University of New Orleans Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I volunteer for the Nekton Research Lab at the University of New Orleans, which led me to take on independent research in which I gave a poster presentation in both at the Southern Division American Fisheries Society (SDAFS) in February 2013 and UNO Innovate in March 2013. My previous independent research was on the recolonization of nekton species in an ephemeral pond that I also gave a poster presentation at SDAFS in January 2012. The University provided a job for me with Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries as a student worker in the outreach program.


This is sad but true, the food is amazing and it motivates me to go to school! As far as academics the classes are not to big!


The things that I brag about the most when i tell my friends about the schools is how the campus is very friendly, everyone is nice and its like family. Another thing i time them is about all of the organizations and programs that go around on campus. Students are never bored because there is always something productive to do. Activies go on every week on the campus ground. I also telll them how they are many people that are great assistance to you when you need help with anything, i makes it easir for you to learn the campus.


It's a good learning environment. Because it's a comuter school, you would expect that there are no extra activities for students. That's not true! The school and its students make a genuine effort to make everyone feel welcome. There are plenty of different majors for you to choose from, and all of the teachers are experts in thier respective fields, and they do their best to make class enjoyable.


lots of diverse people. good basketball team. many places on campus to hang out. beautiful view of the lake.


Cheap for top-quality eduacation!


I brag about the classes and teachers


its warm, the lake, and its a hard school even though thats not the idea of it from the people in the city of new orleans. but they arent the brightest people in the world anyway.


The University of New Orleans has changed my life. I have taken many active leadership roles that I would have never seen myself doing in high school. I am pushed academically and see myself completing papers and projects that I can stand by and be proud of. I tell people that UNO is a school that gives you a better education than others believe; classes are challenging and will not allow you to slack off.