feel like "people don't get you," it is the perfect place to fit in. Also, there are people who dress quite fashionably. All people are accepted at UNO, no matter your sexual orientation, religion, political views, bad habits, etc. There isn't a lot of drama on campus either. Most people are about making friends or studying, simple.


I think my school is unique in the fact that it actually seems like the professors care about my future and want me to succeed. I think the classes are easier too.


My school was one of the few schools in my area that still continues to offer Japanese language and history classes. It's hard trying to find an afforable college that has the language, especially since its popularity is declining as the years go by. I wish that more people knew about Japan beyond just sushi and anime (Japanese cartoons) and karate, because the language and culture are wonderful to learn about.




I believed that the proffessors are interested the sucess of the students. They are dedicated to their proffession the school offeres many opporounities for involvement on campus. The school seem to have an open door policy where as you are able to speak to the dean or their assistant if you are having majoe+ problems with the facility


The University of New Orleans has a very diverse student body. Most individuals aren't too carefree and not too serious in the same. They are generally hard workers and don't fool around. They are also generally pretty friendly. The atmosphere makes school more enjoyable than others that I have attended.


UNO has a very diverse student body. In any class, there are guaranteed to be students from other states and countries. That diversity helps students to learn about culture outside of the classroom and interact with a variety of interesting and unique people.




UNO is a very diverse school. There is an extremely strong international comunity. UNO is also located in New Orleans, and is strongly connected to the local culture.