University of North Carolina at Charlotte Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst part about the school is the parking situation on campus. Unless you have early classes or night classes it is impossible to find parking. Due to the amount of growth over the last few years the school has not increased the parking.


The wort thing about UNCC is the traffic between classes. Many are not considerate to the walkers at cross walks.


The worst thing about this school is alot of people are shy and only stick to their group of friends. This makes it kind of hard to meet new people, but at the same time there are a few people who are outgoing and are open to meeting new people.


Traffic because it has so many commuters, getting home from class in the afternoon can take a really long time if you drive to campus.


The worst thing about my school would have to be the lack of careing among some proffesors. In the last year alone I have experienced at least 3 that have no drive to helping students nor do they care to find out how much of our time is taken up by other activities or classes. We cannot stay up till two in the morning evry night trying to work on homework ore other projects and them expect us to be 'all' there for their classes.


I am a transfer student and will be attending UNC Charlotte in the fall. I attended St. Andrews University last year which did not have the necessary courses for my major in Mathematics.


The worst thing about the university I attend is despite how great the campus looks and how new it seems, the school spirit is practically non-existent. Many students including myself that attend the school did not have the University as their first choice. The campus does not feel like a tight bonded community that you imagine as a high school student entering college. I can only hope for improvement as I continue school, but at the moment it does not feel like anyone else at the school wants to attend the university.


This school does not offer multiple sessions, including evening sessions, for several of the chemistry and biology classes. There is a shortage of chemistry and biology teachers at this point at UN CC, and students have to wait to take classes that are required for the completion of their degree. Furthermore, many higher level classes are are not offered on a consistant enough basis for the same reason.


The amount of teachers in our science department would be the worst thing or the main change that should be taken place. Our science department lacks a decent amount of science teachers which is detrimental to the students. If we have the right amount of teachers, then students would not fail or drop out of the classes.


The amount of funding that is given to the Science/Math departments over the other departments.


The worst thing about my school is that it has higher tuition for students coming in from different states. Even though I know most schools are this way, I did not have enough money or scholarships coming in to continue my education for this semester of college.


The worst part about UNCC is dealing with the financial aid office. Often, my parents would try and call to help get my questions answered, and eventhough they are authorized to discuss my information, their questions were not always answered.


The worse thing about the school is the crime that is around it. Even though robberies and break ins are a high occurance, if you keep your doors locked and your possesions out of sight in your car then you should not have any problems. At no time did I ever feel unsafe walking through campus either. Its more or less the surrounding area. Although I would not suggest walking through campus alone at night, never a very safety concious idea.


The only bad thing about UNCC is all of the construction they are currently doing on campus. It depletes the schools previously gorgeous grounds. It is a wonderful feeling to walk on campus on a pretty day and see all of the trees, flowers, ponds, and geese running around, but when you see the construction equipment, it somewhat ruins the mood. However, the construction is quite okay because it's only going to make the campus more beautiful once it is completed! The new dorms, parking decks, refinished dining areas, and brand new football stadium are exciting!


The professors that teach the introductory computer science courses. They dont seem to know what it is they are talking about. They are often corrected by students and the textbooks that are assigned aren't much better. When a student asks a quiestion it is commonplace that the instructor gets easily frustrated if the student doesn't completely understand a specific topic after they answer their question. The school is known to have a high fail rate for the lower level courses because of this.


The worst thing about my school is money management. There are buildings here that either need to be completed or need to be fixed in some way and the shcool is taking a great deal of time in attending to this matter and is spending money on other things that are not necessarily needed.


The worst thing about my school is that it is far away from home for me and I wish I was closer to home.


i would say the worst thing about my school is that it is a commuter school. the majority of the students seem to go home after classes. it seems as if there is almost no one on campus during the nights and weekends. therefore, in my opinion, it seems it is harder to make friends with people that you go to school with.


nothing i like my school


The worst thing about my school I would have to say would be some of the teachers. Mainly in the subject mathematics, we are given teachers who are very good at what they teach, but unfortunately we are not always able to fully understand what they are saying. So in some way this hinders us as students to fully grasp a understanding of math in general, which can cause some fall-back with grades in that subject.


The advising center. Every time I went, I got opposing answers and I usually left more confused than when I went in.


The worst thing about my school is that there is no football team. We are getting one in 2013, but I will be gone by then! When everyone thinks of college they think of the football teams, and I really wish my school had that sense of pride to be able to go out as a community and cheer for the school. It gives me a crazy feeling when I see thousands of people somewhere for a cause, and I wish that cause could be to support my school.


The only aspect of my school that I consider bad about my school is the fact that it is all up hill and down hill as well as the fact that it is so crowded that it is almost too crowded to walk anywhere.


I consider the parking situation on campus to be a major issue that frustrates many students. The university sold 2500 more parking stickers for this year than we have spaces on campus. Although I live on campus and am usually able to find a spot to park, I hear many complaints about the lack of parking spaces from students who do not live on campus. Although it is great to be able to park on campus as a freshman, I believe the university needs to reconsider the amount of parking spaces we have versus the amount of parking stickers sold.


I would have to say the dining. There is a variety of places to eat, but they close really early. Many students have late classes and want to eat afterwards, but have no where to go other than off campus. Also the only dining available on the weekends are the cafeterias. That would be ok if they would have kept the cafeteria open near the campus apartments. Where I live we have to go all the way across campus to eat on the weekends or go in the campus convenience store which is ok sometimes.


I consider the financial aid department and the registrar's office the worst thing about the school. I have had trouble getting the money I needed for summer classes as well as classes during the regular school year. The people who work in the registrar's office are not well informed and don't have some of the necessary proceedures in place.


One of the worst thing about my campus is how big it is. Walking to one side of campus can be hard on some days. There are many hills and I do enjoy the walk in the summer but the winter are hard. The other thing I disliked was the food in the cafeteria but they have now builted other food eatery. I think the dorm rooms could be a little bigger.


The worst thing about Central Piedmont Community College is the parking. Parking in the early mornings are okay, but once it gets close to around 10-11 a.m. finding a place to park can be a hassle. Some parking lots have awful parking lines without adequate parking space for a car to maneuver into.


My major is one of the most popular majors at this school, however there seems to not be enough classes for it. I can't get into my two required psychology classes because are so full. You would think they would provide more classes for students.


I wish there were more activity on the weekends, so that students could connect more. I am involved with a group on campus, so we all hangout together during the weekends, but campus is dead on the weekends mostly. UNC-Charlotte is a commuter school, so there are many types of people as students, which means they leave on the weekends. But if you find a good group of friends, you will always have people to hangout with!


The worst thing about our school is that it is very open and you can get on this campus in many different ways. The university area is a high crimed area.


The view of how the school's money is spent, sometimes it seems like they spend it own on things not needed, but they took away need based scholarships, which does not make sense to me.




The worst thing about my school is the lack of campus police at night


Too many foreign students.


The traffic on camous is absolutely hoorible. They could have really done a better job of planning all the new construction.


Finding parking on campus is a hassle so its better to choose early morning classes so you can get a parking spot close to the buildings.


The wrost thibg I consider about my school is the cost. It is very expensice and can cause a low income person not to go. I am a mom and I have a hard time paying fot classes and books.


The crime that leak in from the surroungind urban area.


Robberies on campus are typical


The fact that our administration is very conservative - our faculty, staff, and students I would say are fairly liberal, but at times our administration can show their conservative side.


Better parking


How they nickel and dime you for everything like parking tickets. And parking passes are $300 and they go up each year


How there is a focus on getting a football program here. This school caught my eye because it didnt have a focus on a football program. I liked seeing how they took pride in other sports like basketball, soccer, tennis, and volleyball to name a few. I am worried that when they do get a football team, the student body will forget about the other interesting sports.


There is very little school spirit and it is very dead on the weekends.


Trying to figure out random charges when they show up on your student account. I had a $30 charge on my account, classified under the meal plan payment. I went to the meal plan place, they sent me to student accounts, who sent me to housing, who sent me to my old dorm, before I could figure out what it was. It would have been more helpful for one of the faculty to call those places, rather than have me run around in the NC August heat.


Chartwells- the dining halls give you the shits, but other food places are amazing on campus! Plenty of variety, just don't eat at the dining halls!


The only bad thing I have experienced at this school is the size of the dorm/suite/apartment rooms. They are small, but I have gotten used to them by now.


Not a lot of freedom of class times at the junior and senior level courses.


Lack of academic motivation from some students. There are a few students who don't really know why they came to college.