University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The school spirit is the absolute best thing about my school. Our school spirit bonds us despite anything that could be used to separate us. To us, it is honorable to be Tar Heel and even in our worst times of being infamous in news headlines, we uplift each other because the Tar Heel spirit can never be tainted.


The friendliness of the student population is the best thing about UNC.


The best thing about UNC Chapel Hill is the opportunity to be anything you want to be. There are a variety of opportunities that UNC Chapel Hill provides for students to live their dreams. Personally, the Psychology Department provides clubs, programs, and internships for Psychology majors to participate in.


UNC at Chapel Hill has so many activities and and opportunities for new students to meet other students. I feel that this is the most important thing about UNC because I believe developing people skills and relationships is one of the most important parts of going to a university. Finding a group you’re comfortable in and where you can further develop yourself is key to becoming a well rounded individual and UNC has numerous opportunities for everyone.


At the same time I think all the options of things to do on campus is amazing. What ever your hobbies are or what ever you enjoy doing there are options to do that at chapel hill.


UNC is unique in that it has the cosmopolitan feel, diversity and high academic standards of a private university despite being a public school. Few state schools draw students and top professors from around the country, but UNC manages to while keeping tuition at a moderate level. Though the majority of students are from North Carolina, it doesn't have a local college/high-school-part-two atmosphere that some state schools have. With that said, even with UNC's world-class programs, there is a strong community and despite many highly competitive graduate programs, students are friendly and open rather than cut-throat and solely focused on academics.


The commradory of the students and alumni.


The amount of diversity and inclusivity it has. It allows for people to form their organizations and movements. It is rich with artistic and professional talent as well!


The sense of spirit and pride that comes from going here, the atmosphere of the town and school, great social scene.


The spirited sense of community is the best thing about UNC Chapel Hill. Even among thousands of students, you can feel like part of a close-knit family at Carolina. The relationships and connections made here will prove invaluable. Faculty, staff, and fellow students all help one another make the best of the great opportunities available at the university. My advice to any prospective student is to expect to make mistakes and have trouble adjusting to college. The best way to prepare yourself is to have support, and at UNC Chapel Hill that support is more than 28,000 strong!


The best thing about the University of North Carolina is being a part of somehting bigger than oneself. The school pride here is awesome and keeps everyone so connected; we're family. Also, the support from professors and students alike is unbelievable. It's great to be a Tar Heel!


The best thing about the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is that I am continuously amazed at the people I meet. I've found a stable group of people that are fully engaged with the school and the surrounding community and have already made an impact on life in Chapel Hill. My professors are often experts in their fields and can answer any question or point me in the right direction of anything I want to know.


The best thing about UNC is the people. The students, professors, workers, and other community members that surround the school all love UNC, and they pour out their hearts into it. The campus is so beautiful, the work is challenging, but the people make it what it is- the best.


My school is amazing because of the great feeling of community. As a student at UNC, I feel that if there is any challenge in my way that I can overcome it by the aid of my friends and fellow students. I always have a feeling that there is somebody that can help me at all times. I also feel like I can help other people, as if I am a bigger person than what I was in high school. I absolutely love UNC for this very reason.


The job oportunities available to you when you get out with a degree from this school. Many employers will look at where your degree is from and automatically you are one of the top candidates for the job because you graduated from UNC.


It's a best in value school.


The best thing about my school is our community. Everyone here is so friendly and welcoming that it's not intimidating to meet new people. Everyone has a lot of school pride, and it binds us. I'm so proud to go to my school and I am proud of the things my school has achieved. That has led me to become more involved on campus and on to meet people and become part of experiences that have changed my life.



The atmoshpere. The school spirit is awesome.


There are so many opportunities to take. Our study abroad program is spectacular and I highly recommend taking advantage of it and going somewhere if not for a year or semester than for a summer. There is something for every program, including science, which can be one of the more difficult subjects to study abroad in. Even if you are pre-med or business there are specific opportunities even for these areas, and they are all over the world. Language barriers are not even an issue for there are English programs available as well.


I consider the diversity at Carolina, both in terms of people and opportunities, the best aspect. There is something for everyone there--if you want to try something, there will be someone who shares your interest and is willing to help you.


There is something for every student, whether it be sports, arts or common interests. Students are very friendly and the professors want to help you succeed. Going to such a great school is really impressive to potential employers and the push each student to get into research which is fun during college and looks great on a resume after college.


The best thing about UNC Chapel Hill is the people here. Everywhere you walk there are always people laughing or giving you a smile. Especially as a freshman coming in to college, I felt like everyone wanted to make friends. The campus is very big which means you meet knew people everday. I love being around people and meeting new friends so it fit me perfectly.


There is no lack of opportunities for any tyype of involvement at Carolina.


The high quality education that we get for a great price (for in-state students) while still having great sports programs.


The best thing about UNC-CH is the people. So many people I meet are people I would like to get to know better. I have made so many good friends at this school that I know I will keep in touch after school.


The best thing about UNC is the overall feel of the campus. Everyone here loves it--school spirit is contagious! If you get a group of us together for any period of time we're going to start singing fight songs or the alma mater. It doesn't matter where we are or what we're doing, Carolina students are truly a student body.


The school affords its students so many opportunities. UNC is made up of a wide range of people because its student organizations and activities allow people to pursue their diverse interests. While UNC may seem like a large public school, the student who takes advantage of its many extracurricular offerings will find a niche and settle into the college life very easily. From public service to partying, art making to money making, athletics to academics, UNC serves all students.


Many stories surround the Silent Sam monument which is located right off of Franklin Street on the upper quad.


When standing from the back of Polk Place, it looks as though Wilson Library is wearing a dunce cap. Find out why!


The one-way windows were originally installed backwards on Spencer Dorm giving boys a reason to watch the 2nd and 3rd floor girls from across the street.


The Horace Williams house is now home to Chapel Hill's preservation society, but is allegedly haunted by its namesake in addition to other ghosts.


The athletic events such as football and basketball


The academic environment.


There are so many things that I love about Carolina that it's hard to name one. We have brilliant faculty, friendly and welcoming students, and seeing Tyler Hansborough in the dining halls never gets old. I think if I had to pick just one thing, I'd pick the sense of belonging and the sense of unity that exists on our campus. Carolina is a big place, but I have never once felt lost or alone. It's an amazing place. I could not ask for more in my college experience.


The best thing is academic freedom, school spirit, and all of the programs you can become involved in. The campus life is also a great thing.


Academics and Sports


The best thing about the University of North Carolina at Chapel HIll is that it can satisfy the needs of anyone almost certainly.


The best thing about this school is it's size. You can find everthing here.


Outside and inside the Union


Old Well, a campus landmark, and the surrounding quad


A UNC landmark