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From the moment I stepped on UNC-Charlotte's campus I thought it was a beautiful and the perfect fit for me. My parents attended Radford University and Virginia Tech and I've basically grown up on those campuses. My mom always said I would know what college I would want to attend because it would look and feel like home. She was righ! I feel very comfortable and it's the perfect fit for me. The students and professors are friendly and I keep myself busy. The other schools I looked at just didn't have the same feel.


UNC Charlotte is very close to home and I can go home and visit my family in under and hour. We also have jobs on campus that students can be employed. We are close to the city, where there are so many things to do. It doesn't get too hot or too cold, becase we are no where near the mountains. The people are great, because you get to know people that might not have been like any of the people at your highschool.


Large and very diverse. I fell in love with the campus the first visit. All of the academic buildings are up to date with the latest technology.


The gays


About three or four months ago, I had been accepted to the two schools that I've always wanted to go to. I had to pick between the University of Cincinnati and UNC Charlotte. Even though I was leaning towards the University of Cincinnati, I chose UNC Charlotte because of the freedom to study abroad in almost any corner of the world. While most schools consider studying abroad to be a privilege, UNC Charlotte urges the students to study abroad.


*** I go to the The University of North Carolina School of the Arts. It is not listed in the drop down box. This survey is based on UNCSA, not UNC. UNCSA is in the UNC system.*** My school is unique becasue we are a complete melting pot. We have kids from all over the world coming here to learn their art. We are always thrown into each other's art, bouncing off of it, and growing with each other. We are


It provided me a change of scenery from a cultural standpoint. I enjoyed meeting peers from a different culture with different values. I appreciated the cultural awareness of my university and the welmcing nature that they adopted.


The campus is small enough to no scare you yet it's diverse enough that you can walk from one part to another and feel you have gone to a different place almost. The student diversity is really great


UNCC offers a very flexible course schedule that allows working and nontraditional students to both work and go to school full time. Other colleges in the area do not offer enough different sections of courses within major subject areas to allow students this freedom.


UNC Charlotte blends the best of all worlds. It is centrally located, with easy access to NC beaches. It is a must see for all Business majors! Charlotte is the financial hub of the south. You will gain vauluable real life experiences from the local businesses, banks, and other financial institutions. I was blown away by the direct help from the staff and other employees. UNCC is a large school with a small neighborhood, family type feel.


The campus as a whole is very welcoming. From the SOAR leaders to the faculty and staff and everyone involved in athletics and recreational activities. Everyone as a whole seems to be interested in making sure you get the most out of your college experience whether that be a really good education or having fun playing sports with other students. This really helps make the college experience more enjoyable.


The location of UNC Charlotte is fantastic because it as the biggest banking industry in the South, the perfect place for a business student to network, get internships, and establish a career.


There is never a dull moment on campus and everyone there is incredibly nice. One very unique thing is our Student Union builing. Its like a mini mall/school building. The Student Union is a great place to hang out or get some serious studying done. There are six different places you could dine in one building and there are three different levels with study areas for students. In one day you could see a movie and finish a project all in one building.


UNC Charlotte is unique because of the diversity of students who attend this school. We have many exchange students here and we also support studying abroad. We have plenty of multicultural events in which students from different countries can share information about their heritage.


The University of North Carolina at Charlotte is located in the heart of the Carolinas. With over 25,000 students enrolled this is the largest size institution that I considered. At UNC-Charlotte, all the academic buildings are in close proximity to each other which makes a need for cars or bikes almost useless. Here at UNC-Charlotte there are so many organizations to get involved and no matter what your interest are.


My school specializes in certan areas and the areas that I am pursuing they happened to have. This is what made the school pop for me. It is also a very diverse campus with plenty of activiities and clubs to keep any student occupied.


This school is a very diverse. It gives you a multitude of opportunities to meet people from all over the world and it is best to take advantage of that. You never know when you're in another country and need a place to stay.


It is in the middle of everything! Mountains not too far west, beach not too far right. Also many attractions around (Carowinds, National Whitewater Center, and many clubs downtown) so there is always something going on or activities to do!


Every decision I have ever made in my life is determined by what "feels right." I can't explain why something does or does not feel right, I feel like it is my guardian angel guiding me. UNC Charlotte is in a great location, the people are very friendly and I am very comfortable here. I can't say I went through a period of adjustment, since the day I moved I have felt at home.


My school is much cheaper and it offers such a wide variety of classes that I don't see who wouldn't be able to get a good education here if they don't care about the big name attached to the school.


I would consider my school (referring to the School of Arts and Architecture) to be incredibly creative-based rather than technically based like most other Architecture schools. Students here and encouraged to push themselves artistically rather than memorize information and reiterate it--we absorb information and learn to judge for ourselves what we think is important or interesting.


The school of engineering is one of a kind. I considered NC state for their renowned engineering program. After a bit of research I discovered NC State is essentially purely theoritical and doesn't do a good job of preparing students for the workplace. UNCC is very hands on, has new state of the art engineering facilities and caters to skills and abilites that are useful in the workplace.


The University of North Carolina at Charlotte is highly diverse in its academic setting. Though the school is over 20,000 students in one of the banking capitals of America, UNC Charlotte creates a "small school" feel by providing smaller classes, close-knit departmently communities, and many opportunities for involvement in the surrounding community. Students are also encouraged to participate career enhancing professional societies, as well as university-based internships, called a 49ership.


UNC Charlotte is a very young campus (all new buildings), it is growing so fast, why not grow with your school and be part of history!


UNC Charlotte has a great plan of earning a degree and offers many degrees to obtain.


It is one of the only schools in North Carolina allowed to do classified government work. It has the fourth best physics department on the east coast. Due to its proximity to the Charlotte Douglas international airport, the school has a very diverse student body.


UNCC is unique to me due to the diversity in the school. We have students from all over the world that come here to recieve their education, and it is exciting to learn about their cultures and values in their country. We also have very affordable out of state tuition which encourages these students from all over the world to come here to learn.


A very diverse campus that always has a lot going on.


Because of it's large size, the opporunity to meet new people is always available. At the same time, there is a strong sense of individual attention, especially when one is active in academic programs like learning communities, clubs, and honors programs; in social programs like sororities and fraternities; and in athletics and extra-curricular activities. The campus is large, but manageable, and it is well-maintained and growing.


The University of North Carolina at Charlotte is updating many of its buildings, as well as adding new buildings and new entrances to enhance the value of the school.


The willingness of the professors to help you and the staff on campus are very helpful


The way the go about doing things is just so organized