University of New Orleans Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


My academic aspiration consists of acquiring a bachelor’s degree from the University of New Orleans, Earth and Environmental Science, concentrating in Coastal Science. My entire life I have been curious about fishes and their evolution, especially their importance to our livelihood and economy. UNO provided me with understanding of natural resources. I strongly believe Univserity of New Orleans enables me to accomplish my desire, by expanding my knowledge on habitat conservation. I believe that the university will prepare me for my career by developing my knowledge learned in the classroom through application by field research and analysis.


Teachers are easy to contact and are available to help if you seek them out. It may not seem like there are a lot of people on campus, but eventually ou will find a small group of people who are cool. Living in the dorms is your best bet for a social life. This isnt high school; therefore if you don't attend class or study for test, you will most likely fail. Teachers will not hold your hand or force you to do better. There are plenty of people to network with for opportunities later in life.


The covenience of the local ammenities and dining as well as the academics being taught.


The diversity and friendliness of the student body and faculty.


One of the best things about UNO was that it is so close to the vibrant city and world of New Orleans. The campus and local festivities were always fun. UNO had strong academic rigor, though it was easy to take time to relax once the academic work was completed.


The events held there


It offers a variety of classes and degrees not offered at other universities in Louisiana. The instructors are pleasant and have open door policies. They want you to succeed and offer different options to help you along the way.


the psychology department


Most teachers have been very enthusiastic and very knowledgable about their respective subjects. This makes the transition, for a non-traditional student such as myself, much easier.


The best thing about my school has to be the small campus. It makes you feel more comfortable knowing many of the people you see around campus.


The brand new dorms.


The size. It's the perfect size and well-known but not too well-known in my department