University of North Carolina at Charlotte Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


ease of access to classes - and the advising department is excellent!


This school is the last of several colleges I have attended. However this is the only one that actually gave me answers to my questions, It has a jobs posting page linked to other sites as well as an on campus job assessment to help decide what it is that you are suited for. The advisors knew what they were doing and there was no confussion. The University of North Carolina Charlotte is the most organized campus I have ever seen


The University of North Carolina at Charlotte in my opinion has one of the most home feel looking campus areas that I have seen. All of the school's buildings are new and in top condition minus the high rise apartment complexes. The University is also a school that you can tell just by walking around, a school on the rise. The amount of students continue to grow each year and there is no telling how many students will be attending by the time I graduate in 2017.


The best thing about my school is that the campus area of Charlotte is completely different from the uptown part of Charlotte. Regardless, there are a lot of things to do here and you will never be bored. Everything is very convenient and not far away.


the best thing about the school is that people seem to care about each other. Theses days you have to look out for each other. If you doent see someone who is in your class, just giving a call to make sure that everything is ok.


I consider the fraternity and sorority life the best since I have made some of my life long friends in my fraternity. It has also taught me about leadership, friendship, community service, and relationships with others.


At UNCC, the university strives to provide many student activities to keep the student brain sane throughout their time there. Many student organized events such as the International Festival, Holy Moly, Niners vs. Zombies and various cookouts throught the year I was there, allowed me to let loose and enjoy my time on campus. CAB, the student activity board, does a great job in providing fun activities outside of campus like paint ball, concerts, ice skating, and much more. The best part about all of this is that it's part of the UNCC's tuition.


I love the environment and diversity of people on campus because you get to view the world in a sense on a campus filled with different people from different ethnic backgrounds trying to get an education like yourself.


Most of the students are nice, and so are most of the faculty & staff members. The campus is beautiful and continues to expand and grow each year.


The best thing about UNCC is the atmosphere. Students here are friendly and willing to help out someone new. They will say "HI" when you pass by and are always willing to stop and answer a question.


VVC offered a nursing program to become an RN and are considered one of the top and best nursing schools.


I see many opportunities to get involved. Not only in student organizations but having an impact on community as well. I think this is the best part because of the people I encounter and the difference I make in surrounding schools. I enjoy sharing my passion with others and seeing them benefit from the outreach.


The best thing is the ability to participate when yur schedule allows you to. The faculty is understanding and the program is cutting edge with textbooks and resources. It is a very productive environment online and for the non-traditional student. Financing and the ability to reach the faculty and advisors are very good along with the ability to have supportive and tutorial resources at hand.


UNC Charlotte holds many academic opportunities to incoming students, providing majors starting from architecture to biology. The campus has a welcoming environment including great studious areas, like the library and also there are inviting fields for sport lovers.


It has so much to offer. There are tons of majors to chose from, you can do basically anything. The professors are also very good at what they do.


The diversity. There are so many diverse people that go to school here that outside the classroom you can still learn a lot just from communicating with others. This is really beneficial to your educational experience because you are learning things beyond the classroom that will be beneficial to you after you graduate from college.


The best thing about my school was the campus security. They were always available incase of an emergency.


It has a beautiful campus and a wonderful surrounding city. The campus provides everything that is needed, from the beautiful education buildings to the new student union. It is one of the best places to live.


I would consider the amount of resources to be the best thing about UNCC. We have many different tutoring services, services for disabilities, dining services, and also many others. I strongly believe that having many different options and variations of services helps for students so that they can get the help that they need, during many different hours of the day.


The best thing about my school would have to be the variety of clubs and such groups reaching out to all types of people. For anything you can imagine you are interested in, this school has a club or organization for you. As well as just interest clubs, UNC-Charlotte also have sport teams to where you do not have to play for the school specifically, but there are teams in every sport just for anyone and everyone.


UNCC employs the best professors to educate its student body. They are knowledgeable and have more than the necessary experience in their respective fields. Another impressive feature about the faculty manifiest itself through the written word. Almost all of the professors are published authors and they are very competitive in that area as well. I remember enolling in a spanish business class where the instructor taught out of a book he had written! It was very intimidating yet very beneficial because I knew I couldn't just invent answers in his class. UNCC instructors breathe life into each subject.


I think the location and the available classes are really great aspects of my college experience.


There are so many available resources for students who need help with their studies and theyre all free. There are individual tutoring sessions and there are separate sessions for certain courses. There are 12 supplemental instruction sessions available for one of my courses. I find this very helpful for students to get extra help if needed and to prepare for tests. The times are pretty flexible so that everyone who wants to can attend.


Like I said in the last answer, I feel that it is to a great benefit to this campus to have students on it that are willing to help you in order to succeed; to add to this I?d have to say the campus life is a great asset that UNC-Charlotte has, campus life here is great because there is always something to do and there is never really a dull moment on campus here, there are 300+ student organizations to join and there are always campus sports and activities going on as well.


The best thing is the professors. They work hard to ensure that the students make the most out of the classes. They teach what you will need to know in the real world. They are willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that you pass the class.


I think the diveristy of students that attend the school. There is a little of every culture respresented


nice campus


I feel the best thing about my school is the fact that it's so big and offers alot of hands on as well as analytical experience. The proffessors are also extremely knowledgeable and willing to give extra help if needed. These things are important to me because I kow that when I get out of school I will be equiped to successfully go into the workforce and provide for my family.


The best material thing in my university school is the teachers. The reason is because they are eager to teach and help the student to achieve or place the student in the right direction of their goals. UNCC is a great place to be.


Since there are so many people on campus and we are located in a top city, there are many chances to see different careers, people, and opinions expressed. This broadens your viewpoints and assumptions about the world in general.


There are nice facilities.


UNCC is great! The best thing is that the professors really work with you, they understand if you have to work full time or if you get sick and will do as much as they can for you as long as you do not wait til the last minute to tell them. They let you make up quizzes and tests and most will give you extensions on assignments or give you extra credit-you just have to talk to them.


The campus itself is very convenient to everything around, and is a very well organized campus.


The best thing about my school is the fact that you aren't judged by anyone there. It is VERY friendly.


Students here are extremely diverse, not only ethically and culturally, but characteristically.


The best part of UNCC is the level of professionalism and seriousness the professors have to help you develop your craft. If you truly want to be successful you need instructors who want the same thing for you and who have a measure of success themselves. At this school there are numerous trails to success but the student has the reponsibility to choose which path they will tread.


Definately the size. I couldn't stand walking past the same people and the same buildings EVVVVVVVERY day!


How divserse it is and how much there is to do. I never got bored and there were so many types of people and groups. It was amazing.


The Sorority I joined because it helped me open up and and meet mew people.


It has a large campus. As a student you are able to see a beautiful campus.


The diversity and quality of people. I've made friends here that I'll probably have for the rest of my life, and I wouldn't have met these people if I hadn't come to Charlotte.


The best thing about my school is that the professors have given their time to help students succeed in their degree.


The best thing about UNCC to me is how convenient the school is for the value of education I recieve. I grew up in the Charlotte area and I have many nieces and nephews that I like to see often, and being able to stay in the Charlotte area was very important to me. UNCC was the perfect school for me because I was able to stay close to my family, and still recieve a good quality education.


I think the best thing about my school is campus involvement. Our university has over 250 registered student organizations, and there is something for everyone. No matter what you're into, there is guaranteed to be be some way for you to get involved on campus and in the community.


the amount of diversity and the quality of eduacation for the money. there is always someone there to help, always resources avaliable


I feel like I'm getting a quality education for an affordable price. I love being on campus and taking part in all the different activities, and most of the people I meet are outgoing and friendly. Most professors will take time to answer your questions, and try to help you in any way they can.


Unity amongst most students, location in charlotte NC, magnificent looking campus (bricked paved and tall buildings grouped by academic and majors), Parking, Activities that suit anyone's interest, Basketball team, and residence living


The programs developed by students (with the help of professors) such as the Earth Club and Meterology Organization. These show how well the students work together to promote their degrees and inform the students attending the school of other options. The school also does a great job at making the campus all in one area instead of having streets running through campus. Everything in within close walking distance and the school looks beautiful, as old as it is.


I have a lot of support from my teachers and advisors, mainly in the English Department. They have really helped me to flourish when in high school I had been exposed to nothing but disconcerning feelings towards my education. I will carry the strong friendships I have made with the faculty here for years to come, remembering all they have done for my confidence. I plan to return for graduate school.


New, and technologicaly superior