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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


The students are extremely diverse! From hipsters, "gangsters", jocks, "nerds", you name it! UNCG is also LGBT friendly, so there is a population of gay and lesbien students, which is awesome! I love that everyone is welcome and accepted here. Honestly, I can't say that there is one stereotype. Everybody has a place at UNCG I feel.


Probably. Most stereotypes are in place for a reason. I either hear about the frat kids or the large homosexual population. They're just as entitled to the campus as I am and neither effect me whatsoever. In fact, I grew up in Asheville and I am used to being around homosexuals.


Yes, in so much as there is no prototypical student. There is certainly not a single dominant social group at UNCG, and people from the various backgrounds represented seem to get along really well. . I really enjoyed the free conversation, people open to considering all points of view when trying to find their way.


I mean, stereotypes seldom hold up in terms of people. However--- There are a lot of girls here but as a guy I don't really notice a difference. Not all the Faust kids are weird, but a lot of them wear little cat ears and stuff like that.


Mildly. UNCG's arts programs are very strong and we don't have a football team. Because of this, we attract more gay men than a lot of schools and we have a large percentage of females.




A lot of students do go home on the weekends which I find pretty silly, if you're paying to live in a dorm why would you go home every weekend, makes no sense. I do not think we have any more gay people in at our school compared to any other campus ive been too. Our school is just way more liberal and people feel like they can be more open. A lot of people do smoke but I wouldn't even go with half the campus. We have a lot of people from small towns that go here and smoking is something that they've grown up doing. If you dont like smoke though you will find it a challenge because at all times there will be people outside the building or the dorm smoking.


The idea that UNCG is a commuter school that shuts down during the weekend is not true at all. There are a lot of exciting, stimulating, and cultural activities on campus and in the surrounding communities during the weekends, and on the week days. As for the school spirit, I love UNCG, and I think that more students would find the true spirit of UNCG if they got involved in campus activities. UNCG is a great school with a lot of amazing opportunities.


There are lots of frats and there may be some wierd people, but who isn´t different?


so far, yes




Pretty much.




On the contrary on ten percent of the males are gay and 15 to 20 percent of the females. However, the female to male ratio is 65/35 if not 70/30.


There are mostly girls it seems like, but I don't see a lot of gays.


Not at all...UNCG is a liberal school that embraces diversity, so yes we do have students that are openly gay but for people to always say that the majority of the student body is, is ridiculous. It's no more than any other school I've visited before--as for the students who have a more eclectic style, yes we have students like that but it helps to make UNCG everything it is...diverse.


Abbbbbbbsolutely. I have no problem with homosexuals, but it's true that we do have a large gay community here. Ghetto-fabulous to the maximum level, indeed. Some people in my classes....I swear, I have no idea how they even graduated kindergarten. Pitiful.


Absolutely NOT!!


There are homosexual people here, but probably not a lot more than any other university.


Yes and no.


No, UNCG has a variety of students from many different races, backgrounds, and cultures. I was told that UNCG is the most diverse university of the UNC school system.


yes because much of the campus goes home on weekends


i think so




Some are and some are not. However, there is alot of diversity and races represented at UNCG.




Yes, UNCG is very much a suitcase school. Unless you are Greek, you are not on campus on the weekends. UNCG is also very easy to get in to, and pretty easy to graduate from. With the exception of a few majors, UNCG is a much easier school than other schools in the UNC system.


This is totally inaccurate. UNCG is home to a lot of students from very diverse backgrounds, augmenting our campus for the better. We are very competitive academically and have great opportunities to learn including study abroad.