University of North Carolina at Charlotte Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person who is interested in a four-year Bachellor's degree and willing to work hard and study hard should attend UNC Charlotte. Courses here can be challenging, but nothing is impossible for a person with strong perserverence. In addition, a person who wants to be involved with the community should attend this school. There are so many organizations to get involved with. For instance, Greek Life is an amazing experience and you will develope life-long friendships and networking opportunities for after graduation.


I think ll kinds of people should attend this school. Currently we have a really diverse campus. The individuals here are really accepting of everybody. College is what you make it, but everyone has the opprotunity to be successful, but also have fun at the University of North Carolina- Charlotte.


Students who appreciate diversity in age, culture and race and also want to experience a large college atmosphere with numerous degree programs should consider UNC Charlotte. Since UNC Charlotte has such a diverse population it has countless options when it comes to extracurricular activities so you will never be bored on campus. UNC Charlotte also caters to students who love the country and city life because downtown Charlotte is only 20 minutes away. If you love diversity, getting involved on campus and the city and or country feel then UNC Charlotte is the college for you!


Students interested in a larger school with a broad range of interests in the Arts should attent this school. Adults looking for understanding in thier situation and classes that work around thier needs. Students looking to be placed in a position while in college, kniwing this college has your best interest at heart. This university works with the city and employers to find the jobs for thier students even before graduation.


UNC Charlotte is a very welcoming campus full of individuals of all personalities. An outgoing person looking to get involved and make a difference all while expanding your education are the types of individuals that I feel would benefit from UNC Charlotte the most.


Anyone. This school has a good academic focus, but is also good for a social life.


University of North Carolina at Charlotte is an eclectic and diverse school. That being said, the university needs such people to bring new ideas and creativity to the table. Intellegent, culturally accepting individuals are welcomed to this school, which strives to feed young minds. Students should be adventurous and willing to have fun at any moment.


Students who wish to study business, Nursing or education should attend this school.


A person who loves diversity in culture and religion would have a blast at UNCC. They also have to be very focused, because it is very easy to get caught up in the variety of extra activities that the University provides for free to students. The school is only about 15 minutes from Uptown Charlotte and about 15 minutes from the biggest mall in North Carolina (Concord Mills), so someone who is interested in the city life as well,


A person that is focus on grades or is searching for the career they would like to choose. It has a wide variety of majors if you are searching and is fairly cheap so it doesn't destroy your school funds while you search. If you are focused on a major such as nursing then the wide variety of resources will help you compete and perform well.


Anyone can attend this university. I see a wide range of age groups on campus; but the best thing is that the university has resources that help or are understanding of "non-traditional" students. One of my daughters was ill last semester and I emailed all my professors that I would not be able to attend class that particular day; they understood and kept me informed about any assignments I would be missing and wished my daughter the best. So, in short, -- anyone can attend.


People with passion for studying and who wish to be part of a friendly and goal oriented team.


People who are serious about their education.


i would say that the kind of person that attends UNC Charlotte should also enjoy going out to enjoy the social life of downtown charlotte.


any one


A student wishing to attend this college should be focused on building a strong future. UNCC gives you the tools but you must be motivated to use them all to the fullest extent. You must be confident in the belief that you control your own desstiny.


People that love diversity! It beautiful and its not a crazy college.


Someone with more of a focus on activities than social life.


I think this school is designed for any type of student that wants to pursue higher education. There are many extracurricular activities, clubs, sports as well degree and even certification programs that University of North Carolina at Charlotte has to offer. Even if you like taking classes online, be in a classroom setting or a combination of both this school offers both opportunities. There are employment opportunities on campus with great benefits offered to employees towards advancing their education as well as good part time job opportunities for working students. I believe this school offers the best of all worlds.


anyone looking to be a part of something bigger than himself and looking to grow and experience new things


Anyone who wants an education that is based on the demands of employers. Since UNCC is a newer college, it doesn't need to uphold any curriculum (i.e. being just a liberal arts college) and can modify its courses in accordance with the demands of the world.


Anyone may attend this school and fit in. The classes are widely varied. There are people from all parts of the world and all walks of life mixed throughout the school. Your classes could have students from this city as well as from Saudi Arabia. The ages range from 18 years of age, which is considered conventional, to well over 40 years of age.


A person who likes a large school with a lot of people should attend this school.


I believe that anyone who desires to receive a higher education should go to college. It doesn?t matter which one you go to as long as you receive a degree in something you love that you want to do with the rest of your life. The main reason I went to college was to get an education. I want to come out of college with a degree that helps me get a good job so I can enjoy life.


I believe a person should attend this school that like a lot of culture. I believe it would be very rewarding and that you would get a good education if you are focus. They have some great academic programs and locating in a big city. I think the students becomes bond easily since this is there first time away from home so finding friends wouldn't be problem.


People that love to walk and that are dedicated to getting a higher education should attend UNCC because that is what this school is about. You walk to all of your classes and the staff and advising center just want to help you along the path that you have chosen to take.


A person who attends UNC Charlotte should be a driven, determined, and focused student who understands how to balance school and their social life. Because UNC Charlotte is such a largest campus students must stay involved in activities on campus as well as keeping their grades up. UNC Charlotte is a very diverse campus. Most importantly, people who attend here must be open-minded and embrace diversity.


The person that should enter this school would be the one that does not need too much to have fun and is on top of their academic game. Anyone willing to work and anyone that knows what they are doing should definitely consider applying.


I person who enjoys being close to a medium size city and is looking forward to getting into their carreer or wants to find direction into a carreer area.


Someone who doesn't like to conform to the norms of society.


Anybody. A student whos looking for a college experience and also fouced on academics.


A person who knows what they want or is still investigating. Professors are very accessible so it makes inquiring about their fields or learning about the fields more in depth a lot easier. Also, prospective students should have an open mind and ready to work hard. Students should be team players since in most classes it makes it easier if you create groups in case you miss class or need clarification on a certain topic. Finally, they need to have integrity.


Anyone interested in a beautiful university, brilliant professors, a location near a big city, and who wants to be a part of something that is getting bigger and better every year.




People who actually want to learn.


An open-minded, fun-loving person who has perserverance to get past the initial difficulty of finding your niche. There are so many different people at UNC-Charlotte, you just need tofind where you fit in the best and you will more than likely love it! I do!


anyone looking for a good high end average school, and does not care bout terrible parking.


anyone and everyone is welcome


A person who enjoys the big city


Any normal college student seeking to have the best college experince ever!!!