University of North Carolina at Asheville Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The city of Asheville itself is known for its culture. Music and art abound. I love living where there is always something to do both on and off campus. Because Asheville is in the mountains, I hike often when I am not in class. I brag most though about the kinds of classes that are offered at my school. I learn so much about various cultures as an International Studies major and will be able to travel abroad soon.


I love the small class sizes, and the teachers. The average class size at the University of North Carolina at Asheville is around nineteen students. With a smaller student per teacher ratio there is little to no fight for attention from the instructor. I consider most of my proffesors to be my friends who just so happen to teach my class. The teachers are relaxed, but professional. At UNCA, the teachers do not believe themselves to be elitists, but rather "more experience" and olny wish to help you become just as experienced as they are.


The school is a great value for the education you get. The city outside the school is amazing--there's always something going on. UNCA and Asheville aren't for everyone though.


The beautiful campus, the ever so accepting students, the classrooms of less than 25 students and a lot of teachers who really care


I brag that I can actually talk and joke around with all of my professors because they are cool. Also, the engineeringprogram here is ran through NC State so you have the ability to earn 2 degrees when you graduate, 1 from Asheville and 1 from NC State.


The school is very beautiful and relaxed. All the people are very friendly and the class size is small and personal.


great instructors


How connected the whole school plus the school is in Asheville NC one of the most beautiful places to be not only for the scenic views but the people as well