University of North Carolina at Charlotte Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Enjoy every moment! You hear people say it flys by and you never beleive them, well it does. I would also suggest living in a dorm for at least one semester. You wont know what you are missing if you never have the chance to try it. Make sure you also take advantage of different sporting events or clubs. They are free and great ways in meeting new people outside of your classes.


Once upon a time there was a pretentious 18 year old, who thought a college degree was all she needed to conquer the world. I would give so much to sit her down and convince her that putting in more work and less play would save her years of more 'study' and heartache. I took the easy route my first round of college, going to the same school as my older siblings because it was familiar; joining the same sorities, living in the same housing, taking the same classes. But now, 4 years after graduation, I'm venturing back as a post-bacc student, to fulfill a now-realized dream of becoming a veterinarian. Had I taken a second to stop and analyze I might have done things differently. I encourage high school seniors to get out into the world. Experience life! That's how I eventually figured out what I truly wanted to do. It might just save you an extra 6 years of school, and a couple (tens of) thousands of dollars in debt.


Hey Meade-man! Just wanted to check in and see how you're doing. Now that I know what I know I wanted to tell you that as much as I hate to say it- mom and dad were right. Life is tough! You're 18 now- a man- a freshman! You got into college. You were scared to death about coming, but didn't want anyone to know. So many changes- you're now in charge- of your life! But mom and dad prepared you for this so you can do it! Mom taught you to wash clothes and cook a bit. They helped you manage your money. They helped you tackle your homework when needed. They expected that you communicate with people so talking to your professors shouldn't be a problem. Over many years, they helped you learn to manage your time. You worked hard your first semester, but you know you do better when you have a lot on your plate. I'm proud of you for becoming an active participant in clubs and activities at UNC-C. Keep that up and continue to work hard to make a positive impact on yourself and UNC-C.


You will screw up. You will fail a class, maybe multiple. You will lose a best friend. You will lose a job. You will experience what its like to be poor, so poor you cant afford a cup of coffee. You will experiment with drugs, just dont let them take over your life. College will teach you not just what you need for your future career, but how to keep moving forward when you feel like the entire world is pushing against you. Make a Goal every semester and turn that goal into a reality. Surround yourself with the kind of people that you want to be. Being social is NOT a bad thing. Talk to a stranger every day. Dont forget the things that made you happy as a little kid. And finally, You are more important than you will ever know, and anyone who tells you different is an ignorant ass with nothing better to do than bring others down.


I would tell my highschool self to always try your hardest in school. Never give up, because your grades are everything. Having education is the best thing for your future. I would also tell myself to either save up money working at the minimum-wage job that I had or apply for many different scholarships, because tuition is very expencive, and the family can't really afford that. I would've also told myelf to get involved with extracurricular activities like clubs and student council. Although I was a very stubborn person I would definitely listen to my older self. I would tell her to also get all the sleep she could, because there is no sleeping in college, it's just studying. There is also no partying in college. However, I probably wouldn't try to change myself and how I used to be, because that would change the person I am today. I am proud how I have turned out to be. I am a hard working individual and I work my best until I succeed at what I'm focused on.


If I could go back in time and give advicce to my high school self I would encourage myself to challenge myself a little more. While I did participate in College level classes, AP courses, I didn't really take them as seriously as I should have. I only did enough to pass the class. Instead I should have done more to successfuly recieve a high score on the AP exam in order to get college credit for the class. Also I would advise myself to not get distracted by little things, school and reaching your goals should be the only thing on your mind at that time.


If I could go back in time and give myself advice about college I would tell myself to take scholarships seriously. This is something that I did not deem important and now I am paying for it. Unfortunately, I did not have enough money to return to school this semester so I decided to do an internship at Disney World. I love what I am doing here but all I can think about is not being able to return to school when my program is over. Now that I am not in school I see the importance of scholarships because if I would have applied for some I would be in school now completing my first semester of my junior year, Another thing I realized is that loans add up. I am only half way done with my undergraduate degree and I already owe about $20,000. Just the thought of owing this much money already really stresses me out. School is very important to me and I cannot wait to go back and earn my degree but if I could do this whole thing over again applying for scholarships would be my number one priority.


Don't be shy there are people just like you. There's no need to be perfect just do your best. What do you have a passion for? Go for it and do get detered. Their is no perfect road to success, it's rock full of hole, bounds, and leaps. It's ok to say no and it's ok to say yes. Explore your jungle and learn your field. All things come with time and success falls in to place when you need it the most. Just keep smiling and know your not a failure and everythings okay.


If it were possible for me to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would encourage myself to venture on. I woudl tell my younger self that it gets better in college, "The work you are doing now is already at a college level but in abundant amounts, you already have what it takes. You have survived the IB Program then you can survive anything that comes your way in college.", is what I would tell myself. I would also tell my younger self not to be afraid, that I can do whatever I want to do, study what I want to, and be whoeve I wanted to be in college. I'd ensure myself that I'd be fine with the transition because of the social butterfly that I am. I would say, "Sure it's hard at first leaving home but you will grow and prosper beautifully after a week or so. You just have to keep your eyes and mind open to the copious opportunities and various experiences that will come your way in college. I'd end my visit by saying, "You'll be great!".


Work hard in your Advanced Placement classes, and take the Advanced Placement tests so you can get credit for the work you have done prior to college. You're going to make some mistakes in college, and you're going to transfer after freshman year when you change your major, but both experiences are amazing, so enjoy both while you can. Remember who you are, you're going to change a lot and learn to love yourself, so do not worry about what others think of you- you figure it all out in the long run, I promise.


I would tell myself that babies and marriage are not your only option. Life is not going to turn out the way you think it will and things will not just fall into place. That hand of yours that doesn't work right now, will grow one of the muscles back. Don't give up on your dream of being an artist because you will just come right back to it after years of yearning. This is a fork in the road so don't break your own heart and don't let yourself be defeated by not exploring the unknown. Your smart, capable, strong, creative and worth so much more than you gave yourself credit for. And when you do this, go big, don't waste your time at a 2 year college. Go to a university get your BA or BFA and not for one minute should you think your not good enough because you will achieve so much more than what you though you were strong enough to endure. Babies will come and so will love, just don't rush it. Wait for the right one to come at the right time. And most importantly FIND GOD!


Hello Self, Back in 1988 I was a very young mother of two beautiful girls. Even through having two daughters while still in High School I managed to graduate ON TIME! I had dreams of attending college once I finished high school but was unable to. I am glad I decided to wait until both of my girls were out of high school before I decided to go back to collge at the nice ripe age of 35. Knowing what i know now about college I wish I would have had the opportunity to live on campus and experiene campus life to the fullest. Working on campus for 3 years gave me an inside look at how much experience college students gain by living on campus. Making the transition into college later in life didn't give me the experience as most get, but I made it my business to join as many clubs as any young college study would. I was very active on my campus. Self, I want to say that "it's never to late" to enjoy college, even if you are delayed.


If I were to go back in time to give myself tips, my bigest and most important tip I would give is stay on top of your grades. I did not give my proffesors enough trouble about getting my assignments graded and given back to me so I could find out what I was doing wrong with my work. This led me to nearly failing some of my courses. Another huge tip I would give is get an early job, and start on getting scholarships NOW! It was to late by that point to raise my class rake high enough to win any merit based scholarships but I surely could have gone back and worked on recieving need based money so I could go to school. The last thing I would tell myself is to be responsible. College is a big step and alot of freedom. I knew this going in and thought I was responsible enough to take it, but I learned that College is much more difficult then highschool and that more time should be spemt on working then it should on personal pleasure.


DO NOT GET CAUGHT UP IN DATING RIGHT AWAY! I would tell myself ot focus more on school and less on my social life because it would put me in a better place than I am now.


If I could go back in time and advise my high school senior self on how to become better prepared for the college lifestyle and transition, I would strongly emphasize the best money management and decision making possible. College is a point in life where things become a bit more "real" then I think I had ever participated in before. You have no one there to constantly keep after you, clean up after your mistakes, turn to in some normally easily or difficultly handled times of need, or just to simply remind you of your math project due in the next couple days. It is suddenly all about the decisions and routes you decide to take. Only you can decide and no one else. If you want to blow your money on items such as unnecessary apparel or supplies, or if you choose to stay out the night before a huge test, there is no one there to advise you otherwise. You must be your own voice of reason and decide whether your next choice is turn down the right or wrong road.


While I was in high school I had a huge expectation of the kind of person I was going to be in college. Since I was leaving Alaska and moving out of state, I had this facade going on in my mind that I was starting a new life. I quickly learned that unless you change yourself the person that you are does not become any different by merely changing locations. In high school I was intent on being super-focused earning a 4.0 gpa every semester and not go to college for just the social experience that goes along with it. I wanted to go to college for a purpose and get out of it what I put in. I did have great success in college my freshman year earning a 3.80 gpa, however I can honestly say I was not happy or having any fun while in school. If I could go back in time I would tell myself to lighten up, stay focused but also understand that life is short and no day is promised to anyone. I would tell myself to enjoy each day while also working hard to achieve success.


Don’t be nervous. College is different than high school, but it is not something to worry about. In time, you will meet good people, and make lifelong friends. Don’t concern yourself over the little things. Do your best in every class, and speak up, even when you are nervous. Stay true to yourself and let your opinions be known. Don’t hide behind everyone else’s answers hoping no one will notice. Everyone who comes to college comes from different walks of life. Those different walks will open your eyes to things you never knew. Embrace the differences and learn from them. It is never bad to be different because those differences make us unique. High school may have been tough for you, but college will be better. You make college into what you want it to be. No longer are you limited in your educational experience. Choose the classes you want, and choose the life you want to live. You have to put in the work to make your college experience great. So, give it all you have, and you surely will not be disappointed.


I would say, Please take high school more serious! You only get to do this once. Even though you think you know everything, I promise you college will slap you into another step closer to the real world. Your actions academically today can effect your college and career life. Don't mess up! Enjoy learning. "Knowledge is the most powerful trait one can have" Remember that. and stop thinking that Mom and Dad don't know anything. You will be surprised in a few years, just how right they were and wrong you were.


If I could go back in time and talk to my high school senior self, I would tell myself to never stop being hungry. By hungry, I mean never being satisfied with the maximum level of work I can produce. I try to remind myself as much as I can that there is always room to improve. For example, if I pass an exam with a B, study harder for the next exam and strive for an A. Since I am an architecture major, competition is critical to the success of my career. Not only are my classmates my friends, I also see them as my rivals. Not only am I here to challenge them, they are here to challenge me. If my classmates maintain a 3.5 gpa for the year, that is the bar that I strive to beat. Having a rival is a healthy way of being the best that you can be. We are all human, we all have room for improvement.


Tommi! Focus! It's your last year in high school, you can't let home life get in the way, trust me! I know things are hard and peoplep won't leave you alone but that's no excuse to stop trying. Try harder! School needs to be your best friend right now, nothing else. You don't know it yet, but you won't get a chance to enroll into college for almost 3 years, you need to try and pass with flying colors, it's so much harder if you don't. Your home life and friends will still be there jus as they were, nothing is going to change, just get it done!


Try not to worry too much because life has a way of working every thing out and if you could see yourself now, you would realize that being in college at UNC Charlotte has made you an exceptional person and has broken you out of the shell you once lived in. You will excell in the academics, the area you once feared and some of your professors will become your biggest life-lines and go-to people. Oh yea, and that silly fear that had you in tears about not being close to your mom any more, well now she is your absolute best friend and the weekly girls nights that you both have is your favorite part of the week.You will find your nitch in the midst of the 25,000 students there and you will find your best friends who love you for who you are. I pray that instead of spending the last few days of your high school career worrying about your next step in life, being college, you embrace the phase of life you are in now and as always, live life to the fullest.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to start way earlier with college. I would tell myself to not procrastinate


If I could go back to my senior year in high school, I would advise myself to research the colleges that I want to apply to more diligently in order to find a better fit for my learning style and my personal interests. I would also advise myself to meet with people who have the career or profession that I want to study, so I have a better idea of what the work conditions and opportunities will be for me when I graduate. I would tell myself to get involved in extra-curricular activities to balance studies and my personal life. One last piece of advice to my younger self would be to learn to keep up with my studies and not wait to study for an exam until the last minute.


Let go. Don't be too fast to hold on to what you know at home. You are meant to go out and grow. Experience the world and the people in it. Grow. You're meant for it. Don't be afraid to make new friends and find parts of yourself you never knew existed. If you dont, you sell yourself short. You'd be letting down everyone in your life thats supported you up till now. You owe it to them, and most of all yourself, to go out and soak in this world and be the best version of you that you can be. Its not nearly as scary as you think. You're going to meet an entire campus worth of people who feel the way you do, and they are going to be the people who matter, and who you will matter to. Take them in. Love them. Let them love you. Take these friends and go out and change the world for someone. Even if its just saving a kid who needed to get away for a day, so he went to so see a movie... your movie. Thats what you're meant to do.


High school was an easy ride and you are not prepared for the difficulty of college classes. The teachers in High School are so much different than in College and the workload gets tough. There will be times where you spend hours on a Friday or Saturday night studying and finishing homework instead of doing other activities of interest to you. College is about growing up and staying focused. Do not avoid your studies; it is the main reason you are there. The road did not stop when you graduated from High School. It just begun. There will be a lot of twists and turns, and tears to be shed, but when looking at the big picture waiting at the end it will all be worth it. And you’ll look into the mirror and be proud of what is looking back at you.


Well Nikki everything changed. You no longer want to major in psychology, in fact you actually want to become a teacher. It's going to seem hard and pointless at times. There are going to be days where you just cry because you don't think you will ever finish your degree. But don't worry, we got this. We have all the support we need. I know taking off those two years seemed like the worse mistake of your life, but at least you didn't waste your time going for a degree in something you were bored in. Sabrina will tell you that teaching will leave you poor but remember you are working to help the children. Because if you don't do it, then who will!


Popularity and acceptance, no matter how strong the pull maybe, is fruitless. The magic of community lies in the quiet conversations away from the parties or the football games. I would tell myself to normalize being uncomfortable, to go out and meet others from different walks of life. These converstaions hold the key to awareness which can be powerful. I would tell myself to get my hands dirty, to walk in someone elses shoes and to take more time to help others. I would want my former self to know that the feeling of being a positive member of the world far outweighs the momentary feeling of being accepted for 'not being different'. I would them to ask more tough questions and to not be satisfied with shallow answers.


My first two years of college have been challenging, rewarding, stressful, exciting, and overall, an incredible learning experience. As a high school senior, I was clueless as to how I would adjust to college. The scholarship searches, altered schedule, long drives, more difficult classes, and an entirely new group of people intimidated me. If I could return to myself as a 2012 senior I would counsel her with these three pieces of advice: be involved from the very start, take chances, and stay motivated. Getting involved as a freshman is an incredible way to make friends, create an incredible college resume, and simply have fun being involved in clubs, organizations, and activities that suit your personal academic and recreational interests. Taking chances are vital in the pursuit of meaningful friendships, your college education and your career. Staying cooped up in your dorm room may seem easiest at the time, but getting out there and making friends will pay off in the long run. Having the motivation and dedication to persevere through stressful academic situations will build a stronger personality and greater character. Although college is not easy, the knowledge I have gained makes the experiences and trials worth every second.


If I knew then what I know now, I would've told myself to get the best possible grade I could've achieved in high school. I would have been elligible for a lot more scholarships and the financial burden wouldn't have been so heavy.


Looking back on my senior year I know a few things that I wish I would have known. There is a big stigma against students going to community college or taking a gap year and I wish I would have been informed about more opportunities than just going straight to a 4 year college. Although I went to a community college, it was a last minute decision which my high school could have really helped me with. I had extremely good relationships with friends in high school and I would like to tell my senior self to stay in contact with those people. You make a lot of friends in college, don’t get me wrong, but staying in contact with those people who helped you through hard times in high school can be really great. Telling my senior self these crucial pieces of advice could really have made the transition to college much easier.


if i went back in time to tell my high school self how to better prepare for the transition, i would say to train harder and join the football team like my coaches always told me to. And also i would say to choose the high rise dorms to live in do to the fact that there were more people to interact with. And also simply to keep up the acedemic prowess i maintained all throughout my grade school years. One of the big things i would tell myself is to not be afraid to be a part of as many campus organizations as i possibly could without overwhelming myslef. Theyre all very inviting and interactive both with the campus and the community around it.


My senior year of high school was incredible and I honestly wouldn't change anything about it. During my senior year of high school, I was also a college sophomore. I began attending college during my junior year of high school and was very fortunate to have graduated with my Associate in Arts degree with a 4.0 GPA during my senior year. I also graduated as class salutatorian for my high school with a 4.58 GPA. During my senior year of high school I learned not to give up and put in all my effort into acheiving my goals becasue the two years I experienced in college taught me that hard work truly pays off. I learned that studying and staying focused on a short term goal is the key to acheiving success and is a great way to get closer to my long term goals. I would advise any high school senior to never give up and keep trying their hardest to acheive their goals, no matter how hard it may seem and no matter what challenegs they face because from experience, I can well say that hard work and determination are the keys to success.


Oh my gosh! Allison, is that you? You look great, but what have you been doing for yourself? I can see you are still more interested in impressing your boyfriend and friends, rather than setting yourself up for an amazing future. Well I'm you, in the future and I am here to give you advice about college and the transition to getting there. First, raise that GPA! A higher GPA will get you scholarships, which means more shopping money for you. Second, give back to your community. The world needs helping hands and it's a great learning experience. Third, be dependable! Now I know you are feeling anxious about leaving your norm, but relax, it's your time to discover yourself. College has so many helpful tools to make the most out of your time there, use the resources. Money is a big deal, keep your finances in check and it will save you in the long run. Remember there are many aspects to college and life is played out by your actions now! So go use your spare time to study instead of daydreaming about your boyfriend. Success is more attratcive than failure.


For some people, their senior year of high school consisted of either taking all AP courses or taking easy classes just to graduate. However, for me my senior year consisted of juggling AP courses, sports, and trying to get into college. If I could give my senior year self advice now, I would have three major advices. The first advice would be to take the SAT and ACT seriously. Those are your tickets for recieving scholarships and getting into the college you dreamed to go to in the beginning. If you do not take the time to study then you will not get the outcome you are looking for. The second advice would be to attend more tutor or extra help session to fully understand the courses you were having difficulty in. The third advice would be to apply for scholarships early. Finding scholarships is a tedious journey, but in the end it is all worth it for you and your family.


I would tell myself to go to UNC Charlete first. That a four year school is the besThat way you dont loose credits. Dont be afreid to make changes. Go and look at all the schools before you make a final choice. Start looking at schools your 2nd year of high school. This way you could find the right fit.


I would advise myself to enjoy college more and work a little less. College is a time of fun, experiences, and of course a road to your future. If I worked a little less I could have had more time for fun and studying. I would tell myself that college is going to be the best time of your life. At the same time I would tell myself not to change anything because I have meet some of best friends for life and my college sweetheart, which has been amazing. What I did before lead me to be accepted into law school and a masters program at the same time. When comparing these two options the second is better, going through college is a once in a lifetime experience and I would not change it in the world for the reasons listed above.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would say, "find a balance". You don't realize until you get into college that you have to find a balance in your studies, social life, and sleep. In high school, I never really had to worry about such things. I was always going to school and then coming home. At UNCC, however, you have classes, studying, social life, and sleeping you have to mix successfully together. The first month of college I was so booked in social time I stayed up late, sacrificing my sleep in order to have time for studying and homework. Of course, this is not something you should do if you are not use to it at all. After second semester I finally found my balance, with an appropriate amount of sleep time to boot. Another thing I would tell my high school self would be "the universe will let it happen, so don't sweat the small stuff." Your studies are important, but dont sweat over it too much or you'll get sick.


I would have made a better study habit for myself so that I would have entered college knowing exactly what I needed to do instead of wasting time and not taking all of my classes seriously. I would have gotten a job so that I could have helped my parents pay for school because it is a struggle and loans cost way too much to pay back in the end, especially with high interest rates that may double in the future.


I would tell myself that choosing a school based on the availability of finances versus the choosing a school based on it's academics is not worth it. In addition I would tell myself that pursuing a career based on it's median income over choosing a career that you are going to enjoy is going to make your life miserable. The choices you make now are teh ones that will effect you for the rest of your life. I would also tell myself to save a lot of time and start studyinh excercise science from the begining.


Assuming that I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to take risks and not to fear failure. During my college application process, fear of the rejection letter led me to neglect my application to my dream school, The University of South Carolina. Of course, hindsight is always clearer and looking back at my college career thus far it was actually the mistakes I've made and the risks I've taken that brought me where I am today. As the President of the Delta Kappa Chapter of the Chi Omega Fraternity, a laborer on my campus through the Campus Outreach Ministry, an Inductee into the National Society of Leadership and Success, and a proud UNC Charlotte Forty-Niner, I can confidently say that hard work and assurance in myself through any circumstance got me exactly where I was meant to be.


Time they say lost is never gain. So make good use of your time. If I could turn back the wheel of time I would have corrected a lot of my wrong doings. When I was in high school in my senior years I was off the hook, life in college is totally different from high school. I use to run away from school , joined a gang ,being rude to my mates and also disrespect my teachers . Doing all those things I thought I was at my peek but not knowing I was lost. It really affected my academics and my GPA. I was among the stubborn kids in school and was proud that I could not even ask for help even when I need it. So it really affected me in school and today if I sit down to think about it I say to myself that I have made a mistake in life. Due to all this stubbornness I could not achieve what I wanted to do in college if I have chance to go back to time I would have corrected most of my errors and be good to all also be serouse with all my doing.


Don't choose an out-of-state school, unless you know you can afford it. The financial burden is an extremely hard and heavy one to carry. Also, take more of an interest in classes, and dedicate yourself more to your studies and less to Facebook. You'll be more sure of yourself after graduation. Attend most (if not all) of the campus employment fairs, this will help you prepare for the job market after graduation.


I would tell myself that these next four years will go by very fast. School is important, but always make time for your friends because those are the memories you will keep forever. Don't stress out about every little thing. Sometimes it is okay to be a little irresponsible. So stay out late one night even if you have to be up early, skip class to go to the park on a pretty day, and sleep in late when you can. These years will mold you, stretch you, and redefine you multiple different times in multiple different ways. Enjoy the journey of finding yourself. Call home when you can, your parents will appreciate it. Remember, even if everyone else pretends differently, they are just as lost as you at the beginning (and sometimes at the end as well). Don't be afraid to let people go, everyone is on a different path now. This is the best time of your life. So take a step back and enjoy it because once it is over, you can never get it back.


When I was a high school senior school was nothing more than a game for me. The game was to do as little as possible and still get better grades than my friends. Unfortunately this mind set led me to have a mediocre GPA and forced me to attend community college before moving onto a university. Even once I started community college I maintained this mindset. Do better than my friends, nothing more. Several semesters passed before I realized that I needed to step it up if I was going to accomplish anything in my life, so I changed the rules of the game. I decided that I needed to do better than everyone else in my classes, and if possible the school. Making this decision led me to a 4.0 GPA and the high possibility of getting an excellent high paying job when I graduate. Knowing all of this I would go back and tell this story and then challenge my high school self to be better than me, and the best at the school, not just among my friends. If I know myself, that is a challenge I would not pass up.


Don't feel like you have to get drunk every weekend. You have four years of weekends to have fun and unwind take your time.Get involved in organizations on campus. Become part of your campus community. Take whatever classes you want to. This is your chance to soak up a little bit of everything. Meet as many people as you can from as many different backgrounds as you can. You may think college is easy and thats were the fun is. Stay focus and never be distracted. Because you can achive anything you put your mind into. Learn good study habits early. If you don't start off nicely, it'll be hard to recover that gpa later. Cook occassionally to save money. Burger King is great, but you don't have to live there. If there are travel opportunities through your school (other than taking a year abroad) take them if at all possible. This is something I did and have always been thankful for. Don't make your life revolve around your school. Join some clubs if you like,but there are lots of clubs that aren't school-affiliated And get to know your professors.


I would definitely tell my high school senior self to attend the very FIRST freshman orientation the University offers. I did not only get stuck with the wrong size t-shirt I pre-ordered, but I was stuck with random classes that I was not interested in. I also would recommend to take more than 12 credit hours, because going from a High School schedule to having class twice a day was terrible. I was very bored and had a lot of free time to get off track. Keeping your GPA at a 4.0 as a freshman is also a recommendation that everyone should take. Once you get in your major the classes only get harder, so try your best to get all A's in your electives. To avoid taking summer classes and saving A LOT of money take 15 to 18 credit hours is an ideal way to go every semester. My final recommendation is to have a planner from day ONE! Take all of your syllabi each semester and write down every test and assignments due in that planner. Being organized only helps you perform better as a student! Best of Luck.


First, I would tell myself to enjoy my high school years and stop complaining! Life in high school is much more simple and carefree. Next, I would tell myself to study. Even though my classes may have seemed easy and the homework mundane, it is a good habit for me to get into. I would also make sure to inform myself that the grades and GPA I receive really do matter, I will need them for scholarships. Finally, I would tell myself to spend time with my parents. I did realize how much I would miss my parents once I did not see them everyday.


If I were able to go back and talk to my high school self, I would say "build good study habits, enjoy building new friendships, and be as acitve as possible in school activities." By building good study habits, you create a strong foundation in preparation forthe workload at college. Having a good group of friends that you can reach out to when times get tough in college, helps you realize that things are not always as bad as they seem. Being involved in activities in high school will make you more confident in pursuing activities in college.


My advice to myself as a senior in High school would be to relax and enjoy the time I had left with my friends and family before college. With college comes a large amount of change. Friends and peers move far away to follow their goals and you lose contact with people that you are very close to. I would also tell myself to focus on what I want and not listen to advice from others. Everyone believes that they know what is right and that their way is the best way. I’ve found that choosing a career is not about the money or the college, but about doing what makes you happy. My father has had multiple jobs and his greatest regret is worrying about money instead of doing what he loved. Once I started to follow what I loved and wanted to do with my life everything fell into place. I found a major and college that captured my interest and relieved a lot of the stress. Now I'm three years through college and I’ve enjoyed every second because my major and career are what I want and what will make me happy.


I would have said to myself- "You are the creator, the map maker; you determine and showcase the routes of travel from one moment of life to the next. With each stone set into this here earth, you build upon the structure of who you are. May you have strength through hardships, whether near or far. May you have courage to outreach your arms past your comfort zones, to grab the fruit that so entices your every being upon the high rises of the jungle canopy. May you have heart; giving all of what you can and will be, letting your surroundings be the fuel that drives the core of yourself to journey to wherever your destination may lead up to. May you have love that surrounds you. Days can be rough, but just by letting love, family, and friendship into your heart can change the outcome of the day. Remember even the sourest of milks, can still be made into cheese."