University of North Carolina at Charlotte Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


This school is one where you will find out who you really are and there is someone out there who can help you do that :)


I am a transfer student and will be attending UNC Charlotte in the fall. I attended St. Andrews University last year. St. Andrews did not allow me to have a strong major in Mathematics.


Small town feel, big city life, with beauty all around filled with top of the notch students and professors.


Its a fun and enjoyable school you just have to stay focused and know when playtime is over


My school, UNC Charlotte, provides its' students with an environment in which they are exposed to a variety of cultures, many opportunities to aid in helping students succeed after college, and prepare them for an overall successful life.


My school is wonderful and breathtaking because taking the classes help you reach your career goal when you graduate.


The school is very large, culturally diverse and offers many majors.


I advise prospective students to join a peer-group who are seeking to attain similar goals and standards as themselves, as these will be a strong influence on their success or lack of success in college.


The University of North Carolina at Charlotte is very dedicated to providing the best they can for the diverse students they accept each semester.


A place that gives students the ability to develop their minds, access the very heart who they are and want to be, and leave them feeling confident in the choices along their journey through life.


The University of North Carolina of Charlotte is a college with diverse students who have broad interests encompassing the majority.


UNC-Charlotte is a University that embraces the essence of what college should be.


UNCC is a must see, must attend, inspiring, awesomazing destination for your future!


Diverse, academic, and business-oriented, the University of North Carolina at Charlotte gives you the college-town experience of a rapidly-growing university, while living in the excitement of the city.


The best place to get that education for an empowered future while also being brought up in a very diverse climate.


My school to me is a beautiful place fillled with so many opportunities. I come from a small town so it was i huge step for me but the campus is breath taking, the diverse students exhibit a fun enviornment while promoting sky high academics. It offeres so many different activites, clubs, and groups to get us involved to have fun while doing well during our years at UNCC. I love it!


The University of North Carolina at Charlotte is a large exciting school with a small school intimate community.


UNCC is a modern campus that runs like a small city.


Awesome! I love the city and the campus and can not wait to contine my experience hereat UNCC.


My school is my home away from home, my time to shine on my own, a challenging, knowledgeable expience of a lifetime.


The University of North Carolina at Charlotte is rapidly expanding, with excellent research and engineering facilities along with a brand new student union that has a lot to offer the students.


UNCC is one of the most upcoming and diverse schools in North Carolina, with some of the best programs and colleges.


My school has a big campus and beautiful sights.


UNC Charlotte is a fine instution that provides its students with the opprotunity to gain an outstanding education, meet new people, and grow as a person.


UNC Charlotte is a large, diverse campus that encourages hard work, success, and involvement on campus.


UNCC is a very friendly warm community that wants its students to succeed.


UNCC has and nice campus with kind and helpful people who work there.


My school is diverse, academically and career driven, and cultural, and environmentally friendly.


My school represents people of all types, whether it be artistic or athletic, UNCC is a great school for diversity and networking.


Focused on Engineering.


A school that takes the good and transforms it into the great with social activities, counseling and above all education!


Perfect for everyone.


Convenient, new construction, growing student body, good academic choices, small classrooms in general.


A decent university with a decent faculty focused?for the most part?on teaching a lackluster student body which is, in turn, focused?for the most part?on social relationships and less intellectually challenging subjects, such as boy/girlfriends and alcoholic beverages.


UNC Charlotte is great place to be successfull and start out, plus we are getting a footbal team!


A place filled with limitless opportunities and possibilities, diverse and interesting people, and an atmosphere that's so enthralling that you wouldn't believe you were on a college campus.


competative but really helps to prepare you for real life situations.


It was, overall, a great experience that I will never forget!


UNC-Charlotte has been the best thing in my life so far, It is a great University, and my biggest dream is to finish my major in International Business at the University of Charlotte, which is known as UNC=Charlotte. I need all the help I can to accomplish this goal.


The education part is great the social life here is lacking.


not too big of a school, though parking is still a drag and the new student union will be awesome


Very good on campus housing. Not much goes on during weekends but getting better. Very good business program!


UNCC is new, fresh, welcoming, beautiful, open-minded and changing the face what people think college should be like.


the best choice i ever made for myself


A funk, career focused, liberal school that allows students to think on their own and offers help and advice every step of the way.


My school is high energy and academically focused.


UNCC is a school that offers a wide variety of courses from arts to engineering and supplies its students with a very good learning environment which is equally available to everyone.