University of North Carolina at Charlotte Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


I hear that they are rather friendly and they will always come up and talk to you, even if they do not know you yet. (fall 2015)


The students at UNCC are extremely diverse and for the most part very friendly. There are students from all walks of life on campus at UNCC, most of which are willing to talk to you about their ethnicity and cultures if you are interested in learning more about them. We also have very diverse religious groups on campus as well. Most groups are more than willing and able to tell you everything you need to know about their religious orientations and backgrounds. For the most part everyone regardless of ethnic or religious background is very nice and friendly to everyone. I have never felt unwelcome or uncomfortable during any class, sporting event, or social gathering of any kind while at UNCC


For the most part the students are very friendly and nice. There are people from all backgrounds and walks of life. One is guaranteed to find a group of friends that they love. Students are welcoming, the upperclassmen are also very friendly and if a freshmen or transfer needs help finding their way around campus they are more than welcome to help.


My classmates are never afraid of a challenge and have great opportunities ahead of them!


The students are average. Neither better nor worse than students on any given campus.


Very diverse and multicultural. There are a lot of fraternity's and sorority's but not all of our students are in these organizations. We have different culture groups from around the world. People from different countries from south america, to Australia, even the middle east and Europe. We have lots of skateboarders, bikers, scooter riders, commuters, moped riders, and even minibike riders.


They are good and hard working




My classmates are typically eager to learn and willing to put forth the effort needed to complete assignments for class.


They are ambitious, eccentric, passionate about their studies, hard working, outgoing, determined, and they have a love for showing their creativity and are accepting to different points of views or opinions.


My classmates are outgoing and very honest.


Most younger than me.


There is a very diverse group of people at UNCC. Most people are very friendly and easy to get to know.


My classmates are hardworking and willing to help others when they need help.


Most of my classmates are fun, active, and friendly, but like all colleges and classes, there are the people who are just there to sleep and do not care whether they pass or fail.


My classmates are diversly represenative of all cultures, viewpoints and values.


There are a mixture of races, personality's, sizes, genders, etc. at my school. I see some people wear really dressy/fancy clothes to class everyday, and I see others that wear t-shirt, jeans, and a hoodie everyday. I see African Americans communicating and befriending white people, and visa versa. I love the fact that my school is very diverse, which is one of the biggest reasons why I decided to attend UNC Charlotte.


Since our school is so diverse there is an overall acceptance of people of all kinds. I couldn't imagine anyone feeling out of place here. Most students are very laid back and down to earth. I have made friends with people I never imagined hanging out with before.




There are some religious groups on campus, mostly Christian groups, which I have gone to but the only one that I would really recommend going to if your interested is a group called CRU which meets Tuesdays at 7:00 PM. I don't feel that any particular student would feel out of place at this school, but maybe some students don't like how empty it gets on weekends. Most students dress casual to go to class, with jeans or shorts and a t-shirt and most of the students are from different parts of NC although there are also students various states in the north like New Jersey or Boston. I wouldn't really say that there's a prevalent financial background among students but I think most students are middle class students, although I have meet some wealthy students who just want to party all the time and have nice cars but this students aren't really dedicated in their studies because they "just want to have fun".


There is a huge variety of students at school. There are students from Charlotte living with students from across the world. It is a very accepting environment. People can be themselves and fit in without worrying about being judged.


As I mentioned before, the students here at UNCC are very diverse. Everyone is quite open minded and interested in learning about students from other cultures and ethnic backgrounds. As far as the LGBT community is concerned, there are no prejudgments about those students either. Sometimes, it is typical to see people of the same race interact with one another but simultaneously you'll see a group of people of all ethnic backgrounds socializing also. Many students here are from the United States but there a number of students from different countries around the world. My freshman year, the suite I was housed in was quite diverse. It was myself (an African America), another young woman who was also African American, a young woman who was Caucasian and Hispanic, and a young lady who was Hmong. All in all, we were a pretty diverse group of young women who were all interested in learning about one another's culture. We got along pretty well and invited one another out to different social events that may have not had the courage to attend on our own for the idea of being the "different" person in the room.



Most UNCC students work hard and play hard. There are plenty of religous groups official and not that meet on a weekly basis at the school. UNCC students are generally pretty down to earth people; perspective students who are very mission oriented and rarely stop to smell the roses will probably feel out of place at UNCC. Students of all stereotypes interact with each other at the school- a student just has to look for them, and they're every where from students break dancing in the student union at night to the "long boarders" tearing up the parking decks (yes they will ride down the parking decks). Students are generally not concerned with how much money they will one day make, but politics are very popular amoung some groups of students (there is a very large political science department).


Seize the day, become involved, and use your advisor.


The University of North Carolina at Charlotte has a very diverse campus with students from around the world. Although UNC-Charlotte is very diverse there are many opportunities to interact with people from different backgrounds and cultures. The university has a department for studying abroad so students are able to explore and study around the world as well as international coffee hours where students from different backgrounds can meet and mingle. The diversity of UNC-Charlotte is one thing that attracted me to it because the diversity of UNC-Charlotte is similar to the diversity of the world.


From my personal experience, meeting other students is the best way to make life-long friendships. It is also a great way to network with others. UNCC has many diverse groups on campus. For example, UNCC has many different racial-ethnic groups, international students, graduate students, non-traditional students, and student members of the LGBTQ community. Multiculturalism is very accepting at UNCC. In regards to socialization, I believe that UNCC is racially divided. But where is it NOT divided anywhere else? Although it is true that people tend to follow people similar to themselves, I believe that it is up to the student population to override this conception.


My classmates are a friendly diversed set of students who are always willing to help you at any given moment.


My classmates were a rainbow of ages, races, and creeds from vastly different socioecomic and political backgrounds.


Its about fifty fifty with students that pay attention, take note and seem to generally want to be there as the students that sit on facebook the entire class period.


They have been a variety of opinions, personalities, viewpoints, races, genders, and sexualities.


my class are nice and always willing to help eachother out.


They are friendly, academically focused and want to form study groups to aid in our progress in class.


My classmates are an enormous array of different types of personalities and backgrounds.


My class Mates are all quiet, friendly and very studious.


My classmates are a diverse group of people.


I am starting classs Tuesday and I really don't know anyone yet.


Put the controller down!! I have seriously played a video game for hours while I could have been studying. Other than that, get around campus and talk to people. Most people are surprised by the friendliness of strangers.


The learning community here is great because here are people here willing to help you out no matter what in order for you to succeed; and I find this very beneficial to me because of the rigourous nature of my current course of study, it is of great benefit to me to have students that are willing to help me succeed during my time here.


My classmates are very respectable, ask questions frequently, and pay attention to the professor while they are teaching.


Some of them are very interesting and engaging, nice and social. It really depends on the class, if it's a lecture hall so many students then you might have to take the initiate to make friends in there.


My classmates are exciting abouting helping others to maintain their grade. There are also other students who are willing to teach other students who needs extra help with a certain subject with free of charge.


My classmates are creative, enthusiastic and hardworking.


My classmates are smart, funny, and give great advice about academics and life in general.


Very diverse and range from any age.


It depends the class, because typically a lot of classes have 100+ people but the classrooms are very diverse.


Cool people, smart and entertaining.


Helpful when help is needed.


They tend to do just enough to get by academically.


Helpful and interested in their own success as well as everyone else's around them.