University of North Alabama Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


As a small university, UNA has a wonderful staffs and professors. I'm from Vietnam and I was struggling by language, culture and educational system. I was so scared that professors will be bossy but no, all professors here were willing to help me one way or another. They don't mind if they have to sit with me for hour and explain something over and over and. To me, it seems like they treat me as a friend, a daugter, and grandaugter. I feel I'm a part of it and I'm welcomed here.


I wish that I had known that I would end up attending this school in the end. If I had, I might have simply gone here first.


Nothing, I knew everything about this university before I came here.


I wish i would have known that this college is not easy as it seems and you have to study all the time to get the GPA that you would like to have.


How to apply for scholarships.


Just in general for any college, I feel the financial aid needs to improve. It is very complicated for any student to obtain the amount he/she needs for college life.


I wish I had known about all of the wonderful opportunities there are at this campus. There are sports, extracurricular activities, clubs, and other things such as campus tours, plays, shows, fraternities and sororites. This school really has an awesome array of things to get involved in. That is really what I love about UNA.


I wish I would have known more about how to aquire my credits. Like how it takes 40 hours to finish up being a freshmen. It would have made things alot easier if I would have had someone to tell me everything that I needed to do , example someone to advise me on my financial aid and to just give me advice on classes and professors.


I wish i had known the financial burden that I had faced. Otherwise, everything else was pretty well adaptable and satisfying


The transition will be hard, but do not give up everyone experiences being homesick. Be open to new people it is easy to meet new people and do not be afraid to hang out and make new friends.


How tests would be taken and that I would need more time to study for tests. Also, how to write better papers.


dont live with best friends!


That the parking is absolutely horrible! You should take early morning classes in order to find a decent parking spot and not have to walk a mile to your classes!


Not really anything in particular. it's easy to get into the swing of things here.


How bad the food was going to be.

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