University of North Carolina at Asheville Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


A small liberal arts college that is accepting of everyone.


UNCA is a very liberal and diverse school that appeals to many different people, no matter what personality, gender, race, sexual orientation, or political offiliation they are.


Anyone who has spent time in Asheville has probably learned quickly how unique the city and campus really are and I bet they would agree that UNC Asheville reflects the surrounding community well through its flexibility and comfortable, creative atmosphere.


A welcoming, committed school that will help you as much as possible (whether it be with your finances or French class) while still giving you the opportunity to venture out of your comfort zone in order to provide you with a diverse, enriching, and liberal education.


The University of North Carolina at Asheville is a diverse, culturally extensive, and close-knit community which offers each individual who chooses to attend an experience unique to them while integrating an overall feeling of togetherness in an enjoyable learning environment.


It's a liberal arts school with a focus on developing a concsious human.


A bad choice for me, but a very good growing experience in which I learned a lot about myself.


Liberal arts univeristy in a quaint town with very artistic people


UNC Asheville offers a very well rounded curriculum provided by a faculty that cares in small classrooms and in an environmental conscious community while being both close enough to walk to downtown Asheville and surrounded by all the beauty of the Blue Ridge mountains


Awesome, accepting and laid back.


Best all around.


In a really cool town


UNC-Asheville is the place You want to go if You're liberal, open-minded, queer, and earth-minded.


UNCA is diverse in the way everyone feels accepted.