University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


In order to succeed at Chapel Hill, one has to be intrinsically motivated to get work done on time and be prepared to study for exams. In high school, I never really had to study for tests, but in Chapel Hill it is a necessity. Although working hard is a huge part of being at this university, any student who comes here should also be prepared to drink from the Old Well on the first day of classes and celebrate basketball wins against Duke, our arch-nemesis, and become a member of a community because this university is a family.


Smart and driven


Anyone that is ready for earned success will fit in at UNC!


To attend UNC Chapel Hill, a prospective student must be comfortable with attending a large college. The class sizes are rather big, so the student must be comfortable in a large class setting. Also, the prospective student should be open to meeting new people. There are a lot of students that attend UNC Chapel Hill, so a prospective student should be open to meeting other students around them. By meeting other people, you can form study groups and become a successful student.


Anintelligent person with open mind is the perfect candidate for the University of North Carolina. There are people from all walks of life that attend the University and somebody with a closed mind would not be as willing to accept these type of people; other than those who are like them.


Someone who is dedicated to their studies, who has an open mind, who is willing to be challenged, and someone who is willing to put in the hard work.


The kind of person that should attend this school is one that has a multitude of facets and is very responsible. The school is amazing and it provides students with an opportunity to do almost anything you want to do. That being said though, there is always so many things to do that it can be easy to lose sight of the real reason you attend the school: academics. So, whoever attends this school should be responsible and able to embrace many situations.


The lack of proper heating/cooling systems in the larger dorms, which coincidently is where underclassmen tend to live, is very frustrating. Some of the rooms have window units, but only roughly half, the others don?t have any sort of cooling system. The heating system consists of steam radiators. These are situated directly under the windows, so when there is a breeze outside, which thanks to improper sealing tends to blow in around the window, no heat ends up permeating the room. To make matters worse, the walls are concrete, which holds no heat.


Someone with a lot of school spirit! Students at UNC-CH love it here and we show it! Go to the cames, hang out on campus, get involved!


A very liberal and open-minded person who loves others, is passionate about helping the community, and actually likes to learn new things.


People who are dedicated to their studies and love sports would fit in well here. People who like a suburban setting in a warm climate. This school is best for people who are outgoing and not afriad of people advertising clubs and homecoming president in their face because The Pit is bustling with people everyday. People who thrive in a large school setting, as this school has 20,000 undergraduates.


Someone who places great weight on tradition and wants to attend a large school.


The person that should attend the University of North Carolina should be someone who is excited to learn about and explore new concepts and theories and is genuinely interested in discussing with people who have differing views from themselves. Someone who is looking for an inviting campus that embraces diversity in its students and faculty and revels in its school pride by boasting the accomplishments of those who call Carolina their home. Someone who is looking for real life experiences gained through the safety of a campus and community that cares for and encourages all who attend this university.


A social, disciplined person.


Someone who enjoys meeting lots of new people and getting involved with many new things.


High spirited individual with the desire to learn and grow. Must have strong leadership skills and a goal of participating in the community in the future.


Anyone! UNC is a very diverse school, and anyone can find their niche in the campus community.


A UNC Chapel Hill student is one who knows what they want out of his or her education. He or she is committed to expanding his or her mind to new thoughts and is open to an abundance of cultural differences. A Chapel Hill student typically loves sporting events, because our basketball teams is rather spectacular!


Someone who's intelligent and motivated, someone likely to go to grad school, the kind of person who'd be open to doing Teach for America or the Peace Corps after graduation, someone that wants to make lots of friends and have fun but also get a world-class education (a "work hard/play hard" person), perfectionists/overachievers, people that read for fun but have social lives, liberals in the South, people who want lots of options major-wise or want to do journalism or business, people who like trees and grass and basketball and possibilities.


A determined, committed self-motivated person will succeed at this school. It will take much dedication and committment to excellence to be successful.


someone who is applied in their studies and is willing to put forth some effort to obtain the results they want. Also, someone who is athletic, likes women, and having a good time. This school has a good mix between athletic students, good sports scence, intelligent people, and a fun social life. There's plenty of opportunities to do either activity.


Someone who wants to have a very good education and also isn't afraid to find a small niche in whichever area they find interesting.


Someone who is good at balancing his or his school work and social life. UNC is also a really great choice for people who live in North Carolina. It's very afforable and a great school!


someone very outgoing, somewhat superficial, likes having lots of "fringe" freinds but no one close. not a critical thinker but wants to get straight A's with a prestigious degree. must hate duke


A motivated student with a clear focus and good work ethic. It is possible to just float by, but the resources are in place to help "self-starters" acheive big things. You can plan your own research trips, combine interesting course subjects, and learn from the professors, many of whom are experts in their respective fields.


The type of person who should attend this school should be hard-working, intelligent, serious, career-oriented.


Anyone interested in a diverse education


Well-rounded, academically interested, career driven, sociable.


Anyone who is excited about their field of study. Other than that, there is a place for every type!


EVERYONE. Carolina is , hands-down, the most amazing place in the entire world. The sense of community and pride that each student feels is indescribable. We have baller academics, sports, research, and social activities. Seriously, UNC is the place to be.


A person who attends this school should be open-minded and tolerant because there is a lot of diversity here. They should be confident in themselves and their morals because their morals will definitely be tested here. They should be ready to embrace the responsibility of living on their own and know the difference between what's right and wrong for themselves. The social scene here is extremely Greek and alcohol-based, so they should have control and should probably steer away from becoming a part of that scene every weekend. They should be up to try new things.


Tolerant, friendly, excited, and motivated.


Any kind of person could attend this school. The diversity across campus ensures that any person, no matter how strange they may seem in their own hometown, will surely fit in somewhere in this sprawling campus.