University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I consider the liberal aspect of my college to be the worst thing because it is the number one thing I would change about it. It frustrates students to take classes that they have no interest in and will never need to know about.


The population of white students attending the university are consistently overly represented.


The lack of a social life. While there are parties and activities around, they are not very fun. part of the college experience is partying and having fun. I feel like the school did not provide me with the complete college experience


The worst thing about UNC is that you only get to be here for four years. UNC has become my home, and although I'm only a Freshman my college experience is already flying by. I can't imagine what it's going to be like when I'm a senior and it's time for me to graduate. I wish I could stay here longer becuase UNC has so many amazing opportunities and truly makes college the best four years of your life.


Disregard for students of color's academic needs due to their backgrounds


I would proably say the worst thing about the school is how large it is and how it can some times be hard to find your place among all the students.


It seems to be open to all points of view, but conservative views tend to be shot down excessively more than liberal views.


The worst thing about the school is some of the classes are a little too large but once you get to more advanced classes, they tend to be smaller so that is good.


I wish that they would not focus so singlemindedly on in-state students. I got a 2360 on my SAT's, I started a business in my senior year of high school, and I have won multiple prizes for my writing ability. Zero merit-based scholarships. Not considered for the honors program. The valedictorian of his class of twenty in Podunk, North Carolina gets a full ride and a prestigious honors program scholarship though. It's incomprehensible.


I don't really think that there is a "worst" thing about UNC-CH. If I had to choose, in my opinion, I would say that the campus if very liberal. I am conservative and often do not agree with some ideas and messages around campus. I have not personally experienced any discrimination for my political views but, sometimes, they are very "in your face" and do not listen to other's opinions.


The difficulty to of science classes.


The traffic in the area. It is absolutely horrible at all times of the day. Parking is also a major issue, especially for students.


The worst thing about Chapel Hill is the size. The first few weeks of school I felt lost and wondered why I didn't choose to attend a smaller school. Even though it still feels big now, I'm now managing it better.


For classes with low averages, they don't really make the tests any easier. If more than half the class is failing on a 10-point scale, there must be something wrong with the way the class is being taught or the teacher is expecting too much out of us.


Maybe the worst thing about this school is the weather. It is mostly cold and windy here in Chapel Hill. When it rains, the campus gets flooded and messy.


academic advising


The dining halls because the lack variety.


The worst thing about my school is that because the school is so large, sometimes it is difficult to register for the classes you want; however this is true with almost every large school in the United States.


The worst thing about our school is the rush of students at the north campus dining hall right around lunch time.


Because UNC is so large it is difficult for the different departments and offices to communicate well. Sometimes paperwork seems to slip throuh the cracks and things get mixed up.


It's hard to pick something in the worst category! Even though I am not very up to date on politics or current events, I do consider myself a republican and I am definitely in the minority here. I feel like there are too many very active liberals that dominate attention to their causes.


Honestly, I love just about everything at UNC. I don't regret transfering at all, and would recommend this campus to anyone.


With ample amounts of open space and beautiful architecture, the campus of the University of North Carolina is charming and appealing; unfortunately, due to the age of the campus and the increasing demands of students and facilities, the campus is continuously under construction, leading to traffic delays, walking detours, and numerous other eye sores and irritations.


The parking here is terrible. They need more space.


Books here are overpriced at the University Book Store.


Academic advising at UNC isn't very good. Its hard to complete all the requirements for your major, especially if you choose a science major. The advisors are usually very busy and seem like they don't have time for you. They also aren't very familiar with certain classes since some of them aren't professors themselves. If you want to figure out what classes you need to take in order to graduate, you're better off looking online on your own rather than setting up a meeting with an advisor.


Long walking distances if you live in South Campus dorms... upwards of 20 minutes, at worst. Party-goers may be noisy at night. This may be a problem if you treasure the sleeping hours.


The worst thing about my school would probably be the "clicks" that develop. Like every school, you have your groups of people that are drawn to each other based on interests, backgrounds, and ethnicity. These "clicks" or groups should not exist. It blocks a whole other world of people that you could know.


I think we have many strides to take en route to environmentally sustainable practices, but we're getting there!


Proximity to Duke University


Possibly the worst thing about this school is the issue of binge drinking. People are often affected by this; peer pressure is a big issue here.


I would say the communication between the departments, such as living communities with the housing department. I had a bad situation for summer school last year and the cause was due to non-communication. I would say that has probably been my worse experience ever.


Sometimes it feels too big


I don't really have any complaints. The sororities and fraternities are sometimes too exclusive and it gets annoying.


UNC seems to constantly want to change. There is constant construction and they are always changing the courses and format of academics. Sometimes it is nice but other times just is a hassle.


How some of the people treat you as if you don't belong at the school. From the looks, to the way the address you, it's apparent that some of them don't want certain students at the school.


It is a large school and can seem impersonal at times, but if you are active and social and find your niche it is worth it.


For having as many students as my school does, they do a good job of listening to student opinions--except in the housing department. The housing maintenance department takes forever to respond to problems, and frequently problems go unfixed entirely. I've lived in on campus housing for all four years, and have never been satisfied with it.


Being a varsity athlete, I wish i had more time to explore all the opportunities that our available on campus. There are so many clubs, activities, and resources to tap into and I would like to utilize them more frequently.


The size can be a little overwhelming at first, but once you find your niche (and you will find it), you'll love it!


The worst thing about the school is the overwhelming political slant among the majority of students and teachers. At times, I do wish it was a bit more balanced, especially from the faculty's perspective.


wayyy too liberal. god help you if you're not a member of the democratic party.


The campus is verily large and sometimes it's hard to make it to class on time, especially if you have one class on north campus and then you have make it to south campus for another class.


The parking and other areas of high traffic are even worse because there are more incoming freshmen than ever before.


Some people can't handle the size, and the advising faculty are hard to get in contact with. They also aren't very able when it comes to giving specific advice for each individual student.


Worst thing about this school is how expensive it is and how expensive the surrounding area is.


I love everything about UNC-Chapel Hill.


The worst thing is probably the amount of work required to do well. I can do the required work with minimum studying and get a B, or i could do 50+ hours a week and maybe get an A. However, it is very hard to get A's.


The large size of classes makes it harder to have a personal relationship with the professors


I would have to say parking. It is very difficult to park on campus on home football game weekends.