University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


That they are stuck up


Every one is from North Carolina.


Die-hard basketball fans


Stereotypically we're snotty, wealthy, and typically high-brow. Known as the "whine and cheese crowd" sometimes in the sports community, we're stereotyped as tame sports fans.


That everyone here is liberal.


Good stereotypes--That we are one of the nicest campuses and college towns in the country. That every student, faculty member, and staff member loves being at Carolina with all their heart. And mainly, that we have some of the nicest people, who are more than willing to go out of their way to help someone in need, stranger and friend alike. Bad stereotypes--That most of the us are elitist, snobbish phonies who were rejected by Duke. That most of us are the Foghorn-Leghorn type Southerners.


UNC students are often periceved as hippie overachievers, liberals, and very stuck up people who think they are smart.


Not sure. I was and will be again a graduate student. The undergrads I met were pretty smart.


Some people say that: -UNC students are too hardworking and don't have enough fun -UNC students are all "preps" in sororities -UNC students are liberal -UNC students are all extremely competative academically -UNC students are all hard core basketball fans -I'm sure there are more, because all colleges have the stereotypes...


UNC is a college for the rich and affluent and this is true of the students


I've heard that we're all supposed to be rich, alcoholic preps who join various fraternities and sorrorities. We're also sometimes considered to be overachievers. A lot of people assume that all Carolina students have a major and a minor or are double majoring instead of only having one major. We're supposed to be elitist when it comes to basketball.


The campus is gorgeous and has endless possibilities to explore and literally get lost in. The students are energetic and I swear the campus is never dead, even at 3 am there is always someone (probably in Hinton James or somewhere South Campus) out and about talking on their phone or with friends. UNC is known for having a phenonmanal basketball program and not that great of a football team.


Very liberal student population High percentage of GLBTQ students Intelligent students


Stereotypes about UNC include the preppyness of its students. Although often this is true, the student body is so large that no one stereotype can hold true. Some students are very preppy, particularly Greek members, but that leaves thousands of other students that are not. The only stereotype among UNC students would be in regards to the Greek community. Greeks make up 18{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the school, and depending where you are on campus and who you're with, this number can seem very large or very small. A lot of sorority girls do dress preppy, pop their collars, wear pearls, and get wasted every weekend. A lot of guys spend all their time trying to score with girls, and often succeeding. But in every sorority and fraternity there are at least several- if not dozens- of members who contrast with this stereotype. For specific sororities, there are one-line stereotypes "The cocaine sorority" or "the smart sorority" or "the fat sorority" but each sorority has so many girls that the stereotypes really fit the majority of the girls.


UNC is seen as full of a stuck up and wealthy student body whose parents pay for everything. UNC male students are often stereotyped as not "masculine" enough compared to area schools, such as NC State. And of course, there's the stereotype that Carolina has the best-looking girls of all the North Carolina colleges.




We're reaally crazy fanatics about basketball


We are smarter than State students We are way more fun than Duke students


People believe UNC students are preppy, studious, and spend a lot of time in the libraries.


There are a lot of gay guys here


I've heard people say that all UNC students are very liberal and often conceited.


Rich, drug-school, preppy, very liberal, lots of gay men


Maybe that UNC is a 'white school' (no black people) A party school Impossible to get into racist


The obvious and prevalent stereotype is that UNC is a liberal campus full of "hippies". We are also stereotyped as having a large female population, as well as a large and open homosexual population (compared to other universities in the area). We are often perceived as a student body represented by the stereotypical frat boy or sorority girl.


elitist hot girls


You often hear about snobby rich kids and how everyone is there to be a doctor or a lawyer.


they're all blond, southern, happy, athletic


A lot of people are surprised when they find out that not all students at UNC are Greek or liberal. It's also interesting how people worry they won't have a personalized experience while they're at UNC. As with every other school, there are majors (including my own) that are so-called "easy majors."


I think among students not from North Carolina UNC gets teh stereotype that they are southern and not diverse. Some UNC students think that people are only there to fufill a certain criteria and did not get there on merit alone.


1. "Wine and cheese" crowd at basketball games 2. High gay population 3. Strong liberal bias 4. We're awesome at basketball 5. Students are stuck up, have a 'holier than thou' attitude


Most people think of UNC students in one of two ways: one, UNC students are liberal hippies who will protest anything, or two, we're a bunch of fratty rich snobs that everyone hates.


There is a large population of students who are very "preppy" and that the school overall is very liberal.


That all the black kids hang with each other. That all the white kids get pissy drunk on Thursday nights. Thats really all that comes to mind for me.


when i applied to UNC five years ago, the biggest reservation i had was the frattiness of UNC's campus and the conservative nature of the student body. i went to a small high school for the arts and always identified as very liberal so the perception of a large, stereotypically fratty greek community really worried me.


That most people attending here are very snobby and come from money.


Preppy, smart kids from high school, liberal


That they are rich, snobby kids who only wear boat shoes and croakies and spend Daddy's money without giving any thought to society or the wider world outside their frat houses.


Very fratty


UNC students are intelligent, but they often think that they are more intelligent than they really are. Many UNC students, especially Greek types, are from wealthy families.


party hard, hate dookies


extremely well-rounded, motivated, classy


There are a lot of in state students


It's basketball country so a lot of people assume that the entire University revolves around the basketball team. UNC is also suppose to be the best public education you can get.


Preppy Stuck up


Constantly undergoing construction


That they are all preppy sniveling nerds. That they are all rich, and that they are crazy about their basketball team.


Most stereotypes include: it is too liberal, students are snobby, we have the best basketball team in the world (i agree with that) and that we are too smart for our own good. Of course people stereotype the Greek life and that we are not a party school because all we do is study.




fratty, southern belles, rich, white, smart, stuck up, athletes


Exclusive, passionate, study hard play harder, fun, stuck up, rich