University of North Carolina at Asheville Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The University of North Carolina is for students who want to be involved in the campus and city of Asheville communities. It offers undergraduates small class sizes, opportunities to conduct undergraduate researh and has professors who are only commited to undergraduates, There are no Master or PHD programs to compete with. This is not a school for someone who just wants to sit on the sidelines. It is a interactive community that supports educational growth beyond the classroom.


Any person who can find ways to learn certain things they did not learn in the classroom should attend this school. Sometimes the classroom and lecture does not do a lot for the student. It all has to do with how they pursue their education. If a person can get a part-time job in a related field they will be able to learn what they are learning in their class much better, in the interest of how it is applied in the real world.


north carolina... but having some ivy league rejects to stimulate the brain in this school would make it interesting.


Liberal, open minded, hippie


The type of person that would enjoy this school is open-minded, liberal, and looking to grow as an indivual. He or she must be willing to work hard and be exposed to all sorts of cultures and ways of life.


ONe who cares about their metaphysical world as well as their academics. Also one who has far left political views or has a diverse lifestyle.


Anyone who has an open mind and enjoys living life and having fun in and outside the classroom!