University of North Carolina at Charlotte Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The University of North Carolina at Charlotte is amazing. Everything is so diverse that you meet different people and learn about different cultures, it is interesting talking and making social connections with others. I love being at UNCC where we have the space and availability to study in a library that's 24 hours. We have events everyday in the Student union that makes it fun to interact with clubs on campus. This school has an amazing aura that everyone should experience.


I brag about the plethora of activities that are always taking place on campus. I also brag about the fun and energetic students that run and participate in the campus' activities. However, the aspect that I am most proud of my school, is the unwavering school spirit that everyone on campus has.


They offer a lot for you to do at the school. There seemingly is always an event going on.


What I brag about the most would definately be the way that the architecture program is set up. I am an architecture major and most of the big schools around the country do not keep the architecture major student to teacher ratio low so most of the studio supplies are shared throughout the student body. At UNC Charlotte, I have my own desk and own studio section. It really helps with organization and relieves stress knowing there is always a place to do my work.


The shows we put on here are world class productions. Every weekend we can go see a play, a dance recital, a music preformance, or student movies. We are a totally creative community that thrives on us being involved in eachother's work.


Fun Enjoyable Bright Friendly Interactive


How much you have grown as an artiest.


I always tell students about my fraternity experience. It is one thing that I am very proud of. The fraternity and sorority life is amazing at this school. While it is not as big as other school's, it is growing every year. The fraternity life at UNCC is not just of the typical thing you think about when you hear the word fraternity it is more than that. It teaches you about respect, relationships, community service, leadership, and communication skills.


That it is big enough to allow anyone to join but small enough that you don't feel lost. The campus is big but I can walk from one end to another in 15 minutes. It's not like other campus were all the buildings are isolated. The transit system is a plus too!


Probably about how pretty the campus. It's a beautiful mix of green and brick.


At the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, we are rapidly becoming one of the big time schools! Our business, engineering, architecture, and education programs are top of the line. There are so many things to do: clubs & organizations, the student union (movie theater, pool tables, televisions), gardens, athletics, etc. Getting a football team in 2013 will be awesome! Being Greek is one of my favorite things at UNCC. Alpha Delta Pi has made me a better woman by doing community service for the Ronald McDonald House and other organizations, hanging out with all my sisters, and meeting other Greeks!


The campus was amazing. I was truly able to embrace the entire college experience and feel that I received a well rounded education. The staff also was exceptional, they cared about each student and were always willing to work with students. I will always remember many of the professors that I had and the education I received will forever remain with me.


I love the location of the school. The town I grew up in and was large, but here there are so many more things to do which is part of what I love about it.


The beautiful campus and amazing people


I tell people how much financial aid I got when I went to UNCC. The school gave out so much money for students in need, like me. There were so many grants and scholarships available and they were so easy to recieve.


I normaly brag about the city of Charlotte, because it has everything that aa college student could need in a city. Also the new buildings on campus, including the student union are fabulous. They offer a great new environment for activities, and it give students a better chance to meet people. They have a pool hall, multiple restaurants, stores, and even its own movie theatre. The building is absolutly amazing.


When I speak with my friends about the school I attend, I mainly acknowledge the amount of new construction going on. We have a brand new student union center that really caters to the students. It offers many different services and is also a great place to study in private.


The University of North Carolina at Charlotte is a very diverse school. The majority of the professor are very eager to help their students pass their classes with the greatest success. The campus is clean and is alway well managed. The faculty and staff are very helpful and will alway put their best in helping students.


The number of friendly people on campus and the ease of making friends.


The new student union and several other new upgraded facilities. Women's sports are well supported by the athletic department with a lot of help to aid us in completing our degrees. The variety of programs, good professors, and the school climate is excellent.


The most i brag about is the beauty of my campus. A few years ago it wasn't as big as it is now. Now there's more buildings, more plant life, and lots of great and friendly people. Its great just walking around and finding new ways to get to class, walking threw the woods of just threw the middle of campus on a beautiful sunny day. My campus may not be in the middle of the mountains or right next to the beach but it's close to both. You can never get bored at my campus.


I brag that my school has the best Accounting program in the nation. Additonally, the accounting program at University of North Carolina at Charlotte where Charlotte has the largest bank system in the United States and it's also the second largest in the world.


nothing really...maybe that is really nice with the remodeling.


I brag about how large my school is and that there is alwys someone new to meet, and things to do.


Haven't gotten to the point that I brag about my school. But it is growing on me. Slow by slow.


How huge the new student union is


That the architecture program is incredibly intense and that I am really learning in this field, more than I ever thought I would. I enjoy the program not only because of its intensity but also because I have my own desk space in the Architecture building. Also, all of my friends are in the program with me and we all love hanging out together and working intensely on our projects. I will remain friends with everyone in the program for a very, very long time. :)


Its a great commuting school.


I brag about the quality of the engineering program at UNCC. There is no university in the state that can match the quality of teaching, or amount of hands on work done here. The facilities are immaculate and state of the art.


The city of Charlotte is a great place for active students and non-active students alike. There is so much to do, that no matter what you like, you'll find it here. The school is fun and has awesome events. Basketball is where UNC-Charlotte shines! Go Niners!


UNC-Charlotte is the best University, and so far has been the best experience in my life, I want to continue in this University. Am having a blast at this University because I have made so many friends from different countries.


Leadership opportunities and activities, networks I have, parties


I really like the trees and the campus. I also enjoy the cool little quit places we have to study


How much the teachers care about how you do in class


I am very impressed with our program for Teacher Education, because it is very thorough in preparing each student for a professional career in their field.




I ahve a good time and I have great proffesors.


There is always something to do, somewhere to eat, a concert to see, etc. And everything is within 5 miles of campus.


Weather, My House, Fun Weekends