University of New Orleans Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The types of people that should attend UNO are the hardworking and willing to learn people.


Someone determined not to give up would fit in well at UNO. The teachers are consistent in their courseload and one needs to have a steady work ethic to stay the course.


Everybody should attend to this school especially people who want a bacholar in business. The campus have a diversity culture such as Chiness, Japaness, French, etc. The campus would have events for each department. There are clubs relate to degree, to know more about New Orleans, volunteer works, and students' hobbies. The university do showcase for art and music.


This school is for people searching for a good future. The school prepares you for the real world. It is not for students who are not prepared to study and work towards earning a higher education.


Anyone could attend this school. There are many different types of people, all of whom are able to make friends easily.


A student focused on academics and learning should attend this school. There are many ways to learn the material and there are many organizations that help with job opportunities.


a diverse broad range of students


The type of person that should attend UNO is a person that is focused and dedicated to their school work because UNO is a very competive school. People can not come to UNO to play around or they might fail. UNO is a very strategic school, so there for people have to listen and pay attention at all times. No lacking is aloud at this school.


A person that attends this school should be dedicated to succeeding in life. He or she should be willing to make time to study and go to class because the school is not easy. This school is right for people that have long-term goals in their life, such as willingness to obtain a Ph.D or Master's. Those interested in scientific research have a place at this school, as do those wanting to pursue engineering.


anyone who follows the requirements


Artists, business majors, and anyone serious about their education.