University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill?


Preppy, heavy drinkers, rich kids, snobs, basketball crazies, liberal.


Stereotypes about UNC are: - That it is a school full of "hippies". This stems from the fact that it is one of the more liberal campus' in North Carolina. - Everyone at UNC is very rich and snobby. - That there are much more "girls" at UNC than "guys". - That out of state students are shunned. - Living on south campus as a freshman is an awful experience.


1. North Carolina Boys are short 2. Everyone is really smart


Greek Life is huge. Preppy


UNC is known to be liberal place with a girl to guy ratio of 6:4. It is known to be a place with a significant "liberal" student body as well.


Excessively liberal (communist, homosexual, etc) Rich/spoiled Activism just for the sake of activism (as in, failure to see the big picture) Intelligent


I think the biggest stereotype about UNC is that the student population is primarily composed of snobby, rich kids or kids who couldn't get into Duke.


beautiful girls best public school big and beautiful campus best baskbetall players smart students great professors big gay community


snobby, elitist


Snobby, snooty, high-brow, intelligent, neurotic, perfectionist, left-wing