University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Our school is best known for our academics, our business school, and of course, Carolina Basketball!


UNC Chapel Hill is known for a lot of things, but we are known for our academic opportunities and athletic accomplishments. UNC provides opportunities for students to train for their future career, but they are also known for the competitions that are sports department has excelled in.


the basket ball team and the hospital


Sports, greek life


flash raves in the libraries before finals!


My school is known for being one of the most prestigious universities in the United States, and likely even in the world. It is also known for its athletics; most specifically, its rivalry with Duke University, which is only a few miles from the UNC-CH campus.


Economic value, great education, school spirit, sports teams


UNC is best known, nation-wide, for its school spirit and its high academic status. The varsity sports, especially basketball and football, are closely followed. The school spirit unites the student population in a shared community, but at the same time, does not ostracize those students who are not sports-fans, while the academics are considered some of the best in the nation in relation to the tuition costs and for a public university.


UNC is best known for its medical and research programs. UNC participates in undergraduate research.


Our school is best known for a combination of it's amazing academics yet fantastic social atmosphere.


UNC Chapel Hill is best known for being a tight-knit community with all the students and alumni of the university. From the first year you enter Carolina, you are welcomed and ushered throughout your college career. You can receive advice and help if you need or you can attend one of numerous events to meet knew people. The motivation at our school is to demonstrate the "Carolina Way" through our actions of helping others. By doing this, we form bonds with our classmates that last for a lifetime.


Carolina TarHeel basketball season!!


UNC is best known for being a quality public university that offers an outstanding science and medical program. The most popular major there is biology. Over 80% of the students from North Carolina graduated in the top ten percent of their class and all of the out-of-state applicants graduated in the top five percent of their class. The combination of excellent professors, outstanding students and quality sports programs and a campus setting that is beautifull, makes UNC a desired university!


In general, the school is best known for it's basketball team, but after that, Chapel hill is part of the North Carolina research triangle and offers strong acedemics in sciences and premedicine.


Probably the one thing that comes to mind when people think of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is the word, "basketball." Due to our outstanding coach, Mr. Roy Williams, and his phenomenal teams of the past and present, the nation recognizes our school as superior in the sport of basketball. Those who attend school at Carolina like to also think that we are renowned in the United States as a top university of academic excellence. We pride ourselves on great professors, classes, facilities, and just about anything else one would need for a superb education.


The University of North Carolina is best known for the academic prowess of the faculty and students in attendance here, as well as the athletic ability of the many nationally ranked varsity sports teams.


Basketball, then medical school, then chemistry


UNC is one of the greatest schools for almost any career field. It has a spectacular business school, a nationally ranked medical program, and a journalism school sometimes considered to be the top in the country. Beyond a student body focused on academics, there is also a huge focus on school spirit. Students love to gather at the football games and the basketball games especially, to root the Tarheels to victory!


Our school is best known for its Basketball team. However, it also has a high ranking Computer Science department, Business school, and Medical program.


Academics and Basketball. The academics are very good, especially for the money spent to attend and the athletic teams (being division 1) are wellknown and respected.


1) Being cheap--it's one of the best deals in the nation for what you get. 2) Carolina basketball! (Men's and women's; also women's soccer) 3) Being "liberal" within a conservative-side-of-moderate state--corrupting children with leftist ideas. ;o) 4) A great research hospital. 5) Lots of enthusiasm/pride. 6) High academic standards/lots of people going on to grad school and really neat careers 7) Franklin Street! The fun downtown strip of bars, restaurants, and other cool stuff where students from all of the Triangle come... and for Halloween, even from other states!


UNC-CH is best known for its basketball team, good weather, and school spirit.


This school is best known for academics, service projects for the community and its medical school. Another big things is its basketball team.


It is said that as long as the Davie Poplar stands, so will the university. Also, if you kiss your sweetheart at the bench underneath the tree, you will marry that person.


It is said that Davie Hall and other UNC buildings were built in preparation for wartime air raids, thus explaining their different architectural look.


It is said that drinking from the Old Well on the first day of classes helps with good grades!


Both the Pit Preacher and the night-before-exams-Undergraduate-Library-streakers are common knowledge to UNC students.


UNC is best known for having the best value education


Academics, basketball team, women's soccer


It's outstanding academics, fun-loving yet down -to-earth students, spirit and pride in its athletic teams, diversity of ethnicity and opinions, opportunities for study abroad, a sense of southern hospitality.


sports, academics, and legacy


A UNC student talks about why Men's Basketball is her favorite sport and what traditions she loves with the sport.


Two UNC transfer students give us their thoughts regarding UNC sports and athletic traditions.


Most people probably know of Carolina for its outstanding sports programs, most notably its basketball team. I mean, Michael Jordan, James Worthy, Dean Smith. The tradition is incredible. However, the students will tell you that the sports programs only compose a small part of Carolina. Of course, the academics are rigorous. The professors are all highly-regarded in their fields, and they challenge their students. There is also a special "feel" on campus that I cannot describe. Carolina feels like home. The beautiful campus with students on the lawn, a great town, and the best student body in the country!


Our amazing spirit, our sense of community, our Southern hospitality, and basketball :)