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My school has such a diverse congregation. I have really enjoyed being able to emerse myself with the cultures around me while I have been enrolled there.


At UNCG there is a culture that you will feel as soon as you're on campus. This school makes you feel comfortable and reassured. When I toured and visited other schools, they seem to throw you into the deep end, not at UNCG. When I first moved in, I wasn't sure where to go or what to do many peope quickly came to my aid. The help that everyone gives you is one of the biggest things you'll notice on UNCG's campus


The most unique thing about UNCG is how accepting everyone here is to other peoples' lifestyles.


The unique thing about my school compared to other schools I would consider is the diversity. There are students from all over the world who attend UNCG. So its really cool to learn about others culture and ethnicity. It makes the enviroment of the classes very inviting and interesting to learn about the different cultures of others who are from different countries. So not only do you learn more about your background but you learn how others were raise along there life. It makes it very easy to make friends at UNCG because everyone is so nice at my school.


I liked all that my school has to offer. It had a lot of activities that students can get involved in that I didn't see in other schools. Also I liked the programs that they offered here for study.


This school struggles to have a social scene outside of a bar. If you're under 21, you end up at frat parties or something because they have kegs. If you're above 21, you end up at an over crowded college bar that is too loud to even communicate with the person next to you. If you don't like to drink very much, you'll struggle at UNC-G. That is the biggest problem, though. The campus is great, I have enjoyed all of my classes, and I think I made the right decision by going there.


UNCG is the reason why I am excelling in life. The professors are amazing and really care about helping you out. The diversity on campus is amazing. I have all types of friends. I wouldn't change my school for anything. There are so many leadership programs that help build your character as well.


It is a very diverse campus and they have special learning communities, one which I am a part of. The staff is also caring and interested in your best interest.


I come from a religiously conservative background, and I went to class with people who all over the scale. . .from those more conservative than me to very liberal, and what is great about UNCG was that I felt completely comfortable expressing, honing, and working through my principles and positions. I feel like I gained great analytical skills here. . .I am more moderate because of it but I don't feel like I "lost my way," I feel like i found my way. . . I love this school


UNC-Greensboro was a small school with a lot of personality.