University of North Carolina at Charlotte Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


UNC Charlptte os best known for our engineering programs, in addition to our liberal arts programs.


Definitely Homecoming week. We have a lot of organizations that gather outside of the student Union that week. Charlotte also gets famous people to come preform that weekend. This last homecoming we had Chance the Rapper come to the Gym.


Best known for providing great education.


Socially we are known for our Greek life and off campus parties; whereas, on campus we are known for our Nursing, Engineering, and science departmets as well as our welcoming staff.




The University of North Carolina at Charlotte gives opportunity and education to those who otherwise might not be able to receive it. It is affordable, but without reducing the extent of producing high quality learning to students who enter its campus. It gives students the ability to be passionate about everything they do, whether just for personal benefit or to excel in the work force. It is a place were intellect is celebrated and hard work is awarded. With diverse backrounds from students around the globe, it is a place of friendship, strong foundation, cultural diversity, and mutual respect.


I don't think the school is best known for anything at the national level. Although everyone that goes here knows us to be the 49er family.


Our school is known for the engineering program. It is also known for being a research institute.


They have a really great education program.


The University of North Carolina at Charlotte is in an amazing city location in the largest city in North Carolina. It is the fourth largest UNC campus and is steadily growing!!! The academics are amazing, the people are always friendly, and it's the perfect place to get the education you want at a price you can afford. With tons of clubs and organizations to choose from it's also easy to get involved. So what are you waiting for!?


The University of North Carolina at Charlotte is best known for is Business Program and its Engineering program. They are both superb, but the other academic programs are just as outstanding as those two. We also have a great basketball team and hopefully by 2013/2014 we will have a successful football program as well. So, the athletics and academics are a huge part of this university and it is a great city to live in because there is so much to do here in Charlotte. You will never get bored!


There are too many outstanding features to highlight just one. Personally I chose UNCC because of is amazing language program. It's one of the few universities that actually offer courses in translation studies. I also know that several peers chose UNCC due to its extracurricular activities and sports like basketball, golf, volleyball and soon in 2013 a football team! The campus is perfect for college living. It's a home away from home with its various boutiques, dining options and recently added features like a hair salon and a movie theatre! UNCC is like city within the city.


My school is best known for it's ranking by the USA News and World Report as one of the nation's top ten up incoming universities. It is one of the largest and fastest growing schools in the seventeen institution of the Univsersity of North Carolina Systems. It was originally founded to serve the educationally needs of the WW2 veterans.


UNC Charlotte is best known for it's distinguished business school and the basketball team. It seems as if the majority of students here are business majors. Also, charlotte is known for basketball and one of the popular events that our team is involved in is the CIAA, which is a huge basketball tournament in which many teams from all over come to participate in.


It is best known in the surrounding area for its engineering program- most major companies in the area use UNC Charlotte for either research or future employees.


My schoool is best known for progression in technology and it's college of Business. I am not enrolled in the college of business but I know that UNCC has one of the best business programs in the state.


Basketball, Soccer, Nursing Program, Biology Research, Computer Science Development


It is known for it's Business and Architecural schools.


The University Of North Carolina At Charlotte is best known for its exceptional grown rate it is going through right now. It ranked in the top ten fastest growing Universities in the country. The area around it growing right along with it and soon the University will be known by the entire country and not just the state of North Carolina.


it's basketball team probably


I don't know what my school is best known for. It is a nice school and it is growing though.


My school is best known for the updates, it's architecture program, and it's engineering program


Our Engineering program is one of UNC Charlottes most popular programs. As well as our business school.


Downtown Charlotte, Engineering school.


For academics: Architecture, Engineering, Business. Sports: Soccer




Our school is best known for our engineering programs. A majority of students attend here for the program and almost all of them find very succesful careers and internships during their time here at UNCC.




my school is best known for research.


The University of North Carolina at Charlotte has a great Business Program and a wonderful Music Program, both of which I am involved in.


Friendly, southern feel.