University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


It's one of the top schools in the nation with good reason.


It's a great university! Nice location and fun people here.


Chapel Hill is one of the greatest college towns. The student body is so diverse, yet everyone seems to find their own niche, passions, and opportunities in succeeding. The student body and campus may seem overwhelming at first, but over time, they get smaller and smaller. There is sooooo much school pride, it's hard to handle sometimes. Every Carolina student is trying to make a difference and finding just a few interests may be hard because there are just so many student groups and organizations you can get involved in.


UNC is awesome. Any type of activity that you could possibly be interested in is represented on campus. Campus facilities are convenient, free to use, and really top-notch. The college town feel is great, and Raleigh and Durham aren't too far away either. The school does feel large at times, especially in majors where you have 200 person lecture classes, but in smaller classes the professors and TAs really make an effort to learn everyone's names, so it feels like a tight knit community. You see people you know every day on campus, and professors remember you for years after you take their class.


Overall I like UNC, but I am not in love with everything about it. I come from a much more diverse community while this campus seems to be predominantly white, middle class students. I am not sure of the exact percentage of students who participate in greek life but it tends to dominate the school. As a freshman, frat parties are one of the major social scenes because I am too young to go to bars and most of my friends don't have houses/ live off campus. That being said it can be very challenging for males to get into frat parties if they are not in a fraternity. The best thing about UNC has to be basketball season. The atmosphere inside the Dean Dome is electric. There is also an INSANE amount of school spirit on campus, sometimes to the point where it gets to be too much. Overall I am having a wonderful experience at school.


UNC-Chapel Hill has an atmosphere that is contagious. When you are on campus, you can tell it is a community of success and prestige. The campus may seem small a times, and other times too large. However, whenever I need something or someone it is always the right size. Students have access to so many resources and opportunities. When I told my family, friends, and new acquaintances that I go to UNC-Chapel Hill, they were all impressed. The reputation of the school preceded me. The faculty and staff are always an email or phone call away and have the students' interest at heart. First-years who come on campus quickly realize that they cannot escape school pride, especially during football and basketball season. Most of them realize that UNC has one of the nation's best men's college basketball programs and before long they will be wearing Carolina Blue, cheering the alma mater "Hark the Sound". The one experience I will never forget while being on campus was in 2009 during the game on April 6th, UNC vs. Michigan State for the championship. As soon as the clock ran out I ran from my dorm on South Campus to Franklin Street to cheer Tarheel victory. The one thing that every student complains of is how the Cashier's office and the Financial Aid department handle student accounts. But it is something that every student has to go through, and it is a small price to call oneself a 'Tarheel'.


The best thing about UNC is the campus. During the school year there are always students hanging out in the "quad" - the grassy areas in the center of all the campus buildings. Chapel Hill is a college town, and the social scene is on Franklin Street which is connected to campus. The school has about 30,000 undergraduate students, which for me is just right. There has been a lot of controversy about UNC sports the past few years - some of the athletes got caught for accepting answers from tutors and it has received a reputation for having "cheating" athletes. This is one thing that I would like to change. Overall, the opinion I get from others when I tell them that I go to UNC is usually favorable, since it is such a well known and prestigious school.


The best thing about UNC is that it caters to such a wide range of students. You can find your place no matter what you want to do or who you want to make friends with (unless you want to be an engineer.) The campus is just the right size, with most buildings right next to each other but with plenty of green space, quads, and easy access to the town of Chapel Hill. UNC carries a lot of prestige with most people, and what's nice is that this is still true away from the East Coast. Basically, everyone has heard of UNC thanks to their sports, and it isn't too hard to find fellow graduates or fans all over the country who are eager to talk to you about Chapel Hill.


Overall, I like the atmosphere at UNC. Chapel Hill is a college town, so pretty much anyone you run into, even in the community, will be affiliated with the school in some way. I really like the fact that a lot of my professors are active in their field--- publishing books, giving professional seminars, etc. It makes me really have faith in them and their abilities, and I know that they are in front of the class for a reason. UNC is very liberal, so controversies on campus have recently involved a lot of gay and lesbian rights issues. Another topic that has gotten media attention recently has been the gender ratio... the school is now between 60 and 70% women. There is in general a ton of school pride - especially in athletics. Even on regular days, you'll see a lot of people walking around campus with UNC t-shirts/sweaters on. It's a great environment. When I tell people I go to UNC, they say "Oh, wow. You're smart." It makes me stand a little straighter, for sure.


As the Alma Mater goes, "I'm a Tar Heel born, I'm a Tar Heel bred, and when I die I am a Tar Heel dead." Everyone here BLEEDS Carolina Blue and will fight tooth-and-nail that it is the absolute best school, best education, best town in all of the United States. It is always named as a "Public Ivy" and the best value education. It is the perfect size school where you know a ton of people on campus but it does not feel like high school. There is always something to do on campus. For example, Friday nights are filled with infamous UNC basketball games, parties, movies on campus, tons of great restaurants, and so many great music venues. I have never once met someone who regretted their decision to attend UNC. Just the name of "UNC" carries a lot of weight wherever you go. You say you go to Carolina, and alumni will already feel an instant connection to you and non-alumni respect you so much more. Like any University, there are controversies. Our football team has had an ongoing "cheating" scandal that is being handled by the NCAA. Nonetheless the student body and community supports and loves our football team more than ever. Chapel Hill is the ultimate college town. Chapel Hill, home to the oldest public University, is built around the University. Residents bleed Carolina blue as much as the students. They go to games, rush the streets when we FIVE basketball national championships, and support the school through donations. One experience I'll always remember is winning that NCAA basketball National Championship in 2009 and rushing Franklin Street. There is literally no experience like it. The sense of unity with 20,000 students all cheering together on a street is unexplainable.


UNC-Chapel Hill is the only school that I have ever wanted to go to. I love everything about Chapel Hill. I love the small town feel of the surrounding city that offers mom and pop stores and many local restaurants. I love that the whole town is involved with Chapel Hill sports, and everyone here bleeds Carolina blue. I love walking through campus on any given day and seeing so many Carolina blue t-shirts that show that our school means something to each and every person that sets for on its campus. I love the traditions of sipping from the Old Well before each semester to ensure that you get all A's. I love knowing that UNC means University of National Champions because that is what my school is. Whether on the court or in the classroom, I am surrounded by the best of the best. When I tell people I go to UNC-Chapel Hill, they never have to ask me where that is because they know all about the traditions of this notorious college.There's nothing better than being surrounded by the best students and athletes on a beautiful spring day out on the quad. God made the sky Carolina blue, and my fellow Tar Heels make the campus Carolina blue each and every day to show their support for such an amazing college.


Chapel Hill is beautiful. Whether its a sunny, carolina-blue-sky afternoon or a quiet overcast morning, it's hard not to fall for the gorgeous campus. The other thing is the people. You get a group of friends and suddenly you meet someone because you know someone and the campus seems so small. Then you can go to the library and not see one person you know, and you realize how huge the school actually is. The student body is so diverse, but so friendly. It's like everyone loves UNC so much that it's hard not to love your fellow students, too.


It is true that Chapel Hill, NC is a little of southern piece of heaven. My favorite thing about this school is the fact that everyone seems to exemplify what it means to have southern hospitality. Whether in state or out of state, everyone is super friendly and open to meeting new people, which also reflected into the town of Chapel Hill. Although we may seem like a large school, with almost 30,000 student, southern hospitality creates a warm safe environment, that almost feels like home!


UNC is by-far, one of the best schools in the nation. This is academically, socially, and with sports. People get excited and proud when I tell them of my attendance so this prestigious university. One moment I will never forget is winning the National Championship in basketball my freshmen year and rushing Franklin St with all of my fellow Tarheels. It was an amazing experience!


There aren't many bad things to say about UNC. An undergraduate degree from UNC holds prestigious value, yet this top-tier education comes at a public-school cost. In terms of value, UNC is the way to go to get the most bang for your buck! UNC's campus is absolutely gorgeous. It is the quintessential college campus. On nice days, there are always students reading or playing frisbee on the quad. Chapel Hill is a total college town. Everyone here has so much Tarheel pride...the town literally bleeds Carolina blue. We all take pride in our school and our sports teams. We take pride in upholding the "Carolina Way." Franklin Street is the main street in Chapel Hill and is located right next to campus. It is the place college students go to grab a bite to eat, head to a bar on the weekends, do a bit of shopping, and show off their costumes on Halloween. I was worried about the size of UNC coming into college. I wasn't necessarily the most outgoing person in high school and worried that I might get lost in the crowd. Now, I can't imagine going anywhere smaller! I love that there is always someone new to meet. At the same time, I can't help but run into dozens of people I know as I walk through campus. There is almost always at least one person I know in all of my classes when I walk in on the first day. It is truly the perfect size.


In my opinion, Chapel Hill is the ideal college town. Coming from a bustling suburban area outside the New York metropolitan region I am more than satisfied with what our town has to offer. Franklin Street is provides all you need from fine dining, to quick and cheap cheals; to shops for Carolina blue gear and souveniers; to high end boutiques. It's the perfect spot to bring visitors or family or a place to meet up with new and old friends! The town of Chapel Hill is small enough that I have never felt overwhelmed by the size and I have never gotten lost on campus. If you are looking to explore or need a city fix, Raleigh and Durham are not only a short drive, approximately twenty minutes away.


Never have I once regretted my decision to attend UNC. There are so many different types of people on campus, all with their own passions and interests. It is such an appealing mix of motivated students that there is always something new and interesting going on at UNC. The caliber of students accepted to UNC is what impresses me day by day. My years at Carolina have been the happiest of my life so far. Carolina is the perfect mix of challenging academics, top athletics programs, fun social activities and involved students. If you attend UNC, you'll be living the dream.


This is a fantastic university. I absolutely love UNC and believe it is the best school in the US. I love the global awareness of students and faculty alike.There are more than 90 study abroad opportunities, and plenty of grants and scholarships for independent study and travel abroad. Students are highly motivated here, to the point that every club (500+) and our government are entirely student-run. There is a highly academic culture at UNC, but students also know how to have fun! We have one of the best college towns in the States. Franklin Street has a ton of fun things to do. Our athletic department is also exemplary--you've never experienced basketball until you've been jumping up and down, surrounding by screaming fans, in the Dean Dome. In all, UNC is a fantastic place to live and go to school!


This school is very challenging but the teachers are also very willing to work with you.


UNC is absolutely AMAZING!! The smartest decision that I've made in my entire life is to enroll at UNC. The student quality is top notch, the professors are intimate and supportive, the sports teams are dominators, the tuition is the biggest bang for the buck, the student population is so diverse, the rankings are high, and the opportunities are endless! My favorite aspect of UNC is the relationships between students and the invisible tie that holds all of us together. There's something about seeing a fellow Tar Heel off-campus that gets you excited or seeing someone in the same organization as you on campus and getting excited. Then there's the incredible school spirit that students and alums share on Franklin St. after a big Tar Heel victory. The traditions are priceless and unique to UNC. They separate us from everyone else, and allow us to share a common love for our school. When I tell people that I attend UNC, most of them go into shock or get really excited or say that they're jealous and that it's amazing. So many people wish that they could be Tar Heels, so it's very humbling when you meet someone who is so excited and proud of you for making it into UNC. I spend most of my time in the Pit, in a library, and outside at a picnic table or sitting in Polk Place. I love finding new places to study, and the choices here are endless. If you want a school that has it all whether it's community service involvement, lots of student organizations, study abroad opportunities, rigorous courses, credible professors, high quality students, amazing, cutting-edge research opportunities, internships, competitive sports teams, or a ton of school spirit, then UNC is the place for you! It's rare that you find a school that encompasses all that UNC does! I'll never forget rushing Franklin St. after the 2009 National Championship win or the raves in the Pit and libraries! We are the University of National Champions! The worst thing about UNC is that they force you out after 4 years...they're so mean! :)


I have only positive things to say about my school. I absolutely have fallen in love with this place. Coming from a big city I just love the laid back, friendly southern lifestyle. I truly believe this is the best school in the country. I think our school's size is perfect. It's large enough that if you never want to see someone again you won't but you will often bump into friendly faces out at night or on the way to class. Chapel Hill is the perfect college town. The town basically exists for the college and the world revolves around us students here. I will never forget the night our mens basketball team won the national championship in 2009. Words cannot express the joy I felt that night celebrating on franklin street. another thing I love about my school is people's reaction when I tell them I go here. UNC is very prestigious and has a great reputation.


Here's what I love about UNC: it is a big school, but it is made up of small communities that overlap and interact. At UNC there are Living Learning Communities where you can live with people who share your interests, there are clubs, music groups, volunteer groups, classes that take field trips and get very close, freshman seminars, club sports teams, general residence hall groups and even more UNC groups that I am inevitably forgetting. We have so many small communities to form close connections with other students and faculty. One problem: The advising services suffers a bit from the size of the school, however. The area around UNC is great. There are plenty of places to eat and lots of places to go on the weekends. Also, this campus is gorgeous in every season. I'll never forget my sophomore year when it snowed and about 500 people showed up for a snowball fight on the lawn in front of Franklin Street (called McCorkle place). So. Much. Fun. Overall, it's great.


It's really hard to put the Carolina experience into words. I love it. I love it so so much. Here's the thing: it's definitely a larger school, meaning that the campus always feels alive, there are things going on ALL the time, and there's tons of people to meet, hang out with, agree/disagree with, and learn from. But at the same time, it's still not as large as UT-Austin (where I'm from) or UVA or Michigan State, the campus edge-to-edge is walkable in 20 minutes, I see people I know constantly, less than 5% of the classes are over 100 people, and the professors make a ridiculous effort to be available and get to know students. So you get the fun and the benefits of a large research university (I have access to the coolest equipment as a biomedical engineering student!!) with the feeling of a smaller university. And it's an awesome college town complete with live music, local organic farmer's markets, crazy Halloweens, and more! On top of that, the campus is gorgeous, and full of some of the smartest, most amazing people I've ever met. It's ridiculous how many people are trying to save the world in different ways here (in a good way, of course), and I love being around it. One of the things that a lot of people complain about is advising: here's my take. It's true that you're not going to get much from academic advising if you don't do your own background research - you definitely have to take the time to map your own route. Once you do that, they're just there as a resource to answer questions, and you're all set. Oh, one more thing: once you're a tar heel, you're one forever. I've never been a huge basketball fan, but damn. I am a TAR HEEL now!! You just get caught up in it - it's a blast.


I do not even know how to begin to answer this question. From the moment, I stepped on this campus, I was in love. The Carolina blue skies, the lush quad filled with undergrads, and the gorgeous southern architecture are just are part of the beauty of this place. The students are really the best part of this campus. This past summer, I stayed in Chapel Hill in order to work in a lab and work as a summer tour guide helping prospective students in their search for the perfect college. The summer was an amazing experience and I was so happy to be here, even on the days when it got up to almost 110 degrees. However, this campus during the summer has no comparison to the campus during the year. The students bring so much life and passion each day that a campus without them is just lacking. One of my personal favorite spots on campus is the "Pit". The pit is the social hub on campus surrounded by the two main undergraduate libraries, the main dining hall, the Student Union, and the Student Stores, including the bookshop and coffee house. Some say that if one sits in the pit all day, one can see every Carolina student pass through because students have to pass through this spot. The pit is one of my favorite spots because I have never walked through it without seeing a friend (I would have said familiar face, but one sees familiar faces everywhere). As well, the pit is a main location for students to "pub" (publicize) for events and student organizations. Carolina's students are incredibly passionate about everything they are involved in, and getting to see this passion ignited in the pit can be truly inspiring.


Carolina is a great place to be. I like the size (18,000) because it provides so many of the great opportunities available to undergraduates. At the same time it is still easy enough to find your own niche. Chapel Hill is the quintessential college town and is a perfect compliment to the university. Students, Administrators, and town people all love this university which is an exciting atmosphere to be in.


A great school. One of the best educations you can get for the money.


UNC is great. There are so many incredible things about it. I really had the opportunity to do research that was interesting and meaningful, and I learned a lot from classes and the social life. Chapel Hill is also a really cool place--it is University-centered and Franklin Street, the main downtown area, has lots of restaurants and bars, which are all really great. Carrboro is a near-by town and is very quaint and hippie, progressive--Weaver Street Market is the co-op grocery store there and a great place to hang out and study. Campus is BEAUTIFUL, as is the area around it. Professors are generally good and intelligent, but focused on a lot of things (research, teaching, getting grants) so that they don't really have a lot of time. Additionally, the advising department SUCKS. The general thing I would say is that if you are really ready to be on your own, if you take initiative about things in your life and know how to handle dealing with bureaucracy, and you want a lot of opportunity to do incredible things, come to UNC. If you need a bit more hand-holding (and look, most 18-year-olds do), you will probably get more out of going somewhere else at least for the first 2 years.


UNC is an amazing school, period. I wouldn't change a thing about my four years at Carolina, and they were without a doubt some of the happiest in my life. I learned so much, made so many good friends, got involved in organizations I cared about, and really lived life.


UNC is the perfect place to get a college education. As a state school, there are so many resources for students including free admission to all athletic events, free events put on by the endless organizations, and the best professors in the world. The town has just about everything, restaurants, bars, shops, and it is so easy to get around by foot or public transportation. "Carolina Spirit" cannot be matched- it encompasses pride for our teams, our sucessfull students and alum, and for the color of the sky. When you come to UNC, you gain a new identity of a Tar Heel and it stays with you forever, just as the friends and memories you make.


great place to chill at and encounter tons of new ideas and people. so many opportunities to actually make a difference. i love the size. its big enough to get out of one social group and meet entirely new people. but at the same time there are many groups and niches, especially south campus dorms. i would definitely recommend staying in one of the south dorms (preferably one of the high rises) i know theres no ac in most but the experience is well worth it. aim for hj or ehaus freshman year and motown for sophomore. its amazing. i respect the administration and they seem to try to include student feedback. i do have a complaint about the smoking ban... not that i partake but i dont think the state has a right to regulate that. the atmosphere is incredible and the campus is alive every weekend with any type of entertainment, whether frat hoppin or bars or ultimate frisbee on one of the fields or quads. sports also really draws the campus together... i have rarely seen as many tears as when we lose in the ncaa tourny.


I was in the graduate school, and I found out that the grad professors are extremely helpful. They are more than willing to help students even if they have to squeeze students into their schedule. Generally, the faculty, staff and even students are extremely nice. You wont believe it until you are in the community.


The Campus changed my outlook on life, allowing me to reconsider my standing in life and to delve in to my inner self worth. The shear size of the campus is overwhelming. I never realized the size of UNC until I visited some of my friends at Elon, Wake and State. Though the campus is large, it guarantees that there will be place for you in the UNC community. Once you have stayed on campus for a few days, you will never want to leave. I'm home for the summer, and I want to be back at School already! Never in my life did I yearn for the schoolyard during my summer. I miss it all. The campus, the Arboretum, the stadium, Franklin street, and most of all my friends. I don't believe there will be another time in my life where i will be so well connected with my friends as when i am at chapel hill.


At UNC you will definitely work hard, but every night you can find something fun to do! Tuesday and Thursdays, and of course the weekends, you will most likely be out of Franklin street with friends or watching a Tarheel game! UNC students have a reputation for being fun-loving, out-going, and all around Carolina-obsessed. UNC is the quintessential college town. School pride is a must for Carolina; everyone bleeds Carolina blue!


the best things about unc are the diversity, the expert faculty, the hundreds of organizations that you can join, the stimulating environment, and the wide variety of classes. i took a lot of women's studies courses just because they were so fun and interesting- courses such as politics of sexuality, feminist pol theory, women in rome. i also loved jewish american lit (even though i'm not a jew), american history after 1865, politics of latin america, and civil rights law. the size can be overwhelming at first, but it is such a friendly campus, that it all feels like home and family. do try to avoid taking all intro classes though in any one semester- a 400 person lecture is not fun. try for more obscure courses where you can really connect with students and faculty- more fun and better grades! there is a special camraderie among fellow tarheels, so much school spirit. of course, in the time i was there we also had several tragedies that brought us together. in my senior year, eve carson was shot and killed in town and the campus rallied together in a way i'd never seen. while i was there, we also lost our school mascot, two students that were messing around and fell out their dorm window, and had the strange incident where a former student drove his suv into "the pit"- a big gathering place, though no one was seriously hurt that time. Yet the staff and students pull together at these times and can take a tragedy and find something good they can do to prevent such tragedies or to just support each other. We also had so many fun events that I remember. We won basketball championships. We have the "pit preacher", crazy squirrels, big name bands like wilco, and political leaders from all over the world come here to visit. My favorite times? Just laying in the grass in polk place to read or nap or get some rays between classes.


Even though UNC is a large university, there is a sense of community that I found to be quite intriguing when I came here three years ago. Depending on your likes and dislikes, any one can find his or her niche within the larger, extremely diverse social scene at Carolina. If you're looking to join a sorority or a fraternity, be absolutely sure that that is what you want because even if you do make friends outside of the Greek scene, you will not hang out with them. The Greeks will, by and large, only socialize with others who are Greek, and although not all of them are like this, many will not give you the time of day if you're not in a fraternity or sorority. Chapel Hill is the quintessential college town--cliche, I know. But, it is true. Franklin Street is the heart of Chapel Hill, with restaurants for any taste and plenty of places to drink if you're 21, or, sometimes, even if you're not. As you probably are aware, UNC athletics are a great focus of the students, and of the administration (for obvious reasons). School pride is rampant and infectious. There is no more exciting time than March in Chapel Hill, and the basketball players are gods among men, according to most students. It doesn't matter what you have going on; if the Duke game is on, you're in front of the television, screaming and carrying on about how the referees are biased because Duke paid them off using the interest from their multi-billion dollar endowment. I think the best aspects about this place are just little things: sitting in Polk Place with your friends on warm spring afternoons; having a drink at Top O (Top of the Hill) after a long, stressful week; or, just strolling through campus on your way to class thinking to yourself, "Wow, what a beautiful place". Although, take that last comment with a grain of salt because the construction going on around campus is most unattractive and bothersome.


UNC is a school with a great deal of pride and the administration definitely tries to pass that on to students by setting higher standards. Students have a lot of school pride as well. I have found that students are very smart and have the ability to work hard, but do not always want to. They tend to be spoiled about the subject matter and more outspoken about what they don't like--they tend to whine a bit. There are a few students who feel the need to brag about being a part of trends such as how much they like foreign food, where they have traveled or what they believe politically, or their sexual preferences but it comes off as ingenuous. There are students who stay away from that and just want to be themselves and they tend to be much more cooler and more interesting.


i love how this is a large school that feels small and personal. i see the same people all the time, and everyone is very friendly. chapel hill is beautiful and there is tons of stuff to do within walking or biking distance. this is definitely a pedestrian town, so if u hate walking or are disabled, chapel hill is probably not the best place for you. my only real complaints are that advising is awful so you better makes sure u no the curriculum yourself and there has been no predictability for tuition increases for out of state students.


The best thing about UNC (and you'll hear this repeatedly if you decide to come here) is that it's like a family here. The moment you step off of campus and enter another community, you'll find someone who went to UNC or is a UNC fan and suddenly the two of you are best friends--there's a sense of school pride that immediately becomes a part of you that you'll never be able to shake, especially if there's a Duke fan around! And of course, we have the best basketball team in the nation. :) The worst thing about UNC is the constant ongoing construction. Because it is the oldest public university in the U.S., buildings are constantly being remodeled, so it's a never-ending sight to see orange cones and yellow tape blocking off buildings and pathways. It's a little sad to see a different campus everytime you return to UNC from being away for awhile. But you really can't beat the feeling of pride when you say "I go/went to Carolina." People are always impressed, and it's nice being able to say you went to a university that people all over the country--and the world--know about. Chapel Hill is definitely a college town, but it's fun and relaxing. Everyone goes to Franklin Street during nights and weekends to eat, shop, and/or drink. But nothing beats the feeling of being at a sporting event (most notably, the Dean Dome) and screaming along with 20,000 other Carolina fans to root on our athletes.


I know that it is the goal of a public university to grow so that they can provide opportunities to as many people as possible, but there is also a certain expense that goes along with this. In trying to raise money through sports events and the like, commercialization and corporate sponsorship play a big part, and these things, I think, somewhat prevent a real sense of community to be created within the university, because instead of trying to truly create a diverse place where students can open up their minds to new experiences, the university spends its time just trying to promote a certain image to everyone watching them on tv or coming to shop at student stores. Perhaps I'm just small-town, but another thing that bothers me is the student culture that exists here. Instead of having opportunities to express individuality (although there are a handful of these), the most common things that a student can do to bide their time is join school clubs, participate in the unreflective "party culture" that exists everywhere in America, or study. Though these things may have good qualities, we should not count out that at least their current mode of existence has some downsides.


The best thing about UNC is the close knit atmosphere it provides. There are 16,000 Undergraduates and 10,000 Graduates attending, but it feels like you are home because everyone treats you with respect and courtesy. I spend the most time in the Union studying or hanging out because it's a nice central location and the atmosphere is nice. UNC is a college town with all of the benefits. UNC is great for hanging out and enjoying the south. UNC's Administration is not always loved but they do the best possible job given the circumstances. I especially appreciated how the handled the murder of Eve Carson. They really tried to unite UNC and affect healing. School pride is a must. If you aren't a Tar Heel there's no reason to enjoy it. I'll always remember the first time I went to Late Night with Roy. The atmosphere was perfect. Everyone complains about the laptops and the food, but given the deal we get there's not much to complain about even in that.


I wanted the true "college" experience - the grassy quad where students eat lunch and play frisbee, the busy college street with ecclectic restaurants and shops, great athletics with loyal fans, and a broad range of departments and classes to choose from. UNC definitely offers everything I wanted and much more. I love the history of the campus as the oldest public university in NC with the Old Well and other campus buildings. The feeling on campus is energetic, with so many organizations and volunteer opportunities and sporting events, the biggest problem is how to fit them all in!


Everything happens in UNC-CH. If you're into it, it's there. If you're passionate about taking care of the sick and homeless, there'll be opportunities to get plugged in - if you love singing a cappella rock music, there are eight or nine groups to try out for - if you are passionate about anime-ninja-fantasy-baseball card collecting, there's probably an anime-ninja-fantasy-baseball card collecting group with at least twelve members. There's even a pirate club. UNC-CH is an amazing opportunity to see complicated perspectives that you would never have seen otherwise - its a place to do what you love and see how other people love what they do. To challenge your viewpoint and see how it fits in, how it helps others, how it doesn't.


it's a big school and can be easy to lose yourself in the wide options of things to do. everyone is very enthusiastic about unc.


When I applied to college, UNC was the only school I applied to with more than 6000 undergrads - I always thought I wanted to go to a mid-sized school rather than a large state school. But after four years, UNC didn't seem big at all - it was the perfect size. There are enough people that you can always be meeting people and doing new things, but it's not so big that you feel lost. My favorite thing about UNC was the people. It really is such a diverse place, and not just racially. People come from all different backgrounds and have such different interests that it makes being a student here so interesting. One reason I am so glad I chose UNC was the school spirit. Going to basketball games and cheering your guts out and hating Duke all year long is so much fun. My freshman year we won the basketball national championship, and it's indescribable. I'm definitely glad I came to UNC and can always be a proud Tar Heel rather than going to a good school but one that no one has that same kind of school spirit. I love UNC's campus. The upper and lower quad on North Campus are absolutely beautiful, and it feels so nice to sit out there in the sunshine before or after classes during the fall and spring. UNC's campus is relatively big, but it's all walkable, and it gets better every year as new construction helps connect South Campus (where most freshmen live) to North Campus (where most classrooms are). Chapel Hill is without a doubt a great college town. The town exists for the sake of the university, which I loved. When I think of Chapel Hill, I basically just think of Franklin St and everything associated with the university, but there are lots of cool surrounding areas too. The town of Carrboro, which starts about a mile from campus, has a great hippie feel, and Durham is only about a 15 minute drive to get to shopping like a great mall, Target, etc. This year, our student body president, Eve Carson, was murdered not far from campus. This event was absolutely shocking, because in no way is Chapel Hill considered a violent place, and because Eve was one of the most amazing people you could ever meet. Eve was the kind of student who embodied Carolina - friendly, passionate, dedicated, brilliant, fun, beautiful, and caring. The Carolina community truly came together after this tragedy, and she won't be forgotten. I hope no prospective student fears coming to UNC because of this violent act, because it was the rarest of all occurences, and I definitely still feel safe in Chapel Hill.


UNC is like a small city. A city where most people are intelligent, friendly, and enjoy having a good time. It is LARGE. You will not meet everyone. Don't try to. It is the New York City of NC universities (maybe even of the whole Mid-Atlantic). If you feel lost in crowds, forget it. Expect lots of studying, but lots of social opportunities to accompany it. There is so much variety that you can find the right groups for you. If you love beautiful campuses, than this is your school. It is absolutely gorgeous. There is an amazing amount of school pride. It is the biggest unifier on campus.


UNC is one of my favorite places I've ever been. Not only is the campus beautiful, the people at UNC make it truly a "priceless gem". - The best thing about UNC is it being in the south... Great weather, Great people. - One thing I'd change is that Duke people come to UNC a lot to have a good time because there school is a little sub-par. I'm not a fan of the Dookies. - I love the size of UNC. I wanted a big state school. I like meeting new people almost everyday. However I made the campus smaller by getting involved in campus activities. I suggest that if you come to UNC, you do the same because it makes the experience better and its so easy to get involved. - People react as if they wished they went to Carolina when I tell them that I go to UNC. Its one of the best public universities in the USA. - I can't pick one place where I spend most of my time. I'm all over campus everyday. Never do the exact same thing twice. - Chapel Hill is a College Town through and through. Everything revolves around the school. Whether it is the football or basketball games, research at the grad schools, or the economy being driven by the students. Chapel Hill = College Town. - The school pride is ridiculous. TarHeels are some of the best fans. In football and basketball season the whole University bans together in one Carolina Family.


UNC is great because there is a great unity on campus due to the fact that everyone at UNC loves UNC and feels so privlegded to be here. The campus is beautiful, however, there is always construction. Recently a couple new buildings have gone up and they are really nice to study at. The new Chemistry building (Chapman) and The health siences library. Our gym facilities are also really nice. The whole town of Chapel Hill revolves around the college and it give a feeling of community, which is nice and helps each student feel conntected to the town and not just the college. Also, the night life is right on the edge of campus and always active. Franklin Street on Halloween is strange to say the least but one thing each student will probably never forget.


The location of UNC chapel hill is the greatest! It is a major major college town and that is the best part. The size is just right, not too big or too small! Stereotypes are present but everyone gets along. There are very nice people here, especially the staff, teachers and advisers. School pride is probably the best in the country, definitely North Carolina. Everything about this place is heaven, we could however use a little more parking!


I don't think I have ever heard of anyone saying they hated UNC, and everyone who leaves UNC is sad to leave this little place of what we call "heaven on earth." As a recent alum (class of 2008) I can attest to this myself. I can remember starting senior with more of a sense of sadness than excitement because I know it would be my last year as an undergraduate. The thing that makes UNC so special are the experiences and friendships you acquire during your stay here no matter how long or short they are. Even the international exchanges I befriended this past academic year felt this same sentiment. There are so many things you can do from the over 500 student run organizations to the many sporting events. You are definitely never bored in this small college town. So I guess my advice to you is to get yourself involved and cherish every moment you are at UNC. It will be over before you know it.


Some of the students you will encounter at UNC are some of the brightest individuals you will ever meet. Others... you will wonder how they got in. As a general rule, however, the University carries a very prestigious name. It is very large, and though they say the average freshman class size is around 35, I do not believe it. Expect many large lecture halls. That being said, the motivated student will have no trouble at all finding individual help when needed. Just do not expect anyone to ever take you by the hand and guide you like it is high school. Chapel Hill is the definition of a college town... It has no reason for existence outside of the University. The plus side of that is the great night life catering to college students. There is always something to do. The downside is oft-strained town-gown relations. Campus life is framed by a liberal activism, often to the point of absurdity. The unfortunate truth is that, for all the talk, most students are 'fad-hippies', eager to join a cause either because it is popular or because it will build a resume'/news event than because they actually care about or even know much about an issue. Chancellor James Moeser handled such issues with unrivaled class and ability. Hopefully the next chancellor will follow in his steps.