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Overall...I LOVE UNC. I'm a north Carolina native and I know many out of staters complain about it not being as exciting as their bigger more metropolitan states but they do love the shcool itself. So if you come you can enjoy, be smart in your decisions and you'll be sure to meet lots of people and have the opportunity for amazing experiences. But don't be fooled becuase people are always people--there will be racism and prejudice you may encounter from people, girls are still petty, people get into fights, boys can be creeps (figure out who the 'man whores' are and avoid) at times you may still feel like your in highschool just grown up but that's life and unavoidable so the pro outweighs the cons.


Carolina is such a special place and there is truly nothing like the experience that you get in coming here.


GO TO UNC!!! it will be the best, and most important, decision you ever make!


UNC is the best! I love it. I started out freshman year not knowing if it was the right fit for me, but as soon as I joined Alpha Phi Omega I made a ton of friends and knew that Chapel Hill was the perfect place for me.


UNC is awesome! I don't know anyone who doesn't love it! Two final words: Tyler Hansbrough.


If you want an easy degree, you could probably get it here by navigating the system well. If you want a small private liberal arts college experience, UNC probably isn't the place for you. If you're willing to put in a little extra work (on the organizing/admin side of your education) to make a challenging, rewarding, individualized program of study, UNC is probably the best place to do it.




CAMPUS DINING SUCKS. But it's worth putting up with for Tar Heel Heaven


Don't go here if you don't like frats and sororities.


I like spring here. Flowers. There's way too much cement, though. We ought to stick to grass in more instances, I think. More parking decks and less parking lots. More bikes, less cars. More trees. Good climbing ones. Have a nice day-


good survey!


Chi Omega Fraternity rocks my socks!


Chi Omega


Survey counted for Chi Omega.


My chapter: Chi Omega


Alpha Delt Pi is a great sorority for girls looking for sisterhood, philanthropy, and friendship. It has given me so many things beyond my imagining.


Phi Beta Chi


Phi Delta Theta


I am with Alpha Delta Pi


I've summed everything up pretty well I feel.


I think UNC is the best school in the southeast, if not country.


I'm in ADPi, so make sure we get points for this survey! Thanks so much!


Phi Beta Chi Sorority


Shout out to the Phi Beta Chi Kappa Chapter here at UNC!!!! I love you girls so much and you mean the world to me.


I am a sister of Phi Beta Chi.


I am a member of the Omega Beta chapter of Pi Lambda Phi fraternity.


Delta Sigma Phi! Alpha Delta Chapter


UNC is a 10.


I am in the sorority Phi Beta Chi, Kappa Chapter. It's a sorority based on Christian ideas. The sorority is very welcoming of people from all backgrounds and races. Rushing was the best decision I've made since I've been at UNC! As I mentioned, the sorority is Christian-based and is dry, which means no drinking at Phi Beta Chi events OR while wearing anything to indicate an affiliation with Phi Beta Chi. I love that aspect of the sorority because it means I can just hang out and have fun with a group of girls without the worries of alcohol or feeling obligated to drink because everyone else is. The sorority has also been great for me because I have not been attending church at school and Phi Beta Chi has devotionals and bible studies and it's a Christian network that I can count on and spiritually grow with.


I am in the Phi Beta Chi sorority and I really enjoy the types of things that we stand for. While there is nothing wrong with drinking, I feel that by seperating it from our social events, we never have the worries that other sororities do, such as a bust by the ALE or having someone's date become sick. Everyone arrives in the same state of mind and leaves that way, ensuring safety to all the sisters and their dates. I feel that in college there is a lot of pressure to drink, but that in reality most people don't just drink, they binge drink to get DRUNK. Phi Beta Chi teaches us how to be comfortable in social situations without the assistance of a substance. Of course, it is outside of the sorority's jurisdiction to say what we can do at non-sorority events, but it is a standard that we remain classy women, no matter what we are doing.


Pi Lambda Phi is awesome.


Chapel Hill is heaven on earth. Everyone who attends UNC says they can't see themselves happy anywhere else.


I will miss UNC so much I don't even want to think about it.


The boys are cute! Especially gay guys here at Carolina. They are in-shape, sharply dressed, and on the whole top-notch. I would say the same about the women at Carolina too.




The only thing I found annoying (but can't fault the university for) was the presence of radical evangelical Christian preachers on campus. When around, these individuals would scream at, harass, and insult students seemingly at random.


Carolina is AMAZING! GO HEELS!


UNC can be the generic college experience or it can be the most unique four years of your life, it all depends on what you put into it. I have friends who have traveled the world to do and study the most diverse topics all on the school's dollar. I also have friends who have taken the bare minimum of classes they have to for their major and love to go out every night and really base their college experience on partying and their friends. The best students and coolest people tend to be the ones that learn to balance both and go out and have fun, have diverse friends, and do really unique things with their academic career. There are many of these multitasking types at UNC.


I love my school! I think I defend its honor more than I defend my own!