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Something unique about Carolina is the diversity. No matter where you go, you find a diverse set of people with different backgrounds, different views, and different tastes. I've learned so much from just being around wonderful, diverse people.


There is a sense of unity unlike any other place I've been to. We are the TARHEELS. As a school, we band together to encourage and further everyone's experiences and passions. The way the curriculum is set up, you are pushed to your limit and expand your mind in ways you never knew you could before.


Carolina's atmosphere makes all it's students feel at home.


Chapel Hill has a very diverse student population. There are many activities and organizations you can get involved in on and around campus to make your college experience even better. Chapel Hill may seem like a large university, but it is all contained onto campus and very easy to navigate. I have had only 2 classes with more than 200 students, while all of my other classes were 30 or less. Chapel Hill students are a wonderful community to be around. Students are very open minded.


It's most definitely "the University of the People" (quoting Charles Kuralt) and is directed 100% toward each and every student as an individual. When I first stepped foot on UNC's campus, I felt like I could breathe easier I could just let go and let my imagination and passions take control. The people I have met and the concepts I have learned will stay with me forever.


What is unique about UNC-Chapel Hill compared to other schools I considered is the size of the school. I grew up in a small rural community with a graduating classes of 84. UNC-Chapel Hill has class enrollments that are more than my entire high school popluation. I wanted to experience and enjoy the many diffent opportunties that a big college had to offer. Because there are so many different learning centers on my campus, there is no reason why anyone who attends UNC-Chapel Hill should fail their classes. I am glad I attend UNC-Chapel Hill.

My school is unique compared to others that I considered because it has a beautiful campus, it has an excellent academic program, and it has a student body unlike any other that I have been exposed to due to its motivation to excel in life's challenges. s


My school is extremely diverse. Coming from a minority school (mostly African-Americans), this was a new experience. UNC-CH helped me to become more diverse in my thoughts and taught me to become more open to other ideas (especially of another ethnic background.) This school prepares students to enter the work force prepared to deal with humans from all sorts of backgrounds. This aspect also teaches students to be able to work well with people from all over the world!


The most unique thing about my school is their school spirit and the field of study that I plan to major in. Everyone at th school has a since of pride for the school, they have so much spirit that they bleed their school's colors. Also the field of study that I plan to major has so many good opportunities and the professors in that department are so willing to help you succeed.


The Basketball team


The students are really involved in so many different activities and in giving to the community.


I love the school spirit you can ALWAYS find someone wearing something Carolina or the color. Outsiders looking in say we have an arrogance or an aire about us. I say it's just that Carolina Pride. People try to imitate us and duplicate us. it just CANNOT happen=)


The school spirit at UNC is the most intense of any school I considered. I also love the open-mindedness of the students and faculty. UNC is a very fun and loving community.


The atmosphere at Carolina is so unique. Whatever you're interested in, it will be available at Carolina or through the Chapel Hill community. Whether you're focused on academics, research, sports, volunteering, or leadership, opportunities will always present themselves to you.


- School spirit is phenomenal, cheaper, great academics


great sports great academics


Coming from out of state, I was worried that I wouldn't fit in because most students are from North Carolina, but I think that actually turned out to be a huge benefit compared to other schools I was considering (private schools in the Northeast). I not only got a great education and found an incredibly tight group of friends, I also got to know North Carolina well because most of the people I met grew up all over the state.


I really loved UNC, but I think for me it really helped to go to a different school the first 2 years (perhaps because I'm from Chapel Hill??). Still, there are things I think I missed out on because I transferred. Overall though, UNC has so many resources and so much opportunity to meet interesting, like-minded or unlike-minded people and really learn about the world and life, which is what college is all about.


The other schools that I considered were smaller and the students which they taliored to were much more limited then the liberal arts programs which are here.


Carolina is an amazing school, and I've cherished every moment I've spent on this beautiful campus. The students and faculty here are all passionate, enlightened, and forward-thinking people who exert a beneficial impact on the world each and every day. The sense of Tarheel pride and spirit is pervasive and contagious. All of my classes are engaging and challenging, and have prepared me for whatever career path I pursue and to be a responsible global citizen. At Carolina, I have grown immeasurably as a person, and I would never regret my choice of universities.


This school has such a positive attitude and offers oppurtunities to get involved in more ways than anyone can imagine


The amount of school spirit.


I reiterate: UNC is amazing. Anyone who went there or goes there knows how lucky they are to be a Tarheel.


i honestly cant imagine being anywhere else. there is something in the air that one cant understand until they go there. it has a spirit that infects absolutely everyone. i love carolina with all of my heart and will be proudly wearing baby blue on my deathbed.


i attended another school before unc, but unc was always my dream school. i loved my experience there, even though i was older than the average student. i feel very privleged to have the opportunity to attend and graduate from unc. go heels!


Finally, I would just like to say that college is meant to be enjoyed. So, even if you are planning on becoming a neurosurgeon or are just wanting to coast through your freshman year not knowing exactly what you want to do with your life, you should definitely live by the following rule: Play as hard as you work. Even if you graduate Phi Beta Kappa with a 4.0 GPA having published a research paper, will it have been worth it if you don't have any memories that extend further than the doors of the library? College is of course about learning and challenging yourself academically, emotionally, and personally, but just remember, you'll never get these four years back. If you don't have fun now, then when will you? So, by all means I encourage you to go out, party, and meet people, but never lose sight of your goals or forget what it takes to accomplish them.


I love UNC, but seriously, be prepared to walk. a lot.


Here's part of the alma mater that you will learn, memorize, and hold dear for the rest of your life if you come to UNC: I'm a Tar Heel born, I'm a Tar Heel bred And when I die I'm a Tar Heel dead. So rah-rah, Carolina-lina, Rah-rah, Carolina-lina, Rah-rah, Carolina-lina, Go to Hell Duke!


A student coming here should expect to be in a very academic environment, which may seem kind of redundant, but I know that some people go to college just to get a good job whereas some people go for the life experiences...I would definitely say the university is definitely tailored for the former.


Take advantage of UNC-Chapel Hill's rich theater experience and attend some of the professional and student productions at Chapel Hill! The Center for Dramatic Art always hosts PlayMaker's Repertory Company, a company of professional actors that put on several plays per semester, and some of the extraordinarily talented student groups put on plays throughout the year, including Lab! and Pauper Players. Get involved! Try out! Go to the plays! And don't miss out on our amazing improv groups, including ChiPs, and our a cappella singers, including the Achordants, the ClefHangers, the Loreleis, Tarheel Voices, and Psalm 100!


I love being at UNC. I've never once regretted my decision to attend The University of North Carolina.


I think we have covered it all by now. UNC is by all means a great place full of opportunities. What you do with them is up to you, but the possibilities are limitless


UNC is the place to be!!


For those who are going to UNC: Do NOT BUY A FLEX PLAN. There is nothing you can buy on Flex that you can't buy with Expense, but you cannot get your money back out of the flex plan.


We live for UNC Basketball!


Save your money, go somewhere else.


I love this school. I moved away for 2 years after graduating and now I am back working for the hospital. It was difficult to move away the first time and I can imagine it will still be difficult the second time. I know people who live as far away as California and England coming back to revisit UNC. It is a special place with special people; and if you come here, I am sure you will create your own special Carolina experience.




I'm sure a lot of people have heard about the recent violence that shook our campus. The murder of Eve Carson came as a shock to all of us, especially those of us who were close friends. Perhaps the most shocking part about her death was that it happened here in Chapel Hill. I think it was really hard to recognize that violence can happen anywhere, even here in safe Chapel Hill. But the family that is this community has helped in the healing process. Chapel Hill truly is a safe place to live, and Eve's death has only made me realize how special this place is. It's a community she loved, and with good reason. I hope that people can consider Chapel Hill and not be afraid to come here because of her murder. Instead, I want new students with her enthusiasm and drive to come and make Chapel Hill the place she always envisioned.


This university stands by it's claims. The academics are challenging, the social opporunties endless, the campus historically beautiful, and the passion, loyalty, and pride that characterize the Carolina Way remains prominent in the student body.


I love the university and would recommend it to anyone. While I would've enjoyed more guidance during my freshman year, it was still a great experience.


Carolina is a great place. Constantly one of top Universities in just about every field of academics, sports, and social life. Definitely worth at least a visit. I guarantee, once you experience the Carolina Way, you won't want to go to school anywhere else.


Chapel Hill is a nurturing place for someone who leans left...


I love it. I came to UNC a bit skeptical of the student body (I thought they may be too preppy) and the academic stress (I thought it may be too difficult), but I got to know some great students and I found my passion in the education field and created my own niche here and I'm very happy with it. I also learned to accept I will not always make As at this school (sometimes not even Bs) and that those grades are OK and I need to figure out where my priorities lie and make sure that I do not become too stressed with my schoolwork because there is a lot of fun to have in college as well.


I love the college. I am so proud to be a part of UNC. OK, so I am a late bloomer, but that goes to show you how diverse the college is and what opportunities exist for many types of students. Hey---- I get to go to Washington DC for my internship, leaving in July---- how cool is that?




Very hard as an out of state school- be prepared for a rough transition. People already come to school and it feels a lot like you are transfering


If you value being a big fish in a small pond, UNC's not for you. There are 16,000 undergraduates so if you expect to know everyone and have everyone know you, good luck. You will find all kinds of people here, so you're bound to find someone who you'll get along with. Academics are extremely difficult. If you got all As in high school with little effort, be prepared for a big change. Professors are nice, but aren't paid to give you As and Bs. Science majors basically have no life.


I did not want to go to UNC- it was too big and too close to home. Two months into my first year, I was in love with the school, and I still am. I adore so much about UNC- the students, the professors, the organizations, the sports teams, the championships, the campus, the education I have received, the shopping and eating on Franklin Street, the friends I have made- the list is endless. I honestly believe that if any naysayer gives UNC a chance, like I did, they too will find something- if not everything- to love.


Carolina has become my home... I can not imagine finding another school like it!!