University of New Orleans Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


The kind of people that shouldn't attend the UNO are the lazy and not academically motivated people.


The kind of person that should not attend this school is someone who is a home-body. They should not be shy, or not sociable. They cannot be someone who judges people off of the color of their skin or their ethinicty because this school is a melting pot.


A person who thinks they could breeze though college without having any effort. They aren't right for college at all.


A person who is looking for more of the "social" aspect of college rather than the academic, should not attend the University of New Orleans. While this university does provide for some social and sports activities, I found the curriculum is based on striving for academic excellence. In fact, it is one of the reasons I have returned to this university after getting my bachelor's degree twenty-five years ago! Now, I am pursuing my master's degree and I wanted the best education I could get.


Someone who wants their teachers to be uninvolved in the lectures.


One who lacks both focus and the determination to succeed should not consider attending UNO. The university is challenging, and if one hopes to do well, he or she must be prepared to put in the necessary hours to study and complete homework. If a student is a weak writer, I would not recommend them to apply, because UNO?s writing program has a proficiency exam that all students are required to take. If a student fails the exam, he or she fails the semester, and must repeat it.


I think that everyone person should be given the opporotunity to attend a college for the chance to better themselves. If I had to choose however, I would have to say that the people that arent willing to work to make themselves better and do not even try should be the ones that should not attend college. In my opinion though I think we should find out why these kids are having such a hard time with school first before we just throw them out.


People who enjoy supporting school sports would not like the University of New Orleans at all, now should students with school spirit. This school also does not offer very many scholarships so a student looking for help in that department shouldn't attend. A person who hates talking in front of the class or working with groups would also not like it; everyone at UNO is very open-minded and very opinionated.


Some one who determinded to finish their degree and committed to rigorous work.


someone with a low gpa


a person who cant accept other cultures. a lazy person who doesnt want to do work because this is a tough school


Sport fanatics or anyone who enjoys partying over academics.




People who want an ivy league school, or a school without lots of construction, there's lots of construction since katrina.


Someone looking for an intensive, liberal arts education. Here you will not find a strong emphasis on theoretical training in any of the social sciences. Biology is also badly funded, so if you're looking for research in the hard sciences, try Tulane or LSU. If you cannot fight an intensely anti-student beaurocracy, don't bother attending. If you are used to being appreciated as a student and not as a tuition fee, don't attend. If you require on-campus comforts, don't attend.