University of North Carolina at Charlotte Top Questions

Why did you decide to go to this school?


I grew up in a small town and always desired to live in a big city. Upon visiting the campus, I really liked how UNCC was in the city but it wasn't in the heart of the city. Everything I needed was in walking distance or was very close by. I absolutely fell in love with the campus. It's one of the prettiest campuses I've been on! I also loved the feeling the environment gave me! I enjoy studying outside and I saw that throughout the campus, there were several places in which I could do so! I also loved how friendly and willing to help everyone was. It was as though I didn't come into contact with a stranger. During my first visit, I felt right at home!


I did not have a dream school until I visited UNC-Charlotte, the environment and the people were just very friendly and engaging and actually cared about helping me, they also were not pushy about coming here and did not oversell anything. I only applied to two schools, but the strong Business majors here really interested me. Just visiting Charlotte pushed me over the edge to come here.


I decided to go to the University of North Carolina at Charlotte because it has an outstanding Nursing program and it is very close to my home. I am very involved with my church and community that I did not want to go far away to school so I could stay actively involved. Also, the city of Charlotte has many activites and events going on all the time.


I decided to go to this school because it has a nationally accredited Business school, a big campus, and its close to home.


I received a scholarship to attend this school


I decided to attend this school due to me wanting to become an Athletic trainer. My friend came through this program here and said it was one of the best experiences of his life, thus he influenced me into coming. I have not regretted the decision up to this point.


I decided to attend The University of North Carolina at Charlotte after visiting an Explore open house. The atmosphere of the campus was the first thing that attracted me to it, but the friendly and hospitable people that I met while I was visiting also attracted me. I am very happy with me decision and I truly do not think I would be this happy anywhere else!