University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing at our school is the lack of diversity and lack of organizations for minority students.


This isn't something I personally find frustrating, but because it is a large school, some students find it more difficult to navigate or find personalized attention.


The most frustrating thing about UNC is the amount of people. While sometimes being a blessing, it can also make you feel underappreciated or unheard. However, once you find your niche at Carolina, you start to feel important again.


I have had the most difficulty with getting to bed at a reasonable time. I don’t like to stay up late unless i’m doing something where it being late at night is important. Usually I like to get to bed between eleven and midnight by one of my suitemates likes to play his guitar late at night and another is just naturally loud and gets excited easily. Frequently I have to ask them to quiet down. Fortunately i’ve meet people with similar preferences whom i can room with next time.


Sports, greek life, excessive school spirit, abundance of alcohol, students not serious about academics, worst TAs, expectance to participate in school spirit or in school sports. Crowds for sporting events taking over the campus on weekends (particularly troubling for students who live and park on campus), tuition for out of state students, amounts of red tape to get anything done,


At times the size of the school and the large class sizes can be frustrating. The teachers aren't always able to do one on one when there are over 200 in the class. Also, since the school is so large, it is hard to find the right place to fit in.


The most frustrating thing is feeling that you're not good enough. The University is comprised of hundreds of students from various areas around the world and such diversity within the student body can be intimidating for a first year student. You question whether your high school properly prepared you to attend such a prestigious university and whether you can reach the bar that was set by so many individuals that have walked on a campus so rich with academic history. While the academics are challenging, you soon realize that both you and Carolina made the right decision.


I wouldn't say it is too frustrating, but class availability is not to great for freshman. We get the last pick; we basically choose from the leftovers as far as classes go...


Almost every science major's worst nightmare is to attend lab every week. For me, Chemistry Lab was particularly frustrating just because of the department's allegiance to bureaucracy. After a while, you start to become frustrated with their attempts at "weeding out" the thousands of science majors (many of whom are Pre-Medical students). It ends up becoming a competition between close friends, a challenge that one must be committed to.


Registration because it is often difficult for students to get all their classes without being put on a waiting list.


Since I am a transfer student, the most frustrating thing about UNC has been that all of my credits did not transfer the way I was hoping. I had to go to each department trying to gain credit for classes, which was a hassle. Scheduling in general is not the easiest, but for the most part you can eventually get what you need.


The most frustrating about my school is the lack of tutors in the math department. You will spend hours in the math tutoring center waiting for help because there is only one or two tutors there to help over 50 students. The math tutors are patient but the lack of math tutors at my school is very frustrating when I am in need of assistance.


How incredibly difficult professors can be when the material isn't that hard to understand.


A lot of students are family legacies who want to party in frats and don't particularly care that this is one of the best schools in the state. Too many people drink instead of finding more productive ways to have fun.


The closing times of dining halls and convenient stores on weekends, as well as the considerable distance between campus and the closest grocery store/shopping complex.


The workload is a lot. For science classes, you have 5 hour labs, webassign, along with reading the book and note taking during lectures. Also, many classes only have 2-3 tests all semester, and your grade primarily relies on these tests alone so if you fail the tests you pretty much fail the class. However, many professors curve heavily.


Some of the advisors are not helpful when a student is seeking specific information about majors, minors, and the pre-medical and pre-dental tracks.


The school spirit


The most frustrating thing about this school is that I don't have as much money as the other students.


While it can be refreshing to see brand new faces every day on your walk to class, at around 20,000 students, the size of the school can be overwhelming - and it exhausts the town's resources, with parking virtually nonexistant and Franklin St. beyond busy on weekends.


I do feel like the class sizes are too large sometimes, and it is not just the introductory classes.. Major science classes that are 300+ are the classes I dislike being large because they are difficult classes to have that many students. Smaller classes are an option, but for basic courses they are normally limited to honor students, so to be allowed in as a non honor student you need an A in the previous course or special permission from the professor.


Some classes seem impossible!! Many freshmen are pre-med so the science courses are designed to be hard to weed-out those who are not smart enough or not willing to work hard enough to get there.


Due to the fact that the University of North Carolina is a relatively large state school, there is not a lot of parking on campus. In order to park without getting a ticket, you either have to pay or have an expensive and rare parking permit. I would be less frustrated if there were more parking opportunities on campus.


The student ticket lottery to sporting events. Our teams are usually very good and the demand for the tickets is very high which makes it hard to get free ones as a student.


no political tolerance...not enough diversity with hispanics and asians


it is extremely liberal, and i am not.


Honestly, I can't think of anything...and it's exam time, you would think I would have plenty to vent about! All of the faculty and staff work so hard for the betterment of their students that it inspires the students to do their best. I am very satisfied with the academics, the on-campus involvement opportunities, the sports programs, and the social aspect. It may sound cheesy, but I am so proud to be a Tar Heel.


the most frustrating thing about my school to me is the goal to be politically correct. I know it has to happen because its a public school, but seriously do we have to stop calling freshmen freshmen because it has the word men in it? is that really sexist? stuff like that really annoys me.




Trying to find parking spaces and an empty computer in the lab. Don't like to work in groups for projects - very taxing when trying to complete with so many different styles.


8 o'clock classes


The science classes weed out students who aren't going to medical school.


How competitive everyone is in our classes. I dont want you to know my grades and I dont want to know your grades.


advising and registering for classes


The school is perfect. Nothing is really frustrating. Some of the classes are really far apart and at times the campus is really crowded.


All the construction! It's great that we have new beautiful facilities but the construction makes it harder to get to class sometimes.


It's huge and each department has its own conflicting policies. No one seems to have all the answers, so all too often, you're left chasing your tail without anyone to ask for help.