University of North Carolina at Greensboro Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


The strong departments at UNCG are music, education, business, and nursing. This is a wonderful array of strengths, because it hits upon major markers of human civilization. What is business without a culture that develops it's fine arts? What is a society without superior education? What is a culture's worth if it does not promote the values of healthcare and attending to those who need help?


Its beatiful green campus.


My school is best known for it's all types of people whether it be race, sexuality, or majors. My school contains many majors for all types of career choices.


Our arts and theater programs as well as our nursing program. We also have a school of education and business.




I actually love when the whole campus is lit with luminaries. All the lights on campus are turned off and for a moment we remember all that have battled cancer. It is beautiful, especially if you go to the 9th floor of the Jackson Library and look out.


my school is known for its school spirit and wacky traditions.


UNC-G is involved in giving to students who cannot afford there full tuition and the give opportunities with a minimum gift of $50,000 as well as contributions of any amount to the General UNCG Guarantee Fund. Donors who give at least $1,000 a year for 3 years will be part of the Guarantee Giving Society.


The only campus tradition I can think of is the tradition of not walking under the bell tower. At UNC-G, the rumor is if you walk underneath the bell tower you will not graduate.


UNCG is best known for it's wonderful cultural diversity. Studying abroad is made available to all students at a similar price as tuition. It is well known for it's music, theater and fine arts departments.




Having a large accepting community. We have a large gay community on campus.


Bryan M. School of Business.


Gay people.


My school is best known for its soccer program, in 2005 we were first in the nation and we also went to the sweet-sixteen consecutively for eight years. An unknown, but important, aspect of the school is the attention to public speaking. Speaking to crowds is a taxing and nerve-wrecking skill, and in a country where statistics say that more people are afraid of public speaking than death, it helps tremendesouly to learn to speak publicly step by step in front of your peers before you have to do it in the real world.


our school is best known for it's Nursing, Education, and Music


I think we are known for our school of business and our soccer team.


My school is best known for it's diversity, and well as it's wonderful nursing, and teaching programs.


UNC Greensboro is most know for its arts community. It has incredible threatre and music programs.


Our school is best known for being so curtually diverse.


we are besr known for our music program and nurse program.


UNC-Greensboro is best known for its large gay population and the intensive music program. We have one of the best music programs in the nation.


My school is best known for their academics and student diversity.


UNCG is best known for the excellent schools they have to offer. Also, the friendly enviroment!


UNC-Greensboro has one of the best Public Music Schools in the Country. That is why I originally decided to attend.


Greensboro is very well known for the arts programs found on campus. A lot of the arts programs are very competitive to get in and have the best resources within those departments for the students. We strongly promote a creative mind and outlook in all of the fields of study here at Greensboro.


Dance, Nursing, Education Programs


Being diverse.


Large population of gay/lesbian students.


I think that UNC-Greensboro is best known for its location and diversity. Its location is close to other well-known colleges, which creates a great social network. Being at UNCG, you're not isolated from the Greensboro community, a variety of entertainment, restaurants, and grocery stores. The diversity here is amazing; culturally and racially. Each day you'll probably meet someone new, whether you're walking on campus or need to borrow a pencil in class.


Music School, Nursing School, School of Education


The Nursing Program.


UNCG is best known for music and nursing, but has excellent schools of humanities, business, and education as well. There are tons of major and minor options, lots of well-known faculty members, and a few special programs like the 5-year Interior Architecture program.


We have a few different incredible programs. We have one of the top national education programs, as well as a great school of music and a highly competitive nursing program. UNCG is also known for its beautiful campus and wide array on-campus activities.


My school is best known for its liberal views and accepting atmosphere of a variety of students.


UNCG has traditionally been known for its distance programs and online learning. UNCG has an online major in liberal studies that has been very successful. There are number of programs under development. One is an online program in public health that we do in collaboration with the community colleges that would enable students who have done two years of work in public health to then complete their four-year degree by doing an online program with university.


Uncg is best known for their art and science programs. I came to uncg as an art major myself, but later on switched to computer science. For the most part, the art was good, but it was based mostly on cultural and abstract art, which is not what I'm trying to do.


Diversity. Artistic Creativeness. Dance. Teaching. Nursing. Eco-friendly.


Nursing and Research


I believe that our school is best known for how beautiful it is. UNCG works hard to keep it looking nice and green all year around.


I don't know.