University of North Carolina at Asheville Top Questions

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UNCA is unique because although it's located in a small town, it still has a city feel, without the crowds. Everyone in Asheville has a creative spirit and their minds always have something to say. There's always something going on, whether it's in the city or on campus. I also think that it's very easy to meet people because everyone is so friendly. Asheville is a naturally beautiful city. Whether it's a winter wonderland or a blooming spring, it's always postcard-picture perfect.


The school has emersed me in a different way of thinking. It is extremly liberal and challenges you to challenge your original way of thinking. The campus is also extremly rich in the arts!


In short, I'd say this school is a hit or miss, depending on the student as an individual. Want sports? Want nightlife? Want a big college atmosphere? Want huge Greek Life? Go some place else. Want small, intimate classes? A liberal atmosphere? A beautiful place to live? An inexpensive school? Come here.


The school is a beautiful place with amazing walking trails and wonderful nature. The school is also very well spaced and wide open to provide a very comftable place to learn. Also, there is always an activity going on that can interest many different people. I really haven't many schools like this one. It makes you feel good about where you are, and excited to learn new things.


Accepting of anyone no matter religion, race, sexual orientation etc.


Compared with the other schools I considered, this one was much smaller. The entire campus is probably about a square mile, with all the class buildings in a much smaller radius of that. It's great being in classes where 30 is pushing classroom size capabilities. This allows for greater interaction with professors and learning on a personal level. There are lectures, yes, but they are meant to supplement the smaller grouped classes.