University of North Carolina at Charlotte Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


If you are looking for great parties are more of an off campus activity this isn't for you. On most weekends all students travel home or away to different locations. The campus is always dead, even around most sporting events.


It was a little tough at first- seemed like a lot of students went home on the weekends. I managed to hang out with friends and find things to do on the weekend. The football team is new, but still has a high school feel. If you want big football like Virginia Tech- then this is not your school yet- but it'll come! If three hours is too far from home then don't make this your choice. Distance does matter.


I would suggest anyone to go to University of North Carolina at Charlotte. It's one of the best schools known for diversity. It has a massive amount of options to choose from for your majors, and has a lot of different clubs and activities that anyone could get involved with. No one is ever by theirselves unless they want a little free time. I, myself, feel very safe here living on campus.


This school is great for everyone.


If you want a huge school or a really tiny school, we are about in the middle in my opinion (being a transfer from a big university, a lot of people call our school big though). Also if you plan to commute, but hate traffic, not for you.


A person who doesn't want to succeed or a person who doesn't really want to even be there.


People who prefer small campuses and classes should not attend this school. Furthermore, people who want a school where there is a strong allegance to the school's sport teams should not be attending UNCC .


Someone who doesn't like to walk up big hills to class everyday


In order to attend this school I believe you have to be accepting of different cultures. This is a very diverse school which has been an eye opening experience to say the least. I have made friends with people from many different countries in my classes and have a better understanding of other cultures and religions just by talking to my classmates.


There is no type of person that should not attend this school. University of North Carolina at Charlotte is acceptable for all students regardless or race, gender, and anything else that would discriminate an individual. My school has over 350 organizations that pertain to any type of student and if the student feels as if there is not an organization for them they have the ability to start their own.


Some one who isn't willing to work or put forth effort in order to gain an education. No one's going to do your work for you.


Anyone who is not commited and serious about their education should not attend this school. The curriculum is very difficult and requires much dedication.


UNCC is a smaller school that is almost a separate community. It works out very well of you are use to small communities or small groups. If you are looking for a school to party or socialize it would be better to go to App or somewhere else.


The type of person that shouldn't come here is a person that is just looking to come here and come out with a college degree. This University I feel is very personal, and people get really involved. Although people should except to work hard to get the education they want. Your degree isn't going to be served to you on a silver plater. If you work hard you will succeed.


If you are looking to attend a small religious campus, I would not recommend UNCC. While there are many different religions present on our campus most of these groups meet in private. Our campus is rather large as well.


A person who like small class sizes and who likes to know their professors one on one. A person who is incapable of walking long distances and up hills.


A person who is not serious about earning a higher education and does not respect the religion and responsibility of others, will not fit in well at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. An individual who is only interested in parties and alcohol will not be successful at this university.


This school is perfect for anyone to attend.


If youre someone whos looking for a big city campus, than most likely this is not the school for you. Although we are located only ten minutes away from downtown Charlotte, we are a very green and outdoorsy type campus.


Our school offers a place for everyone, but if I had to say it would be someone that is not interested in getting involved or someone that not like being around a lot of people.


Anyone that won't appreciate hard work and good times.


A person who does not have the desire to enhance their devolpment in science in society, to think abstractly and critically, to express thoughts clearly in speech and in writing and to make wise decision, should not consider attending UNC-Charlotte.


I don't know.


Anyone can attend this school. The difference is how much of a struggle they will have. A person that has been independent and is used to being responsible, should not have many problems adjusting. But on the other hand, a person that is used to their parent always doing things for them, may have quite a few problems adjusting. Here you have to be responsible for yourself. There is no one that comes around to make sure you get up for class or make sure you have eaten. You have to do the work, not someone else.


I believe there is no person that shouldnt attend this school. It is very diverse and anyone could come and be comfortable.


The kind of person that keeps to themself alot should NOT attend this school. UNC Charlotte does a good job at trying to engage every student in some sort of on campus activity. It provides various events, clubs, organizations, and functions where students could make friends and be immersed in the school-wide community.


Someone who doesn't want to immerse themselves in the rich diversity that is present at uncc.


I believe that this school is for everyone. There is enough divrsity in the faculty for each student to feel comfortable.


If you are not focused and you only want to engage in the social aspect of college, then you should not attend UNCC. You will easily flunk out.


Those who like to keep to themselves and have trouble opening up because it is a big school and you need to be able to put yourself out there and meet friends on your own.


A person who is really down to earth wouldn't fit in well here. It seems like everyone here is pretty okay with spending their parents' money just to party and goof off. Either that or they get scholarships while the small percentage of intelligent people have to pay their own way. Also, this school is only friendly with very liberal political views to the point that even all the teachers push their views on everyone else- which doesn't matter much since most of the students agree. For everyone else, it sucks.


Someone that likes to play around and not get any work done.


There's no kind of person that shouldn't attend. Every type of person is welcomed and can fit in in some kind of group.


A student who is liable to get intimidated by the size of both the college and the city.


I feel that all students that want to attend UNCC should. It is a wonderful school and everyone is welcomed. The Theatre department is great and I am so glad that that is my major.


Because of UNC Charlotte's diverse setting, there is not one person that could not find a place at this University. There are so many choices for a student looking for academic , physical, spiritual, and cultural support. The faculty and staff are extremely accomidating, as well as upperclassmen and fellow classmates. The University of North Carolina at Charlotte allows for any and all backgrounds for any future student.


Someone looking for a huge school with most students living on campus


Relaxed and liberal


Anyone should come here who wants the classroom just the right size, international exposure, career experience, fairly-sized campus and great school spirit what have you.


This is a large commuter school and it has a lot of non-traditional students. The young students said they had a real college feel being on or near campus.


A person that is not ready to venture out on their own and realize that there are going to be times where you may feel a little disconnected.


Some one that does not enjoy a large university, and someone that does not like to live in a large city.