University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Everyone is white.


The student body is very liberal and there are plenty of opportunites to be active. There is a good amount of diversity but it still seems to me that people of the same socioeconomic backgrounds and race hang out with each other. However this is not always true.


At UNC, I met people from all kinds of backgrounds. There are clubs and groups for all different kinds of interests as well. I do not think a person would ever feel out of place at UNC unless they did not want to be there. Students wear whatever they want to class although the sweatpants and t shirts are seen more closer to exam time. I met all kinds of people during my time at UNC. I even met a basketball player or two. Most students here are from North Carolina being an in-state school, but my out-of-state friends did not seem to have trouble fitting in. I also met people from all different kinds of financial backgrounds but finances did not seem to play a role in the social aspect at UNC. I was there for the 2004 elections and the campus got pretty heated with the college republicans and young democrats debating against each other. The campus is actually very politically and globally aware because of our excellent newspaper, the Daily Tar Heel


I don't think any student would feel out of place. The majority of students are in-state so maybe out-of-state students might feel out of place at first, yet everyone is new to campus and is looking to make new friends. It is just important to put yourself out there and try to meet new people in the beginning. It is much easier to make friends at the beginning of the year because not everyone already knows everyone else. But like I said early, there is a variety of students that call UNC home. There is something here for everyone. You just have to figure out what that something is.


There is a large portion of uptight, conservative, spoiled, rich kids at Carolina, and they are generally very prejudiced. On the other hand, we also have a large international population. Some kids on our campus are very politically active


There is a very large mixture of people. Everyone and every lifestyle is represented. You can be as involved in racial, ethnic and other such activities if you choose. If you feel out of place, it may often be because you haven't pursued finding an activity that suits your interest. Quiet and secluded students seem to have the hardest time. Most UNC students are from North Carolina. Meeting those outside the state can be the most fun and exciting of times. There is a very large upper class constituency, but also a very large population that is receiving their education with grants, scholarships and loans. The greek population tends to have much more money and a higher SES. While money is evident, it is not highly regarded. This is incredibly contradictory, but creates a very open and diverse student body. It is a very politically active population that is known as being very liberal and accepting. There is certainly a southern, conservative feel as well. Most UNC students assume their degree will take them onto bigger, better, and high paying jobs in the future. Whether it be because of their family connections or through the degree.


UNC has a very diverse student body that it very active and full of life. We are a fun group of people... come join us and get to know us! Don't be shy.


I love the UNC student body. I think we have one of the most diverse campuses around. I know it sounds cliche, but I honestly feel there is a niche for everyone. I have never heard of someone who didn't feel they fit in here. UNC offers such a wide-range of activities, it is so easy to make friends and meet people. That's one of the things I will remember about UNC- the students, the family.


Student body is diverse, yet not as diverse as the University would like. The administration makes a concerted effort to increase the numbers of minorities on campus but, at the heart of it, it comes down to who decides to attend the University, not who is admitted. More caucasian females attend than any other group.


UNC is diverse, accepting, and socially stimulating.


Most students are from NC although we obviously have a good portion of our student body from outside NC. Students wear whatever they like although I noticed a lot of students dress somewhat preppy. I think Chapel Hill community is very liberal.


The thing about UNC is that everyone, at least the ones I seemed to run into the most, are overachievers or were in high school. I am sure this differs from major to major or different groups of friends but I managed to somehow get into circles of really motivated people. People are really invested in their future and study hard and do so many extracurriculars and get interested in so many global issues it will make your head spin. I was top of my class from out of state with good SAT scores and lots of AP credit, but at UNC it seems like everyone is awesome and you might kind of lose your luster. It's all good though because you'll be motivated to work even harder when you're surrounded by other achievers and it's this kind of environment that makes UNC so reputable when you graduate.


The UNC student body is the best part about the university. There is always a warm feeling around campus and in classrooms. I found that when I walked in a classroom where I didn't know a single person, I left feeling like everyone in the room was my friend. In classes there is always an atmosphere of understanding. You feel free to express your opinions, and while they may often be disagreed with, no one is going to make you feel dumb or disliked because of them. Outside of the classroom is where the student body really shines. UNC students come together to accomplish so many great things. Many of them are involved in the community, as well as on campus organizations. Overall, you simply couldn't find a more welcoming and friendly student body.


I feel like there is a niche somewhere for everybody. Given UNC's size (about 15,000 undergrads) and emphasis on diversity, anybody can find a place. The highly politically active, predominately on the left, and highly motivated.


For the most part, UNC is an accepting campus, although it does have its pockets of close-minded people. Conservatives sometimes complain that the campus is too liberal, but it seems pretty evenly split to me. Students don't wear pajamas to class by any means, and when the weather is nice girls definitely break out the sunglasses, but a full face of makeup and designer clothes are not at all a requirement for class at Carolina. Different types of students interact to a degree, but it could be better. Most UNC students are, quite obviously, from North Carolina.


UNC has a very open and diverse student body and no student would feel out of place here. Because of our large size, there are lots of specialized student groups based on race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and religion. Although Carolina is generally considered a liberal school, there is a significant (and vocal) minority of conservatives who are active on campus.


It is very diverse. While I come from a conservative background, I really enjoyed the diversity and a chance to get to interact with a wide variety of people.


UNC has a wide spectrum of student organizations for just about every interest. From the GLBTQ-Straight Alliance to the College Republicans, from the assortment of intramural teams to the Academic Team, Carolina has such a wide breadth of student groups that anyone would find at least one that interested them, and if not, starting a new one is incredibly simple. And just about every student group goes on display during the annual FallFest that kicks off the school year every August. It's a 9pm-2am, celebration of student life at Carolina. Just about every student group is represented, and just about every one will be giving away food, trinkets, or both. Additionally, there is free food, free drinks (soda), games, and inflatables, definitely a must-do experience for every member of the Carolina community.


BIG! If you are a minority you will find people like you there. People interact with one another but for the most part the experience is what you make it. Join a club or two. People are really active and knowledgeable about the world-and they are trying to educate you at the same time. Most students are in state and about 20% are from somewhere else. Those out-of state folks usually have more cash. Though, folks come from all different socio-economic backgrounds so its hard to put 25,000 plus people in a box.


In public health, we have a fair number of international students. The diversity really enhances the educational experience. The faculty is less diverse than one might expect...


Our campus is VERY involved in student organizations. It is important to join clubs when you come to UNC because that is a main way that students are social. UNC has mainly white, middle class students but there is diversity. I cannot speak for those students, but I feel like UNC is a very accepting and open-minded school to everyone. Students at UNC are politically aware - they are up to date on the news and will talk about it. They lean towards the left. Students are very focused on their futures. Many plan to go to school after they graduate and continue their education.


Sorry, distance student. Wish at times that I had these opportunities, but I am an older adult with grown children, ages 21 and 23.


The variety of students and student groups at UNC is amazing. Granted, the population is still largely white, middle-class Protestants. However, the campus is more diverse in all of these areas than many are. There are students who separate themselves into groups based on race, religion, class, etc., but boundaries are always being crossed. It's possible that students who are involved in sub-cultures such as "punks," "goths," "emo kids," etc. may feel uncomfortable at UNC. Such groups are a minority at UNC, but with so many students on campus, everyone can find people to relate to. These groups often sort of separate themselves, but they will usually still interact positively with "different" students. An interesting point: A lot of students are in fraternities and sorrorities. However, most of the people who are not involved in Greek life hate "frat boys." Most students are very laid-back in terms of clothing, but there are also a lot of girls who would not be caught dead going to class without make-up and jewelry. A lot of students at UNC are very politically aware and active, and there is a definite lean to the left wing.


UNC prides itself as one of the most diverse campuses in the state. Yes, we are diverse for the state, but it's not as diverse as they make it seem. We do have students from every walk of life, but mostly you see students sticking to their own racial groups, although there's more interminging than in most high schools. We do have a very strong GLBTQ community which isn't present at some universities in the South. Most students stick to jeans, t-shirts, and sandals for class, though on nice days women usually wear dresses or skirts. Sweats, boots, and sweatshirts are popular in the winter. You don't often see students wearnig pajamas to class, but it happens. You also see a lot of students wearing track shorts and tennis shoes. Basically, everything works. State law mandates that 82% of undergraduates have to be from NC, but the out of state/country students also make a big impression on the school. Most students are from middle class familiies. Daily conversations that can be heard around campus range from the current presidental election to the Iraq War to the genocide in Darfur, to conversations in foreign languages. People here are very intelligent and worldly and it is reflected in their conversations.


Is so diverse! You'll find whatever type of people you'd like- snobby Greek, kind Christian people, stranger rockers, hard-core studier, normal cool people who just like to hang out, foreigners, prideful African Americans, athletes, etc. etc. etc. In general, they are all quite intelligent and are all overachievers- they had to be to get into UNC, whether in-state or out-of-state. I honestly don't think any student would feel out of place, so long as they seek out people that they like. Only once have I heard of a girl transfering- ONCE!- and it was to be with her boyfriend at another school.


Compared to where I went to high school, there is such a diverse mix of people at UNC. Everywhere on campus different student groups have signs and advertisements inviting you to their meetings and events. The vast majority of students here are in-state. Although I am from out-of-state, I have encountered a lot of southern hospitality! In my social stratification class, my professor asked us why we decided to attend college, and almost everyone answered for the financial returns and benefits of having a college degree. The students are motivated to succeed after college!


UNC likes to pull diverse groups together for dialogue. I have felt that some groups are excluded at times. There have been times when Arab students or African American students face a lot of tension. I'd say UNC is good about diversifying financial backgrounds though. Students are very politically aware and they're mainly left. Students dont really talk about later earnings.


The student body is very diverse, but willing to come together on certain issues. Since I've been here there have been a few tragedies and the students have always been there for each other. When our student body president was murdered this year we had a rememberance ceremony and I'll never forget joining arms with people I've never met and swaying to the alma mater.


The student body is very diverse, even though it is a public college. There are many organizations and programs that encourage intercultural interactions and mixing. There is very little prejudice or discrimination that takes place. Students are predominantly right-winged and liberal.


Everyone seems to fit in at UNC. If you want to join a fraternity or sorority, then there are plenty to choose from, but UNC is not a school where you need to join one to make friends. UNC is very casual and laid back. People show up for class in dresses, buttoned-shirts and slacks, t-shirts and jeans, and even pajamas! No one really seems to stick to a single group of friends. Everyone has friends from various backgrounds and interests, and there are no cliques or crowds.


Honestly, there is someone from every different background at UNC. I came from a small, private school that 99% Caucasion. I know have friends of every different race, sexual orientation, and ethnicity. I love the diverse group, because I feel like there isn't a kind of student that would feel out of place at UNC. Most female students were a normal casual outfit to class, like jeans and a shirt, or sweatpants. Guys usually where a t-shirt or polo with jeans or khakis. A lot of UNC's students are from Raleigh or Charlotte. Most students are politically aware, regardless of whether they are liberal, conservative, or moderate. This may be different from the business school kids, but a majority of the people I have talked to are more concerned with finding a job that they love and/or making a difference rather than receiving a big paycheck.


UNC has everyone. People of differnt races, religions, sexual orientations and SES. Everyone's not rich, white, females. There are less of certain groups, but that is life. It is very easy to find people like you if you get out there and are social especially when you come in as freshmen. AS a minority I would suggest getting involved in pre-O a welcoming program for freshman minorities to meet each other and minority faculty and staff. Furthermore as minority there are programs that you may be invited to while you are still in HS and those can also help you see if UNC is right for you while getting to know others who might attend. There are racist/ignorant people who are bound to make some foolish comment during your time there--but that is also everywhere. Most of the time it's said more-so in ignorance and that's when you can educate (nicely or not depending on your personality). It's nice to be in classes that deal with things because the teachers usually let you discuss and when an ignorant white person makes a bigotted comment you can rebut immediatly and you'll usually have other minorities in there to applaud you who were thingking the same thing : ) Students politically and ideally are a mix from righ --with republicans, christian organizations etc.. to left with drag shows and Democratic student organizaitons...there is a place for anyone Student's are great...I have definately met many freinds for life in my time there and although I just graduatated I'll miss it all!


UNC has, without a doubt, the most diverse student body in the state of North Carolina. Every possible segment of the population is accounted for and represented by at least one if not several student organizations. Our university is such a melting pot that no one feels out of place because no one is truly a minority on campus. All groups interact because you cannot turn around without seeing someone who is different and unique. All groups on campus are given free reign to express their views and opinions, and for the most part all members of the campus are respectful and tolerant of the views of others. Most students at UNC are in-state because it is a state school. However, the out of state students fit right in with the student body and, in my experience, provide an excellent addition to the student body. Our student population is very opinionated besides being diverse. Most of the students know a lot about a lot of things, including some sensitive subjects like politics and religion. While this can lead to a lot of heated discussion, it also leads to the free exchange of ideas and an environment where people can learn quickly about those around them.


UNC is very diverse - but that doesn't mean that everyone mixes, really. Social friend networks are pretty divided between rich and poor, black and white, liberal and conservative. there are tons of opportunities to find the people like yourself though, whether you're black, out-of-state, gay, jewish, etc. as a whole i'd say that UNC leans a little to the left politically, but nobody will feel persecuted in any way. largely in-state students. out-of-staters have the reputation of being smarter than everyone else, but also elitist.


The student body is pretty diverse. The liberal environment makes it a very safe place for people to figure out their own personal identities comfortably and feel open to share about anything. I can't imagine someone feeling out of place or trodden upon unless they tried to convert people to something unwelcome. For example, there is a "preacher" who comes on campus and has some pretty crazy religious views, including thinking women shouldn't attend. He usually gets a lot of backlash and student opposition. People aren't afraid to stand up for what they believe at UNC. Class is casual. Some people wear polos and khakis, others wear shorts and t-shirts. It's a pretty open environment to do what you wish. Money isn't much of an issue since UNC is often ranked the best school for the money. People attend based on intelligence and well-roundedness. I'd say the school leans to the left, politically.


liberal *for the south*


You really have to keep an open mind on UNC's campus. Because the outside world perceives UNC as a bastion of liberal though and brainwashing, we get many interesting groups on campus that represent a variety of people. Often these groups are more close-minded than we are. You should not come to UNC if you are not willing to interact with people different than you or if you cannot change your definition of how the world is supposed to be. Be ready to defend what you believe in and learn to debate. If you do not keep up with the news or world events you may feel left out in some classes. The style at UNC is pretty casual. Most anything goes. Please do not wear swimsuits or their accoutrement to class. We can tell. Most UNC students come from a similar middle-class pedigree. They are fairly politically minded in the center-left direction=, but have a reputation of not voting.


Very diverse. Some people are very open minded and some people are not.


- Many students from the Charlotte area - Only about 18% from out of state - There's definitely a group of people for everyone who wants to come to UNC - Very diverse student body


UNC prides itself on diversity and tolerance. I grew up in an area where caucasians constituted less than 20% of the population, so I feel like I have a very different view of diversity. UNC, on the other hand, is like 70% white, so they are WAY less diverse than they think they are. However, they do their best and are very accepting of ALL different types of people. Most students stick to their own kind of people, but it's not usually because there's any kind of animosity among the different groups. UNC students, on the whole, are very affluent, or at least give the appearance of being rich. This can be frustrating, but it's one of the few drawbacks of the school. Additionally, most people are liberal. There is definitely a vocal minority of really radical liberals, but for the most part, I'd say most people are reasonable and usually just fed up with the current administration and want to do something about the injustices they see in the world. It's a VERY service-oriented campus. If you're a conservative and you're worried about it, don't. Give it a couple of years at the school, and you'll have a completely different view of the world after Carolina has broadened your horizons.


The students are general very accepting of different people. I had some personal problems with certain attitudes that are common, but it may be your type of atmosphere


Great group of people. All different types honestly they truly are. You will love the people you meet and you might hate some but that's how it works.


UNC has a reputation for being really liberal, and I guess this is partially true (although not wholly so). There's room and support for everybody at UNC, so everybody can find a niche if they work at it. Many of these niches interact well, and so it's common to run into friends-of-friends who become friends. Most of my friends are either headed toward academics or non-profit activism, but there are also plenty of people in the business and journalism schools that are concerned with getting their first job.


Pretty can be hard to get to know people because there are SO many people here...but if you join an extracurricular club or sport you should be fine.


Awesome. Lots of school spirit and everyone is happy. These may be the happiest stydents on the planet. I come from a very liberal city, and despite its reputation of being very liberal, it's really not. I'd say almost 50/50. The kids here are so cool. There's not other way to explain it. It's like they all think "I know I'm smart and I work hard, and I go to the most beautiful school in the country, so I'll enjoy life and play frisbee or eat lunch on the quad." You have lots of athletes, stylish girls and chubby frat boys, liberal tie dye hippies, averages joes, nerds, religious...whatever. you have everything!


Open minded student body. Students tend to come from middle class or higher families, very few "poor" students. Very large Greek population.


I have a very diverse group of friends, from different geographical, religious, and national backgrounds. Jewish life on campus is very active, much moreso than I anticipated when I decided to attend UNC. Students of all different backgrounds definitely do interact, and I very much doubt that anyone would feel out of place at UNC. However, it does seem that the black community at UNC self-segregates to a certain extent. Students wear anything and everything to class - from sweats to sundresses to business suits. Students do seem to be fairly wealthy, particularly in the Greek community. A lot of students wear Lacoste, Polo, Sperrys, and North Face, all of which are rather expensive. The UNC student body is very politically aware and vocal. There are any number of student groups on campus campaigning for causes, from UNC Students for Obama to Amnesty International, College Republicans, and Young Democrats. There seems to be vocal students groups from every political orientation, be that right, left, or center, although I tend to think of the campus as being rather liberal.


The UNC student body is very diverse, there are people from all races and religions here. One of the interesting religious experiences I aquired here was that of being yelled at by the "Pit Preachers" who stand in front of the dining hall and scream that we are all condemned to hell for pre-marital kissing. I found it quite interesting to watch students debate with these extremists and made a point to stay and listen for a while every time I walked through.


We are a diverse campus with students from countries around the world. We are excepting, curious, motivated and determined. WE are unified forever as Tarheels. When a student is hurt, we hurt. When students excel we all excel. When we win sports, we are all winners. We are, a family, tarheels born and bred.


I get tired of people handing me fliers in the pit. There are a lot of rich people here who spend too much money. It make me glad I don't have money to spend. Because when they run out, they freak out. When I run out... well, I don't run out because I have responsible financial techniques and can live on $100 for weeks and weeks if necessary (it's difficult, but possible).