University of North Alabama Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


I personally feel that anyone can attend school if they are dedicated enough. Some will say money is an issue and that is what limits them to get a higher education. I am an example that you can attend this tremendous university with little money. I have dedication and the will to push myself to apply for scholarships and hope that I qualify for some money to help me achieve my goal of finishing college. This university is the perfect size for any student to come.


The kind of person that should not attend this school is the kind that has no desire to learn or grow. The faculty and staff are hand-picked to push students to their full potential.


I wouldn't attend University of North Alabama if you don't want to work hard. UNA is a great school, but professors expect you to work like you're a college student. If your only goal in college is to "party hardy" or "just pass," UNA is not the school I would recommend you attend.


People shouldn't attend this school if they do not want to attend a smaller college. It's not a very big university, most classes only hold about twenty to thirty students.


I believe that students who are not wanting to work and put in the effort should not attend this school. You have to work hard to get where you want to be. Also, this school is very school spirited. If you are not out going and do not like wanting to represent your school pride this may not be the school for you.


If a person is looking for somewhere to go to party every weekend and to get wild away from his or her parents, The University of North Alabama is not the place to go.


I believe the type of person that should not attend this school would be one that does not like big crowds of people who the person does not know. Also, maybe someone who does not like being by themself.


The University of North Alabama has a very diverse and friendly background. I am a prospective student at The University of North Alabama, by far I have honestly have been welcomed with open arms. My school does not discriminate or show any type of prejudice regarding race, sex, religious belief, and etc. The University of North Alabama is an Institution of higher learning. Anyone in seek of preparing for goals and future careers will be pleased with The University of North Alabama's offering. If ''vice versa'', this school may not be suitable for you.


The only people who should not attend this school are those who are not willing to put in the hours of study necessary. They will not pass the courses, and will gain nothing from their experience. Otherwise, it has something for nearly every kind of person.


I do not think that there is a certain type of person that would not fit in at our school. Even though our school is probably 95% white, I do not think a students of another race would have problems in our school environment. We have a few Special Education students in our school that are doing very well in the school as well.


The only people I would say that should not attend the University of North Alabama are people who show no interest in furthering themselves or their education and who are not willing to try and work towards a goal whether it be personal or academic. The University?s professors expect nothing but your best, they expect you to be self motivated and they do not hold your hand and guide you through your course. If someone is not willing to work and expect everything to be given to them then this is not the University for them.


People who are made uncomfortable by other cultures should not attend my school. There is a huge interational student body present and, for a student to be fully involved in university life, that student must be heavily involved with foreign cultures. Japanese and Turkish students make up roughly two thirds of the international student population while European students constitute the remainder.


There are students that should stay home for the first year of college because the change is to much the balance the finaical, class schedule, work schedule, and social schedule. If someone is used to having someone do everything for them, they are one of the students that need to stay home for the first year.


Any kind of person can attend this school it all depends on how the person feels with a helpful and friendly environment.


a person who likes to party non stop and do not like to study.


People who like big towns should not come to UNA. Also, people who like a lot of big entertainment should look into a different college. I think UNA is good for students who are interested in some entertainment but also studying. UNA is not the best in the math or english department.


some who is looking for a lot of social interaction with their professors and who doesnt want to join greek life but still be very sociable

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