University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is the "University of the People;" it is an institution committed to excellence in teaching, research, and public service, and it holds a special place in the hearts of all who have been privileged to call themselves Tar Heels.


UNC has a great reputation and provides a lot of network and career connections for its students.


UNC Chapel Hill is a passionate and rigorous environment with a fantastic balance between work and play.


My school is an extremely liberal institution that is highly research-based and academically motivated. When I applied to the school, I had heard that there was a large sports base, but as I have spent more time there, I have found this to be not as grand as I had expected. People are most concerned with preserving and facilitating diversity than just about anything else, which has both benefits and consequences.


UNC is not just a college, it's a family.


My school is challenging with a splash of laid back, with a dash of artistic and a hint business minded.


UNC- Chapel Hill is a vibrant community full of unique individuals striving to maintain the best education possible.


A beautiful haven of friendship and stress combined.


Carolina's campus and environment promotes learning in every aspect; from sitting on the quad on a sunny day, studying in the stacks of Davis Library on a rainy day, cheering on the TarHeels everyday, I wouldn't want to be any where else.


Trees. Uneven bricks. Grass. Sun. Corinthian columns. Franklin Street is like a college students' playground. Dorms are, too. And off-campus houses are basically on campus. Nothing is far enough away to drive to. But you wouldn't want to anyway. Winter is really, really cold. And that's coming from someone who grew up in Southern California. My favorite part about campus is when the first warm day in April hits and everyone is out in their sundresses and shorts and sandals. And pretty much everyone is in a good mood. That's the best.


The second I stepped on campus for the first time I knew I wanted to attend UNC-Chapel Hill. The feeling I got walking through the quad and seeing smiling students walking and talking with friends made me want to attend the university. The atmosphere is laid-back and relaxed and there is always something new going on throughout campus. The quads are shady and on nice days students sit with friends and socialize on the grass lawns. The old oak trees tower over the beautiful academic buildings and the Old Well is the most popular central landmark on campus.


The southern part of heaven.


UNC is a beautiful campus with many opportnities to succeed and enjoy the college life.


Chapel Hill is big, exciting, liberal, fun, friendly, and full of adventure.


UNC is a prestigious, pompous institution that rewards the financial elite, often ignoring intelligent students from a lower social class.


UNC is a quallity university that offers students access to excellent professors, outstanding academic programs, champion sports teams and a beautiful setting to live.


The best place on Earth!


Carolina is far more than a university, its a lifelong tradition and love that is neverending.


Carolina is an absolutely amazing atmosphere where people are blessed with incredible intelligence and athletic ability.


All hyperboles aside, attending the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is like combining an ivy league standard education, an amusement park (without the lines), and a zero calorie all-you-can-eat chocolate buffet; so overall you could say it's pretty great.


Over publicized just because of sports.


Friendly atmosphere with challanging coursework if you chose.


Carolina is a place where dreams come to live, new friendships emerge, where life-long dreams are either realized or forgotten and changed for something different in the future, and where the start of the rest of your life begins in a whirlwind of emotion, excitement, challenge, but most importantly, support.


The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill really offers something to everyone, with people to connect with and who are involved with nearly anything one could think of from research to environmental activism to greek life.


Has everything to offer; ranging from outstanding academics to spectacular sports.


UNC is the best university all around because of the atmosphere, value, people, and history that surrounds it; one could not regret choosing this wonderful university.


The school I am attending is very challenging but provides an excellent atmosphere for the students to learn and grow; this makes the students happy and prideful of their learning community.


The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is a vibrant community, offering a rigorous and exciting academic environment, immense enthusiasm and pride in the athletics and legacy of the university, ample opportunities for personal exploration, development, and discovery, and a student population deep with diversity, passion, and creativity; those who have experienced the depth of fervor cascading through the campus, its students, and its faculty readily pledge to be a Tarheel born,Tarheel bred, and Tarheel dead.


My school is a large institution.


The education students receive from UNC is of a higher caliber than that of any Ivy League college.


UNC is a fun, friendly campus that provides a great education for the cost.


A supportive, fun, and stimulating environment which encourages students to get the most out of their time there.


My school is alive- full of opportunities, student led events and performances, with a gorgeous campus and a strong sense of community and achievement.


A great school offering an enriching experience in one of the most beautiful towns in America.


UNC is a BEAUTIFUL campus in the heart of a great college town where academics and love of the Tar Heels are amazing.


The oldest public university in the world with a strong liberal arts background and a distinct university culture.


My school is a beautiful, yet historic, place to be engaged in learning and yet still provides a social aspect and school spirit unparalleled by any other.


A pull of academic excellence in a friendly and green environment.


UNC-CH is is big, but friendly school, with great academics, research and study abroad opportunities, social life, extracurricular clubs and activities, and lots of student resources.


UNC is academically challenging but a lot of fun socially.


UNC-Chapel Hill is jam-packed with extremely motivated, busy, creative and passionate students, in one of the most beautiful towns in North Carolina.


University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill is a fully school-spirited school where all enjoy the academic life as well as the social life.


It is the most welcoming school with a gorgeous campus and where you will meet lifelong friends.


Great education and a great community.


Academically focused and prestigious, UNC still allows a host of social activities, balancing the student life between studies and social life excellently.


friedly and accepting, but also hardworking


The University of North Carolina is an amazing place where anyone and everyone is able to find their niche.


It's a well-rounded fun campus with great people, great sports, and every extra-curricular club, activity, and organization imaginable; it's that extra special something that embodies the Carolina lifestyle.


A school with unbelievable pride and school spirit that accels in Health, Law, and Scientific research.


If one shrank the U.S., it would resemble UNC-Chapel Hill.