University of North Alabama Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is the faculty. Our students all yearn to be successful in their field. The faculty at UNA are all so passionate about their jobs and departments, their eargerness for our success becomes contagious to us students as well. They make those 8ams worth attending.


My university provides so many oppurtunities for all types of students. Una accepts student from all over the world they also provide oppurtunities for these students to mingle with other students. I love my school becuase there is something for everyone at UNA.


The best thing about my school is the size. I prefer having smaller classes with fewer people. The campus is not too big and it is easy to get around.


The best thing about my school is the enivorment. I loving the atmosphere of campus and also all the faculty that contribute to my education. The campus has a very "at home" feeling for all students. I have enjoyed every moment that I get to spend in the classrooms and on campus.


I love UNA because it gives college students the full college experience with the "small town" feel. The classes are smaller & you can recieve more one on one time with professors versus a larger university. UNA offers fun activities for all personality types! There are many opportunities to get involved such as service, sports,intramurels, dance teams, & more! Being from this area I enjoyed living on campus,a beautiful campus may I add, with convenience but all the while being close to home. I enjoyed campus life & all I came to be while I was at UNA! ROAR LIONS!!!


The best thing are the professors, they are willing to work with you most of them want to see you get a degree from here so they make sure they provide you with useful knowledge that will be beneficial towards your degree study which will help you in the workforce. Every teacher here develops a personal relationship were you can text them anytime for help without having to feel uncomfortable. The campus has a friendly atmosphere, everybody speaks to you when you pass by. The campus provide so many activities throughout the week for students that are free with food.


Everyone is very friendly and the teachers are so nice and helpful. I personally have had a total of 10 different teachers and classes on this campus and all of them went out of thier way to help me.


The University of North Alabama has a wonderful campus. It is truly beautiful and is very well maintained. There are a great deal of options for food and entertainment within walking distance, which is a major plus. The professors are personable and very knowledgeable. They are always willing to help struggling students. Most importantly, the overall education is of very high quality.


I am currently employed by the University of North Alabama. As a part of my benefits, I am able to take 2 classes at a time and I am only required to pay for books and fees. This is a wonderful opportunity for me to complete my degree and I am very thankful for the second chance to do so. My school has a beautiful campus with endless opportunities for different types of students. The thing that I enjoy most about being enrolled here is that I am able to take classes online while working and enjoying my family.


The best thing about the University of North Alabama is this number of students who attend the school. The classes are not enourmously huge and they are just the right size for me. The type of learner that I am is hands-on and I like to be interactive with my professors, which can be difficult if the classes are ridiculous in size.


I really enjoy the Music program such as the marching band. They are extremly entertaining.


its a small school with big school qualities


I really like the atmospher of this campus. It's very homey and friendly and you meet a lot of peopole from different backgrounds from all over the world.


The best thing about my school is the friendly atmosphere.


I like how the professors know you by name and remember you long after you left their class. They do all they can to help you.


The campus is by far my favorite thing about this college. It is absolutely beautiful. The trees are a sight in the fall while the leaves are changing. In the spring they are lovely to look at on your way to class. The sculptures and historic buildings give a sense of wonder and mystery to the campus which I personally find appealing.


I think the best thing about the school is that we have smaller classes and the professors are willing to meet with you to make sure you get the help you need. We have really good school spirit and it is easy to talk to people in your classes. I also think that it is neat that we have live lions here on campus and we have a beautiful campus.


The school spirit at UNA is great. There are many people who are involved in the community and on campus. The football games are a great experience, especially with all the passionate, screaming fans.

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