University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.




My classmates are intelligent, passionate, motivated people who care about their futures and want to give back to their communities.


My classmates are extremely diverse in all senses. Most everyone has one thing in common: an extreme motivation to excel and stand out amongst the crowd. Classmates at my school are accepting of just about anything except conservative viewpoints, including both political and Christian affiliations. In other words, it seems everyone is okay with anything unless they feel their personal rights are being infringed upon, regardless of the specific issue itself.


You can find every kind of student at UNC. We are a huge school.


Hard working


The majority of students at UNC are white but there are definitely a lot of students from different races. The majority of people dress the way they want to with a lot of different styles being worn.


The students at Carolina are extremely diverse! We have an extraordinary number of student organizations dedicated to equal rights, and making nontraditional students feel comfortable in North Carolina. We like to dress to impress when we go to class, but wear clothes that allow us to relax and get the full experience out of lectures that can sometimes seem quite long. Carolina is bound to a cap of 18% out of state students, but there are plenty of great people to meet on campus. Political campaigns are constant and enlightening, and students take the time to make a difference. There truly is a niche for everyone at Carolina.


Students tend to develop friendships with many different groups of people. Maybe one group is suite mates, another from a club, or another from a different organization. There really is a group for every type of person at UNC, all students have to do is join an organization to meet people with similar interests. As far as I know, most students at UNC are North Carolina natives, but many of my friends are from out-of-state. The out-of-state students seem to need a period of time to adjust to the Carolina way, but once they do, they seem just as happy to be Tar Heels as the rest of us.


They are all friendly, talented, and intelligent individuals, who are all there to succeed. No one at UNC Chapel Hill is there to just goof off. If you come to this school, there will always be someone who is ready and willing to learn.


My classmates were extremely talented and challenged me to become the best student possible.


Since UNC-Chapel Hill is centered around diversity, students here will find every type of person on campus. There are religious programs for every, with things such as a campus Hillel, Presbyterian, and Buddist community. Those who are a part of the LGBTQ will find support on campus with the LGBTQ group and mentors. Although UNC-CH is a liberal college, students will also find the College Republicans out at student body president debates getting their voices thrown into the mix. There is no ideal student for UNC-Chapel Hill because it is a place where everyone will fit in. The Carolina Covenant keeps lower-class individuals in college. The public status of the university also keeps tuition low enough for middle class students to attend. UNC-CH accommodates any and every type of student.


Racially speaking, I'm in a sorority, and the Greek community is mostly white. In my classes, clubs and groups I'm part of, pretty much every ethnicity is represented. Race isn't really a dividing factor on campus. I wouldn't even say religion or sexuality or socio-economic status are dividing factors. Generally this campus is exceptionally tolerant, so I wouldn't say a certain "kind" of student would have any trouble finding a place to fit in. "UNC" girls wear Nike running shorts, white v-necks, and sneakers to class. Winter means adding a patagonia jacket, leggings, and Uggs. Or Toms. That's a really stereotypical outfit, though. The hood-less, grey sweatshirts that say North Carolina on them are a must-have, even for guys. You have to have a Carolina blue scarf, and you probably want to have cowboy boots. Riding boots or bright neon Nikes, are also popular shoes. You could wear a sweatshirt and a ponytail to class, or experiment with a new outfit; no one's going to judge you. Guys wear polos and khakis and patagonias. Or t shirts and khakis and patagonias, That's pretty general, but guys are guys and don't think too much about it I don't think. Many students are from Charlotte, so that's wear these stereotypes come from. It's wealthy, Brooks Brothers, David Yurman -oriented. These are the kids who are here for business or law degrees. Definitely concerned with how much they'll earn one day. But I'm not, and I still find a place to fit in. I'm friends with people from Charlotte; it's not like students from different backgrounds don't interact. The student body is very politically active. There is a strong Republican community and a strong Democrat community. There's a huge third party, "Occupy Chapel Hill" population here, too.


While diversity exists and is highly promoted, whatever community you want to belong to, you can. If you want to branch out, you're resident hall is most likely where you'll find these diverse backgrounds and attitudes. Many first-years do potluck room assignments, where they live with a random individual. You may live with a conservative church-goer that has never been outside of their town, a urbanite from New York and a music major that sings in everyday conversation. On the other hand, there are over 600 campus organizations aimed at bringing together students that share a common bond, whether it be race, religion, major, etc. No two Carolina students are alike, so it's easy to step outside of your comfort zone. But at the same time, finding people who look like you or share your interests is just as easy.


Everyone here, whether black, brown, yellow, red, green or white, is like a big family. We all feel welcome. With over 600 student organizations on campus, there's at least one thing that interests every single student at UNC. There are many opportunities to meet different kinds of people and from different backgrounds. We all get along and accept each other, despite how different we may be from one another. We take the time to actually get to know each personally instead of stereotyping and being prejudice. The one thing every single student has in common, that brings us together through thick and thin, is our Tarheel Pride. There isn't anything like it, and there is nothing that can take it away.


UNC students tend to be very open-minded and accepting. While I would definitely describe the majority of the student body as liberal, there is definitely a substantial conservative population as well. Political views are all over the spectrum, all races and ethnicities are represented, and people make friends outside of their typical social cliques. While the majority of the students are from North Carolina (UNC is a public school, after all) there are plenty of students from out of state as well.


The students at Carolina are driven and involved. We're passionate about causes and we organize events to support them. Every day in the Pit there are students advocating certain causes and selling tickets to fundraisers. There is always something to do at Carolina. UNC-Chapel Hill is supportive of all types of students and has resources available for students from all backgrounds. It is on the liberal side, but has a nice balance of opinions. Students are driven to succeed, but they are by no means overly competitive. On campus, there is a friendly atmosphere.


The students here are highly motivated self-starters. There is a significant activist culture and a high global awareness.Partisan-wise, Democrats are the majority here, although Republicans are definitely represented. Demographic-wise, the school is 60% female and 40% male. UNC has a very diverse culture, with strong representations of White, Black, Latino, Indian and Asian students. There are many religious groups on campus as well, ranging from Christian to Muslim to Jewish to Hindu, and all else in between. The LGBT culture is very big at UNC as well. There is a strong LGBT community. As far as feeling out of place, I'm confident that there is a place for every person at UNC. However, shy or highly introverted people may feel more out of place than others; the majority of students are really outgoing here. The campus is very big and widespread, and with thousands of students doing a million different things, one really has to make an effort to join a club or sports team or organization to get involved.


The students are pretty well-informed. Don't come here and think that everyone is smart, they're not. However, they are nice and most of them are at least competent (for those of you who also hate group projects).


My classmates are intelligent hardworking people with big goals in mind.


They are nice people, although it is a public university so academic ability varies very, very widely.


Tarheels are typically dedicated students who are unfortunately often sidetracked by the allure of an active social life.


UNC students are extremely active. Most people are involved in multiple extracurricular activities. The campus is very involved in community service, and there is always something going on. UNC students tend to be very impressive, but the focus is on more than just academics.


My classmates are smart, diverse, motivated to learn, and very fun to be around.


Ambitious, intelligent, wonderful people


It is true when they say that the group of people you "hang out with" significantly affects one's decision-making and behavior; fortunately, the students at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill are nothing short of professional. UNC is often regarded as one of the most prestigious public universities in the country and its competitive students reflect that title with perfection.


My classmates are hard working, dedicated students who are competitive with themselves in others but only in hopes of bettering themselves and society.


In my opinion the worst thing about my school is the obsession with our sport teams. School pride is one thing, and something that I fully support, however the length to which outsiders permeate the campus on game days is horribly inconvenient to those who pay to live here. We are forced to find alternate parking for our cars, despite the fact that we pay roughly $300 a year to park on campus, to enable tailgating. Game goers flood the dining halls and make noise outside our dorms. It is very distracting and is a major nuisance.


My classmates are nice, helpful and accepting.


My classmates are very intelligent and openminded individuals with a well mapped plan for their lives.


Students of all ethinicties, religious affiliations, gender, and political association are eager to explore their learning capacities and capabilities, while keeping a friendly and open nature that allows for peers to connect and aid one another in a productive way.

Students at my school are driven, intelligents, and energetic, as well as show great pride in our school and have an interest in being social.


My classmates are stressed, driven, and career-focused, while still going out on weekends to party.


My classmates are more concerned with their appearance than learning.


Many of my classmates are unwilling to participate in class discussions, which can be frustrating if you are the only one answering questions the entire class period.


A Fun , spirited group of people who work hard and also play hard.


Intellectually curious, driven, team focused and grounded.


Students here are above the norm academically and 85% are in state students.


While this isn't a real club on campus (that I've heard of!), there's no denying that UNC students really do love Stephen Colbert. I mean, after all, what's not to love?


It's still early in a Franklin Street celebration, but you can only imagine how intense the fire jumping gets as the flames rise! Go Heels!


When we celebrate on Franklin, we start and jump over bonfires. In order to get up to the fire you have to be feisty. This fire's still small because it's early during the celebrations, but you can still feel the excitement!


Students sing together during a Franklin Street celebration regarding a victory over Duke.


Students on Franklin Street join in the "TAR - HEEL" cheer with UNC fans at Top of the Hill.


College kids are busy. Sometimes they're so busy that they forget to do things like take out the trash regularly. Sometimes they even forget to throw away their 3 month old milk. Yummy!


Prospective students should keep in mind that the most important thing to do is stay forcused. Determination is key. Any goal worth going after is worth putting the time and work into. Basically, do your best because your best is all that is expected.


My classmates are intelletually competitive, expressive, and very diverse.


Down to earth, friendly, hard working, outgoing, balanced


Friendly, helpful, creative, interesting, and passionate.


Most of my classmates are intelligent people who are not afraid to speak their views.


Everyone is friendly- even the people from wildly different backgrounds and points of view get along well in classes and can become good class-friends.


There is a lot of fraternity/soroity emphasis on campus. However, if you're not into that, you can find a lot of other cool things to do (but you'll have to work a little harder)!