University of North Carolina at Asheville Top Questions

Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


I mean, you'll find them, but not everyone falls into this category. There's a whole bunch of different characters. You know that list of the 99% of people you'll meet in college? Chances you'll find them all here.


Not at all. There are definitely a fair share of your stereotypical hippie, and it's safe to say that most everyone I know has a little bit of hippie in them, but there is actually a lot of heterogeneity when it comes to the "types" of people who go to UNCA. There are Republicans, potheads, frat boys, straights/gays/lesbians, and athletes. There's a niche for everyone in the warm and accepting environment of UNCA.


To some degree. But there are very bright, politically and socially active students on campus. Yes, the school is definitely more left-wing leaning, but conservatives do exist on campus. Surprisingly enough, parties aren't rampant here ... but Marijuana is the drug of choice for many students.