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My school has such a diverse congregation. I have really enjoyed being able to emerse myself with the cultures around me while I have been enrolled there.


At UNCG there is a culture that you will feel as soon as you're on campus. This school makes you feel comfortable and reassured. When I toured and visited other schools, they seem to throw you into the deep end, not at UNCG. When I first moved in, I wasn't sure where to go or what to do many peope quickly came to my aid. The help that everyone gives you is one of the biggest things you'll notice on UNCG's campus


The most unique thing about UNCG is how accepting everyone here is to other peoples' lifestyles.


The unique thing about my school compared to other schools I would consider is the diversity. There are students from all over the world who attend UNCG. So its really cool to learn about others culture and ethnicity. It makes the enviroment of the classes very inviting and interesting to learn about the different cultures of others who are from different countries. So not only do you learn more about your background but you learn how others were raise along there life. It makes it very easy to make friends at UNCG because everyone is so nice at my school.


I liked all that my school has to offer. It had a lot of activities that students can get involved in that I didn't see in other schools. Also I liked the programs that they offered here for study.


This school struggles to have a social scene outside of a bar. If you're under 21, you end up at frat parties or something because they have kegs. If you're above 21, you end up at an over crowded college bar that is too loud to even communicate with the person next to you. If you don't like to drink very much, you'll struggle at UNC-G. That is the biggest problem, though. The campus is great, I have enjoyed all of my classes, and I think I made the right decision by going there.


UNCG is the reason why I am excelling in life. The professors are amazing and really care about helping you out. The diversity on campus is amazing. I have all types of friends. I wouldn't change my school for anything. There are so many leadership programs that help build your character as well.


It is a very diverse campus and they have special learning communities, one which I am a part of. The staff is also caring and interested in your best interest.


I come from a religiously conservative background, and I went to class with people who all over the scale. . .from those more conservative than me to very liberal, and what is great about UNCG was that I felt completely comfortable expressing, honing, and working through my principles and positions. I feel like I gained great analytical skills here. . .I am more moderate because of it but I don't feel like I "lost my way," I feel like i found my way. . . I love this school


UNC-Greensboro was a small school with a lot of personality.


It's great. Don't hate.


My school is unique because we have alot of diversity on our campus. We are on arts school by nature so there are many different facets of people among us which leads to a more interesting student population. We also have diversity not only in majors but in demographics. Our school is active with more then 49 states and 70 countries in attendance. Our student population is around 17,500 to make up a well rounded campus. We are a big school with small classes averaging 27 students per class so learning is at it's prime.


UNCG is a very eco aware school, diverse communtiy, and holds events that can relate to any one who is attending UNCG. The dorm life is friendly the resident hall leaders are so helpful, given student information of events that are coming up. Also, I live in the international house, this experience has provided me a culture enrichment occurrence that I use towards my career of becoming a middle school teacher. This school really tries to help students to stay on their educational track, with having numerous services with trained professional to help you with any subject or assignment.


The University of North Carolina at Greensboro has a very comfortable and friendly environment that encourages education and fun. The advising is amazing, they really make sure that you are enrolled in the classes that you should be and that you are not taking on too much. The staff sincerely cares about your well-being here at UNCG.


UNCG has a unique and exciting culture. One walk around the campus, and I could see how diverse the student population was, and I was hooked. Another thing that I have discovered about UNCG is that the students and faculty are friends and helpful. I don't feel uncomfortable walking on the campus during the day or at night. UNCG definitely feels like home.


UNCG is very diverse, and has a girl-boy ratio of about 1.5:1. It's a well maintained and landscaped campus, with modern architecture and wide green spaces as well as cultivated gardens and pools. The size can make it impersonal, and if you're not in a clique it can be difficult to find social venues. Living on campus definitely helps.


The University of North Carolina is a very unique school and has a very unique campus. I find it very unique that UNCG does not have a foot ball team, there are other sports that are funded very well. Though instead of spending tons of money on a foot ball team, UNCG supports the arts. We have an amazing theatre program and arts department. This is unique because most schools do not fund the arts programs as much as UNCG.


I have heard that UNG has a great nursing program compared to any other colleges or universities. I an currently enrolled at guilford technical college in greensboro north carloina, and they require so much for you to be apart of their nursing program.


At UNCG, the campus is smaller than most universities and there's so many cultures to interact with. Making friends is easy considering most people are friendly and are willing to communicate with you. The professors are also easy to work with and are very understanding.


UNC Greensboro is different than any other school along the east coast because it is inspiring and diverse. Thanks to many leaders, it also has an excellent community for religions. Prior to coming to Greensboro, I had interest in relgion, but thanks to the many great people I have met at school I have been able to grown in my faith and attend multiple conferences that support my choices. It is evident from Paradox 2009, a conference in Washington D.C., that no other school along the east coast has a support system as large and successful.


The campus feels very much like a small town, and all of the students are friendly. There are many people of different ethnic backgrounds, which creates a great amount of diversity.


UNC Greensboro is the most diverse school of the schools in the UNC system. There are a wide range of people who are different ages, ethnicities, sexual orientations, socio-economic statuses and religious backgrounds. The other schools I considered (perhaps unconsciously) targeted more upper middle class, limited sexual orientation, very few minorities, and diversity of religion. I feel my school also does a great job at being portrayed as a community. Because of the broad spectrum in who goes there, students are more likely to find someone they connect to. This overall makes one feel they belong.


The emphasis on service and the diversity of UNCG is what I loved most about my experience as a Spartan. I was exposed to cultures and volunteer opportunities that were never available in my small town in southeasern NC. I met people from countries I never believed I would get to visit and made friends I never thought I would have. I learned more about myself and how to be a contributing leader of my community as well as enough biology to gain a Bachelor of Science degree. That's the beauty of UNCG.


The diversity, the caring staff, and the networking.


UNCG happens to be one of the most diverse Universities and I love it. There are people of all ethnicities, religious backgrounds, lifestyles and sexual orientations. I feel like our school is the ultimate melting pot.


This school is so diverse. There is no way that you could feel left out here. There are so many great opportunities to get involved, the campus is beautiful and it has a strong academic focus. I love the way that the school enables you to have a social life while still staying focused on your education.


One thing that is unique to UNCG is the diversity in the school. Almost every student has a completely different background when compared to their classmate sitting right beside them.




Its just the right size. Everything is within 15 minutes walking distance, and its easy to see someone you know. But not too small; You still feel like you're on a college campus.


my school is the most racially diverse schools in north carolina. this influences the types of cultures that everyone are introduced to and makes for a beautiful learning experience. i believe this helps us to become more accepting and more knowledgeable.


The unique thing about UNCG is that it is the most diverse campus in the UNC system! Also, the students here are very accepting of others from various backgrounds as far as race/ethnicity, culture, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, views, etc.


I don't think it's very unique.


It is really diverse


Being able to do your own thing.


This school is unique in that everyone gets along with everyone else. A lot of people here are somewhat hippiesque and "one love" rings loud and true at uncg. A cool thing here is that many people from neighboring colleges hang out together as well. no one is stuck-up or snobby at uncg.


UNCG is not entirely unique in any way, but when you add up all the aspects that make this school what it is, you come up with a unique whole. There is a great feeling within the student body- positive, happy, excited about the future. The campus is stunningly beautiful and becoming moreso every year- there always seems to be some kind of construction or updating going on.


It is a very diverse campus and there are a lot of different things you can do to make yourself fit in.


very diverse campus in terms of race, sexual orientation, religion, age, EVERYTHING; therefore, everyone is very open and accepting; I have NEVER met an unfriendly person on this campus


UNC-G is a bastion of free thought in the middle of that great swath of atavism that we call The South.


I transferred from a pretty large university to UNCG and i love it so far!


The campus here at UNCG is very nice and well kept. They have been doing a lot of construction lately but that is due to are school expanding. Unlike a lot of school around here you can walk everywhere in about 15 minutes. Unlike State and Carolina the campus is in one place not spread all over and it is very easy to get from one place to another. There aslo is a lot of apartments around the campus which are in walking distance from the campus and if you dont feel like walking there is free transportation, The Heat, that goes to different stops all around.


College is what you make of it. If you get out of your dorm room and get involved you will meet people and grow as a person. College is the best time of your life, and you should live those years to the fullest! At UNCG, I feel like I am part of a community. I feel that I can make a difference in the world through my activities at UNCG. Overall, I feel happy.


Greensboro is not the greatest city for a college student, especially if you´re adventurest and are seeking exciting nightlife. This city offers nothing for young people.


Overall, this is a school that gets either GREAT or mediocre reviews. It's a school where diversity of race, sexual choices and nationality is most diverse--and that, I wouldn't change for anything. It's a school of about 16,000+ but almost every day of my college career, I've seen at least 5 or 6 familiar faces at any given time, on any part of campus. If you're looking for a party school 24/7, don't come here. If you're over 21, you're going to love downtown (bars and clubs galore), especially with how close it is in regards to the campus housing. Housing around campus is always easy to find and many students find houses after their freshman year. We have enough nightlife to keep you busy and people network here enough to where you can always find a houseparty, but it's not a constant thing that goes on--but you find its okay because this is a huge school in all reality, but it never feels that way because the student body is pretty tightly knit. I've found 2 of my best friends here and look at issues that are important to me completely different than I did 4 years ago--and for that part of the "college experience", I wouldn't change for anything.




this survey is gay