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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


I don't think any group outweighs another. We really are "doing something bigger altogether." A lot of our events consist of collaboration across organization around campus. I really don't think we have a "ranking" system or anything.


The most popular sports and clubs on campus are Soccer, OLSL, and Greek. Soccer is played for our Homecoming, OLSL is a volunteer host for other organizations, and Greek are of course the Sororities and Fraternities. I am involved in OLSL and a Living Community called Make A Difference House. I am a big volunteer person so I stay involved with activities and events that are held on campus and other places. Speaking of events, they are big on our campus when we have big sport games going on or just random weekend fun events to try to get people to stay on campus and have fun instead of going home every weekend. Some examples are our talent shows, step shows, movies on the lawn, comedy shows, and much much more. UNCG is in Greensboro where lights shine bright on weekend nights where we have various amount of dance clubs, movie theaters, parks, and more. And its not just the weekend you can have fun. Target stays open past 10 for ONLY UNCG students every Wednesday and have like a big party playing loud music, giving out free stuff and give out coupons and you can do shopping! You may think its lame but tell that to the BUS LOADS of students that go and have some fun!


Dorms are usually safe, but theft does happen like at any other university. If you keep a good track of your stuff at all times, you'll be ok. Students don't usually leave their doors open unless they're near them, so it's not like an open house. Athletics are moderately popular, but since none of the clubs are powerhouses, we're rarely sold out. Usually, friends are made through the dorm or in your major. Most try and spend a couple of years on campus and then move off of it somewhere near by (RA's aren't usually regarded very well). Parties aren't a common thing on campus outside of the quad and if you're up at 2am, it's usually for a test. Greek orgs exist, but like the jocks, the university's mediocrity keeps them in a good check. Neither are overbearing and it's refreshing change from somewhere like UNC-Chapel Hill. I'm a poolhall junkie so the best places to go are Breakers on West Friendly, or Shooters on High Point Road. Jake's Billiards is close, but low-class in my opinion. Campus activities are usually good, the best being the theater productions they put on every semester. Speakers and academic debates are usually handled on a departmental basis.


This university offers so many activities, groups and organizations that I don't believe one is more popular than another. I've been involved with a few groups on campus; Girls Reaching Out (GRO), Invisible Children and I am also a member or Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Athletic events don't seem too popular, I never really hear many people talking about them. Although, I do believe we have a good soccer team and baseball team. When I first came to this school, I honestly thought the dating scene was dead. But to my surprise I was wrong, my boyfriend is actually a student here, so I guess it wasn't as bad as I thought. I actually meet my closet friends through my sorority. On this campus I believe that sororities and fraternities are very important. We have all eight of the NPHC fraternities and sororities, we also have sororities and fraternities that all under IFC, PHC, and the multicultural and business fraternities.


Probably one of the most popular activities is organized recreational sports through our Rec center at UNCG. We have flag football, soccer, volleyball, basketball..etc. These sports teams are open to any student who wants to play, and they are very well organized. I myself have played on a few flag football teams which also made me some of my best friends in college. The campus is centrally located in town so going off campus to eat out or going to a club is very popular on the weekends. Our school is about 50{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} women and 50{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} men, so the dating scene is pretty good on campus.


The most popular thing for me to do is go to the rec center. That is where I have meet some of my closest friends. I am not a member of one but you will see many students wearing Greek shirts and they seem to always have a tent set up somewhere. Athletics are not a huge deal here which surprises me because I love college sports. However there is always a large turnout for people wanting to do intramural sports. The dating scene is very good if you are a male. The campus has a majority of female students. Most are in either the nursing or education fields.


I didn't really know that there were any popular activities or groups for students. Everyone I know from school avoids those kinds of things.


This is the weakest part of UNCG. Students frequently leave the university to go home where their friends are most of the time. A large number of the universities students went to high school around the surrounding areas. The dating scene is bar oriented, but I moved to UNCG with my girlfriend so I don't take part in that. Athletic events are pretty much ignored because there isn't a football team.


The group I am involved with is volleyball and I absolutely love it. It is the one time when I think about nothing but the game and it relieves a lot of stress when I am dealing with exams and just school in general.


There are a million of activities to do on campus. Campus recreation is a huge. Intermural sports is huge. I have been playing since freshmen year and the same student play for four years and you build relationships and partnership with other student that last a long time. UNCG also has a reputation of have very pretty girls. So for the guys coming to campus single, you will have girls that will have something in common.